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The Superman movie franchise is being rebooted in 2012 and casting is already underway for the lead roles of Superman and his mild-mannered alter ego, Clark Kent.

According to a few entertainment industry publications, both John Cena and Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson are being considered for the lead role in Superman: Man Of Steel.

  • WHAT

    H O R N S W A G G L E. It would be a mini me superman. WTF rock or cena that makes no sense. The should just use the same guy in superman returns Brandon James Routh I thought he fit the part well. Another hollywood blunder. Rock ” Do you SMELLL LA LA LA LA what superman is cookin?” Cena ” You cant superman me” wow just wow


    lol @pieman
    But naw I think Cena would be a better fit just because superman, in no way shape or form was tan. But Cena isn’t a good actor and if this is going to be like a sequel to superman returns which was a big movie, then Cena definitely should NOT get the role because it deserves to go to a real ACTOR. Like somebody else said I think Tom Welling should get the role, I now look at him as superman after like 8 or so seasons playing him lol.

  • Pieman

    Cena already plays Superman every week on Raw, may as well let him get on with doing the film. You never know, Might take it up into wrestling like he did with his Marine Pose. Start wearing his underwear outside his cut off jeans and flying to the ring.

  • Steve

    Both the rock and cena are talented performers, but I don’t believe either would be a good fit for a dual role like Superman.
    As much as I cant imagine a good superman other than Reeve, I think Routh is probably still the best guy to play the role.

  • jay

    got nothing against cena or the rock. but that would just destroy supermans image

  • RKO

    Honestly what next? John Cena in the role as God in the Passion of Christ II

  • Lazytrout

    What the hell are guys dissing John Cena for he is after all this generations Hulk Hogan and like Hulk Hogan is hated by the so called smart marks who think they are experts on wrestling but have never set foot in a ring. Yet like hogan back in the day makes shitloads of money for himself and wwe from merchandise sales.

  • cena

    i’m already superman

  • Azn

    If they were going to make a new superman movies. Mind as well use Tom Welling who is currently Clark Kent on Smallville. Anyone else playing the role would be just stupid

  • Raziel

    Its rumors like this that make people disrespect wrestling.

  • Voltage101

    Oh come on guys, none of these wrestlers should be able to even go near the role of Superman! I’m a huge wrestling fan and all, but I’m also a huge Superman fan. Someone who can actually ACT should get the role, wrestlers should stick to wrestling.

  • don’t care


  • keylo

    Agree with the above right down to the crappy 1950′s haircut as for Cena watch the world revolt if that was to happen as he cant act to save his life and is even worse at that than wrestling

  • SusyRKO

    Give the role to Santino Marella! YES SIR

  • Diesel Power

    Ok first of all its NOT Superman 3 dont even compare the two. secondly John Cena or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? get the f**k out those two sh**ty ass actors have nothing on Reeve and shouldnt be allowed anywhere near the Superman franchise!

  • kannon

    umm Wade Barrett looks like Superman more then ANY wrestler out there.

  • Buttercastle

    ^who cares we get the idea. Someone should audition for the role of captain clarification and his name is Vincent.

  • http://www.youtube.com/howdaworldtwerks Twerks

    I really hate Cena, a lot. Being at a live event and sticking a sign that said “Daisy Chain Gang” in his face is one of my fondest memories of wrestling, period. But..when it comes to Cenas feelings/comments about the Rock, all that hatred flows away, because I agree with him. Rock is a sellout, but he is the most overrated performer in pro wrestling history (apparently I’m also the only person on this planet that noticed all he ever did was say the EXACT same things week after week) I hope Cena gets that role, and it goes on to gross more than every sh1tty movie rock has ever been in put together. Then Rock’ll probably wanna come back for a match. Pathetic human being, Dwayne Johnson.

  • CM Lopez

    I say give it to Jon Hamm…the man was born to play Superman!

  • nobody

    I don’t know. Put some Superman-esque hair on Orton and he’d look pretty good for the role. DiBiasie I can’t really see, though.

  • CC

    Firstly, how is it Superman 3?
    Superman 3 was years ago, and Superman returns was basically a sequel to Superman 2, ignoring what happened in 3 & 4.

    As for Jims comments about Cena being too big and Superman having a nerd build, what comics have you been reading.
    Do an internet search on Superman and you will find he is generally portrayed as being equal to, if not bigger than, Cena.

    Just because Reeve and Routh were not exactly muscle men, does not mean Superman could not or should not be portrayed as such.
    That said, without sounding racist, The Rock is completely the wrong skin colour to play Superman, and Cena just doesnt look right. Cena I could have seen as someone like Captain America, but not Superman.
    If I was gonna pick a current wrestler to play Superman it would be Ted DiBiase. He certainly has the right look.

    Either way, I think these rumours are all a load of bull, as last I heard they were thinking of going with a relative unknown again.

  • jim

    dwayne johnson looks nothing like superman..no offense but super man was white..rock is too tanned to play superman..and john cena is to built to be super man..super man had the body of a geek hence he was a news reporter..you cant have a mucsled up guy playing super man.

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