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Carter Wants Velvet Sky Back In TNA, Two Wrestlers Upset with Contract Talks

– TNA sources confirm that shortly after Velvet Sky was released from TNA, she received a phone call from TNA President Dixie Carter. Carter contacted Velvet to see what it would take to get her back. No word yet if the two sides are working on a new deal but as of this writing, she has not signed one.

There were people in TNA, possibly Dixie, that were upset that Velvet had been released, citing the recent music video she shot with Montgomery Gentry and the time TNA put into developing her as a personality for the company.

– The TNA contracts for Bully Ray and Television Champion Devon are set to expire in about three weeks. The two sides have been negotiating but word going around over the weekend was that the former Team 3D, specifically Ray, are angry over the way things are being handled, mainly the last minute nature of the re-negotiations.

Source: PWInsider

  • CC

    @Jim, but this is no different to how TNA do business. Dont forget Low-Ki changed his name to Senshi because TNA wanted to get the rights to the Low-Ki name. Its business.
    WWE were not being petty, they were just protecting a property they owned, thats what businesses do.
    If you are going to blame anyone, blame them for signing the name over to Paul Heyman, and Paul Heyman for selling everything to WWE.

    As for the contract negotiations, this seems very similar to the situation at WWE when they felt they should get more, and WWE told them to walk. They are a great tag team no doubt, but I do think they have had a habit of seriously over valuing themselves.

  • Jim

    SYM They were using it before WWE bought ECW, and yes WWE do own it but they didn’t have to stop Team 3D from using it, that was petty. People argue they don’t see TNA as a threat and they probably don’t but that was just a vicious attempt to stop Team 3D from making a name for themselves elsewhere. They never created the Dudleys, it was a heinous thing to do from my point of view. They thought Team 3D would sink just like they did in their WWE singles run, but fortunately they didn’t.

  • Pete

    I would love to see ray and devon in WWE for one last run.

  • SYM

    @jim. How did wwe fuck them wwe owns the name so they shouldnt allow them to use it. As for retiring in wwe or tna. I agree they would get more recognition if they retire in wwe. But they shouldnt come back till they restart the tag division.

  • SYM

    Velvet won’t be back, She’s already been offered a deal by WWE thanks to Mick Foley. Bet your wife and kids on it folks.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    I want velvet sky back on me also.

    Devons career is over soon. He can testify his ass into retirement. Bully Ray is still the fat Bubba. Did he really work to get his present physique OR did he get some assistance u think? Just sayin.

  • Jim

    I’m with SYM on this. If Team 3D retire in TNA that will be a major coup for the company. If they retire in WWE it would just get lost in the shuffle and won’t be the grand exit most people think.

    Also WWE fucked them by not letting them use the Dudley name. Wherever they retire they will still end up in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Stevie

    @SYM, it doesn’t have to end in WWE, but lets face facts, if they retire in TNA, not many will know. If they retire in WWE alot more people will know and care. I’d love to see them return to WWE, but sadly there is no competition for them there.

  • SYM

    @Effmenow not every great Wrestling Career has to end in WWE, that thought is very old and ridiculous in my opinion. Bully Ray & Reverend D-Von are both at a great position in TNA. One being a Champ, the other being a great Heel arguably the best Heel in Wrestling today.

  • Stu

    Shenanigans, Velvet Sky should of been offered a decent contract already and how do you not resign Ray? He is way over as a heel.

  • Effmenow

    Team 3D needs to retire. What else do they have left to prove? They are already one of the greatest tag team of all time. Just go to WWE for about a year and do a retirement run and end on a high note.