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Carlito Shoots on Use of Heath Slater on Raw Supershow

Former WWE Superstar Carlito had a few interesting tweets made over Twitter on the company’s use of Heath Slater on Raw last night.

carlos colon@carlitocolon
I was just joking about heath slater…but damn…that nigga better save as much $ as he can.

carlos colon@carlitocolon
Im not saying heath slater sucks, hes just in a sh&%*y spot…hold up is that Primo and Epico on my TV? WTF?!

carlos colon@carlitocolon
Heath is probably getting patted on the shoulder and told “Vince loved it” “keep up the good work, we got are eye on you” total bullsh%* lol

  • King

    omfg shut the fuck up already carlito damn… u are a bitter ass piece a shit….u are lazy scumbag that has no respect…do us all a favor & go fuck off & while u are at it go cut that damn frow u call hair surprised a goddamn flock of birds havent flown out of that head…

  • scooter

    Heath slaters a jobber its true but he’s an entertaining jobber pretty sure funaki would’ve made decent money in all his years jobbing!

  • Tony A.

    “no it just show your a dumbass.” It’s you’re, not your.. LOL

  • Straight-edge

    @skip plus when in the future over this damn site will anyone ever owe anyone money. your point is not only stupid but dont even matter to the subject at hand.

  • Straight-edge

    @skip no it just show your a dumbass. clearly still not a math class it is a wrestling info site.

  • Skip

    @Straight-Edge, it deeply undermines one’s credibility if they can’t even form simple sentences with proper grammar. If I owe you $100 and I pay you $10, can I argue that this isn’t a math class if you try to correct me?

  • @Bad Man Bigelow, So true Arthur Rosenburg and Stan Stansky are the future for Jobing!

  • Eve’s left nipple

    @Shawn I doubt TNA would make him world champion, Have you been watching the show lately? Its pretty good atm and for once they have direction.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Who needs Heath Slater when you have Stan Stansky and Arthur Rosenberg!

  • MrDr3w

    I wish that people on this website would realize that WWE will always need guys like Heath Slater to put over guys like Sheamus, Ryback, Brodus Clay, and most recently, Cyndi Lauper. His job is safe. No worries, unless he does something stupid to get himself released.

  • Straight-edge

    i wish people on this site would understand this is a damn wrestling website not a writing class. it gets really annoying. if you wanna correct people get off your ass go to school be a teacher.

    i agree with carlito they are using him wrong. i wish they put him in a bigger roll. he deserves it.

  • Shawn

    I’m not too concerned for Slater. If he ever gets released from WWE, he can just go to TNA where he’ll immediately become the TNA World Champion. No biggie.

  • Maxwell

    man I wish wwe used carlito well, maybe than he would be okay with a return. Id like to see him sometime soon. Be awesome if there was a mystery man added into MITB and it turned out to be him.

  • Tony A.

    “we got are eye on you” It’s OUR eye on you.. Not ARE.. LOL