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Only One Cell Match at HIAC?, Ryback vs. Punk News, More

– SmackDown General Manager Booker T acted as the honorary team captain for the NFL’s Houston Texans as they defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Booker received a big pop when he was introduced to the crowd. Here’s a photo of he and Sharmell at the game:

booker sharmell texans

– Reports from the Ryback vs. CM Punk matches at live events note that they are getting better each night. Ryback is said to be listening to everything Punk says as far as making the match goes. At last night’s show in Hartford, both Superstars were evenly matched and Ryback actually controlled a good part of the match.

– Plans could change but as of this weekend, the only match scheduled to take place inside the Cell at WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view is Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title.

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  • paul s

    Still not ready to be champion.

  • Dan

    So at a PPV called Hell in a Cell they might only have one of the matches under that stipulation? Why not just call it something else, so when a Cell match is announced it seems like more of a big deal. And if they were only going to do one, why make it the one match that boxes them into a corner on the outcome?

  • RacinTrucker350

    If that’s the case then why the hell even have a PPV named Hell in a Cell??

  • nick-hulk

    Why? Wen theyve been promoting show v sheamus hiac?

  • Jimbo

    Encouraging news.

  • Automattic

    Great news to hear as far as Ryback is concerned. Yes he’s new, and circumstances led him to being pushed faster than what was planned for him, but it’s great to hear he’s making this kind of effort in putting a quality, lengthy match together. He could have potential for being WWE’s next big superstar, and could be this generation’s Goldberg…which, considering the attention and money Goldberg brought to WCW, isn’t a bad thing.

  • Sam Peters

    if thats the case then thats good and it will prob mean Ziggler will cash in on the WHC match