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What Caused the Fire at Raw?, Workers Who Escorted Daniel Bryan

– The workers who escorted Daniel Bryan to the backstage at Raw last night were Matt Mason, Dylan Bostic, Jamin Olivencia and Joey Vengeance.

Mason & Vengeance, Olivencia are War Wrestling and Ohio based workers while Dylan comes from Indiana.

– There are two possible scenarios as to how the fire may have been started at last night’s WWE Raw event.

The first scenario is that one of the pyros discharged accidentally while the other scenario was that the pyro was set too closely to the side panels during testing.


  • Dante

    You mean to tell me kane and The undertaker didn’t have a lightning battle?

  • Tombstone

    Nope the fire was started by Orton lighting up a doobie.

  • Little Jimmy

    It was R-Truth because Little Jimmy told him he was feeling cold.

  • Jim

    @scooter – Its all cool, not going to start shit like others would. Hence the wink.

  • SYM

    @scooter its cool just informing u that Jim said the Kane joke.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Matt Mason, Dylan Bostic, Jamin Olivencia and Joey Vengeance. One of them will probably be a big star 5 years from now.

  • scooter

    I apologize I don’t even know if I read the first article. I definitely never read your comment if I did again sorry.

  • Jim

    Yea scooter come up with your own material. I expect a royalty check 😉

  • sam mccourt

    was looking forward to seeng the new raw intro -_-

  • SYM

    @scooter that joke was said already when the first Article about the fire was posted.

  • scooter

    Kane did it because he felt like it.