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Cena Grants Wishes, Kofi’s New Shirt, Batista on Wrestling vs. Acting

– WWE is now selling the new Kofi Kingston t-shirt that glows in the dark. It’s selling for $24.99 – $27.99. You can see it below:

kofi shirt

– The Man With The Iron Fists featuring former WWE Champion Batista drew an estimated $8.22 million at the box office this weekend, finishing #4 behind Wreck It Ralph, Flight and Argo. While promoting the movie, Batista talked about the differences between acting and wrestling:

“For me, it’s funny because I tell actors it’s so intimidating for me to be on this little intimate set, with the cameras pointed at you. Somebody says ‘action’ and all eyes are on you and you have to follow a certain script. Acting is harder. It’s more intimidating. When you’re out in front of so many people, it’s just so conversational. It’s easy, and it’s something I could do at any given moment.”

– John Cena granted several more wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation at WWE’s RAW live event in Manchester, England this weekend. Cena met several Wish kids that are honorees in WWE’s Circle of Champions.

  • lookatme

    @YouDeserve and @ChrisDV

    In my opinion it is debatable whether this is seen as news, for example these superstars are celebrities and whenever a celebrity does charity, they get noticed which makes it a news story, however the fact that it is an everyday thing for seems more just like Cena’s life rather than a story.

  • ChrisDV


    Hardly, it’s common knowledge that Cena does a lot with the MAW people. Reporting on Cena granting wishes is completely pointless, since we already knew he’d be doing it anyway because he always does it.

  • Jeremy

    Its great to see. That doesn’t make it news

  • YouDeserve

    @ChrisDV that sounded so ignorant, I’m sure I speak for more people, whether they like cena or not, that news like this is good to see.

  • ChrisDV

    Cena grants more wishes for Make A Wish.
    In other news, grass is green & the rain is wet.

  • Good look for Kofi, this confirms his push, hope he goes hard on this run

  • Huh?

    The shirt makes me think of Dragon Ball Z. From a distance the figure resembles gohan/vegeta

  • Robert

    Cena is like a genie.