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– On May 9th, WWE Monday Night Raw will return to the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tickets will go on sale on Match 5th. [Credit: Pwinsider.com]

– John Cena made the following comments on Twitter, regarding his language last night on Raw…

CeNation. Lots of posts about my language last night on raw. I do apologize. It was out of line and I was indeed fined. If I have offended anyone it was not my intention. I was very frustrated about being hurt and not able to compete. I lost my cool. I am sorry.

Next time I will use something more creative like “whoop yer crap locker!” Or “whoop yer dump box!” :)

  • chris

    Damn never thought cena would be in trouble for anything…. btw fuck the pg shit

  • Arlan

    This is just another bullshit lesson in political correctness & censorship. I guess Vince doesn’t believe in Freedom of Speech, guaranteed under the Constitution. I guess this also means that I’m not PC either. Oops.

  • sean

    wow they fined the, face of the company, see cena doesn’t get away with murder

  • Kim

    Yeah he was not really fined. Did anyone even complain? He is just saying that.

  • death to the pg era in wwe

    wow lol see why the pg era sucks wwe needs to go back to the way it was to thats why tna has a better story line but people still think its the same as it was when it first came out they have the best tag team devision motor city machine guns could take out the tag team champions of raw they both are like tajiri mixed with rey mysterio cuz they do all the kicks and high flying

  • cenaWWE

    @cena aproved lmao

  • In Grind We Crust

    mea young**********

  • In Grind We Crust

    wow wee. If Mae Yougn wasn’t fined for saying “sl uts” and Bit ches” then Cena certianly wasn’t fined for saying “A$$.” either way, fined or not, PG era is a f ucking drag.

  • http://www.hotmail.com danny

    wow this is about the PG and people go on about cena in a different way what should be looking at is even cena knows PG needs to go

  • CC

    see, even this sites stupid censorship even censors the word C-rap.

  • CC

    Everyone remember his “farewell” speech a few weeks back?
    The one where he said a bunch of stuff that he didnt care if it was PG or not, and now this he claims to have been fined for?
    I’d say this was just to apease the vocal minority who complain, but the fact he followed it up with the line about crap locker and dump box, really doesnt sound like he is being sincere in his apology, let alone being truthful about the fine.

  • Starship Pain

    So, this is like anime, then… Cena can kick sh¡t out of everyone with super powers, but can’t say bad words… Really?

  • kannon

    a$z-clown? damn they take away all the good ones.

  • Evil Doink

    Yeah, I am not buying this. Kayfabe at it’s finest right here.

  • Zach

    So Husky getting slapped in the back with a belt numerous times is PG, but as s is SO bad. I don’t get how a show can do well being PG when the whole premise of the show is two or more guys feuding with each other to the point where they wanna kill each other. Don’t get it. Cena would look SO tough and intimidating if he said “whoop your but t”.

    I’m sure “but t” would be censored by W-E so I spaced it.

  • Danarchy

    Oh wow John Cena is such a Rebel…. What a bunch of Bull, Cena is jus trying 2 seem like a bad a$$ saying he got fined… all he is is a motherfucking Dickhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cena approved

    LOL at all the clowns that believed this

  • mark

    what a load of bs, when Austin appeared as guest host on raw last march he said ass a couple of times, no one batted an eye lid. this bolux needs to stop .

  • Trixie

    Yeah, that kind of sounds like bullshit. People complained so he backtracks, that’s it.



    For any wrestler/performer whatever u want to call them, be it Cena or whoever to be fined for simply saying the word a$$ is just friggin ignorant!!!

  • bloodstone

    @me it’s been ridiculous

  • thetalkingbox

    c’mon fellas.

    hes is lying.

    Hes just saying he was fined because of parents complains.

    I know, i know…. CM Punk made a lot of parents scared last night.

  • Buttercastle

    Guess Rock won’t be back to shove something sideways up someones candy fart chimney.

  • CM Mark

    Just having Punk around makes Cena cooler…lol.

  • rosscoa7x

    he gets fined for saying ass and then says next time he will say crap locker :/ surely that’s just as bad in the “PG” era

  • me

    this is getting ridiculous

  • elvisD

    PG era has to go, Don’t like Cena but It’s getting ridiculous, These guys are supposed to be Hard A$$e$ in the ring but can’t say A$$? This PG Era has to go, I mean we don’t need blood in every match, an F bomb here or there, but If you cut a promo and ab lib a bit and the emotion is there, then from a huge wrestler talking trash in the moment should be able to say what they want, I mean there are gonna be kids there granted, but they probably hear worse from friends, family and movies, they won’t blame WWE for that language, ITS A SHOW, NOT A MORALITY SHOW, I mean if grown men in underoo’s killing themselves to entertain the fans don’t have to have a morality lesson to it, They need parents to teach them right from wrong, NOT CENA OR MIZ, Its not their place, they want to entertain you, steal the show and keep you waiting till next week to see what happens. Thats It!!!

  • CC

    Oh well, the return of The Assman, Billy Gunn wont be happening anytime soon then.

  • nick

    sooooo does mark henry get fined every time he comes out with his entrance music?

  • CM Mark

    LOL… What an ass…

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