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- FCW has added Cameron Lynn to their roster page. She was formerly known as Ariane Andrew on Tough Enough and is famous for telling Steve Austin that her favorite WWE match was Alicia Fox vs. Melina.

- John Cena recently indicated on Twitter that he would be changing his ring gear up a bit and asked fans for ideas.

- Brenda sent word that the September issue of WWE Magazine teases Triple H wrestling at Night of Champions. They wrote:

“Triple H has not contested a match in a WWE ring since he nearly ended The Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania XXVII. So what better time for The Game to jump-start his 2011 season than at Night Of Champions this September? After all, he currently holds the WWE record with 13 World Championships and 23 total title reigns during his career. Other than the recently retired Edge, no other Superstar has ever worn that much gold around his waist. A title opportunity at NOC would bring The King of Kings one-step closer to becoming the greatest champion in WWE history.”

  • Remake

    cena doesnt need to typically need to turn hee but yea he needs a new image for sure tired of seeing the same shirts and shorts look yea it was great when he wore different jerseys and stuff every week back then during his heel era now they have it were he wears the same shirt for like hree months then they change the color how lame they need to get that guy from exreme makeover maybe cuz yea cena needs changing i mean if cm punk can do it a bunch of times so can cena..maybe

  • jay are

    cena pull up ur pants. no one wants to see ur stupid boxers. u give fruity pebles a bad rep. reinvent urself new gear and some wrestling boots. ur wrong, we can see u and u look pitiful.

  • venom

    It would be nice to see HHH vs Punk vs Cena.

  • Bawb


    Couldn’t agree more about HHH and having the title wayyy too long. Cant forget Heyman’s shot at JBL at ONS 2005.

    “The only reason you were WWE Champion for a year….was because HHH didn’t want to work Tuesdays!”

  • Monte

    Cena could always go back to his “The Prototype” gimmick that he used…


    it doesnt matter what he wears
    he just wants to wrestle…………………so let him wrestle

    it would be great if HHH came back and wrestle
    he is a very good wrestler and a good COO
    :P :P

  • whatulookinat

    Triple H has always been around the right people to advance his career. He won a lot of titles prior to fucking Steph but people forget that he was fucking HBK during the height of his pull, when the kliq tried to run the show. He’s always had his lips firmly planted in the right place, be it on HBK’s cock, Steph’s cooze, or Vince’s ass.

  • Raziel

    I say let him wrestle if it’s used to help put someone over.

  • knightcon

    HHH does have more over all titles then flair. Ric had I think 20 over all. Edge has more then HHH but doesn’t Jericho have more then edge? With all the ic titles he held? Anyway jerry the king lawler beats everybody he’s held over 200 titles but they where not in a major company

  • Paton

    if we wore cargo shorts like he used to and not jeans then maybe I could not hate him so much. Jorts just makes it look like he is taking the piss

  • Stashathan

    Sooooooooo? I dont like Cena either…. but…. the style he wears, that i do. lirten the style of clothes he wears should not concern any of you. What, would you rather seee cena in ripped up jeans or skinny jeans on lookin like some of you homos. that style of clothes does not make you a “HOMIE”. those are clothes the man feels comfortable in. i dont blame him, i compete in jean shorts too. maybe cena doesnt want to wear tights because he has too much dignity. i wear that style of clothes and im not a “HOMIE”. I just feel comfortable in those clothes. KEEP THE STYLE CENA!!!!!

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    Edge has more tittles nuff said

  • sign says LOOSER (hyuk)

    “loose the pants…” WRONG! ” stupid jerks LOSE” right.

  • Bill

    Cena’s probably just going to wear a different color of merchandise.

  • The Killswitch

    Have Cena wear a Superman outfit on the way to the ring.

  • Valo487

    I don’t ever want to see Triple H near a world title again, regardless how he got to the top his reign of terror around 2002-2004 made me quit watching wrestling for years. I’ve seen more than enough of him as champion, he’s had his time in the spotlight, now step away.

  • JAck45

    Pfft same lame shit behind HHH “he fucked Steph to get where he is” so over the petty comments from people who know shit all about the business.
    Next you will say “Cena fucked Shane to get where he is” how about you little bitches actually acknowledge the hard work and effort these guys are putting in that give credit to the position they are at.
    Silly childish comments like that make wrestling fans seem so immature.

  • Jon

    Cena problary chance more stuff than ring attire

  • adam

    @devilrising. He won alot of those titles before he hooked up with steph. Also cena needs to go back to his old gear if he wants to stay wrestling in jeans i agree make them the darker color and wear those jereseys again instead of his horrible purple and orange shirts.

  • Devil_Rising

    Yup, no other superstar has worn that much gold around his waste, or done THAT much (marrying boss’ daughter, kissing boss’ ass) to GET all that for himself. Go Hunter, right?

  • ChrisDV


    No, they’re right – Triple H holds the record for most world titles held in the WWE, and Edge has the record for the most overall championships in the WWE. Flair won a large portion of his titles outside of the WWE.

  • http://twitter.com/itsfuckinSEAN Sean

    did they forget about Ric Flair’s 16 title reigns? oh wait, they’re the WWE. nvm…

  • Kyle

    @Daniel_Bryan_Fan as tribute to yamcha, gay

  • Daniel_Bryan_fan

    loose the shirt, Jeans, hat, sneakers- for proper wrestling boots, Wearin some elbow pads, knee pads and decent Speedos- not tight shit like orton… thats about it

  • Sammo

    It makes sense for HHH to step back into the ring as soon as possible. He’s already been away too long. At aged 42, he’s still got a few years of being a full time wrestler left in him, and there will be plenty of time (i.e. the rest of his life) to play a non-wrestling “Mr McMahon” type character once he has retired from the ring.

    I think a HHH v Cena v Punk triple threat match would be fantastic.

  • Soulshroude

    Time for a heel turn, this I can agree with. Loose the home-dogg ghetto crap outfits, they are antiqued and out dated. Go back to Ruthless Aggression Cena for all I care, with those red speedo’s. Anything but the homie looking duds. They make you look like an idiot.

  • Legend Killer

    Stop wearing the stupid jeans (or at least go back to the darker jeans from before) and lose the fruity pebble shirts with the lame catchphrases. While you’re at it, turn HEEL!

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