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– After criticism of the John Cena vs. The Miz booking for WrestleMania 27, several people in the company felt that Cena, as a top star, should have spoken up and had the match changed before they went and did it live in front of 70,000 fans. It was noted that top stars in the past have spoken up and changed certain booking plans when they felt it was needed. Word is that Cena did complain about the booking to some people but didn’t request a change.

There’s a feeling that Cena came out of WrestleMania 27 unpopular and secondary, and that the WWE Title also came off as secondary since the match and the finish hurt both Cena and The Miz.

There’s also a feeling within the company that The Rock “screwed” Cena and instead of Cena trying to get revenge, he got nothing besides a handshake on RAW and the endorsement from The Rock that the fans boo’d on RAW – and now he has to carry WWE again as the top babyface.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • C

    @Jushin Liger

    You are commenting on an internet chat site, spouting an illogical opinion, and calling Valo’s argument empty? Pro tip, putting educate in quotation marks makes it look like you are being sarcastic about your own comment. In addition, if you are expecting Cena to carry the Rock through the WM 28 match (assuming it happens, I expect shenanigans), then I hope you’re expecting a mediocre-at-best main event. ‘Epic’ and ‘Cena’ since about 2006 simply don’t mix.

  • Justin


    I wasn’t in diapers and I’m not a kid, you lunatic fuck. I’m in my 20s and was very aware of what went on with the Rock before he main evented and was in the NOD. I was also pissed when he left. Does that mean he gets devalued as an entertainer? No.

  • Valo487

    Uh huh. Whatever dude, keep trying.

  • jushin liger

    could you please reiterate a little on why I need an english class?I openly admit I run on in sentences all the time, but to say i am spouting stupidity and sounding like a 2 yr old is a bit much.I find that ppeople often lash out with empty comments like that when they feel they are in a losing battle.Anyways, I find it very humorous that all I did was “educate” with specific facts about the rock and yet you called that my opinion.The reason I find that humorous is that I am a HUGE rock fan and I have no opinion on either guy. I was still a fan while everybody else booed the Great One.I am also a HUGE fan of cena’s too even while everybody boos him.He has excellent mic skills and is a very good in ring worker,just like the rock.I am done with this conversation except for one last request/comment.Next year after the rock has done virtually no preparing for the match (due to Movies) and SUPER CENA has to carry him threw most of the match, i hope you have the testicular fortitude enough to log on here in the wrestlemania results and comment to me personally about how much more cena did for that match than the rock did.Either way though it will still be an EPIC match and I feel we will all enjoy it to some degree. peace out hombre!

  • JOE

    @valo487 LMFAO nice!!!

  • 2CW Fan

    I just think it was terrible booking from even before Wrestlemania. Cena should have never been the number one contender to begin with if they were going to have the rock and him going at it. The whole thing made the miz look like a second rate champion. Wrestlemania would have probably been a lot better if Rock faced Cena and Miz defended against someone else is the main event. The Cena Miz match itself was awful, but I understand why neither of them asked for a booking change. It’s Wrestlemania and Cena doesn’t know how to put together a great main event on his own and The Miz probably believes he was on borrowed time in the top spot and didn’t want to rock the boat.

  • venom

    I thought it was Kelly Kelly.

  • Lex

    First I would like to make this clear. I respect John Cena. He works his ass off to try to entertain us fans and I believe he is a solid guy. Having said that, I think the match at Wrestlemania was eh because he was in it. Yes Cena is the top guy, he should be wrestling or “entertaining” for the title in the main event. But for me Cena words don’t mirror his matches. His matches are very choreographed, plain, and gray. People see that and that’s why they boo. Ok cena we know there’s going to be punches thrown 5 knuckle shuffle leg drop from the top, stfu attitude adjustment, great.Where is the excitement. You all remember watching the rock, triple h,angle steve austin, or even WCW guys sting,jericho goldberg, those guys didn’t have a great skill set like a HBK but their heart was into the match. The matches would consist of taking it to the outside, stealing finishers plus what’s going to happen, is someone going to interfere. You couldn’t predict it. It worked every time, When was the last time he stole the show at any event? We have watched Wrestlemania every year for the past 6 years and have been disappointed because the main event failed to live up. I believe triple h is great, WWE creative team is garbage. Remember the days of NWO and hogan getting his neck broken by The giant aka Big show, Undertaker vs Kane, vince mcmahon and austin, mick foley winning the title. Man that was awesome. And now we have Anonymous GM? Smackdown has become sunday night heat. Guys have skill but don’t have MIC skills. Let’s all be real here Morrison should be champ. But he has to change up a little bit. 1 stop being a pussy, 2 Vince wants you to fight, then fight. 3 work the crowd. Don’t go out there and speak like your reading a book. After his Monday night raw 15 second Mic monologue. He might not see the mic again for another 2 years. The WWE universe is waiting for that 1 guy to grab the wrestling industry by the balls and say lets go for the next 6 or 7 years but is there a guy on the roster right now that can do it? I don’t think so. Therefore we have to make due with cena. And will be sadly disappointed. But, we can’t give up maybe 1 day it will happen

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com W-E

    popinger – the woman in the green skirt you’re alluding to is former WWE Diva Tiffany.

  • Valo487

    My phone turned anybody into Antibes, whatever the hell that is.

  • Valo487

    @jushin liger, shut up. You’ve clearly made up your mind that you’re right and have no interest in Antibes opinion, so take your education somewhere else. And while you’re educating, take an English class because reading your posts is like listening to a two year old, which is awfully ironic considering you think everyone else is childish. Take your stupidity elsewhere.

  • http://aff Lake

    People have been saying this about Cena for god knows how long, the WWE don’t appear to want to turn him heel. I used to like Cena, but his character has been the same for SOO long that I’ve grown to hate him, he needs a change, a heel turn so desperate.

  • Reece


    You say that they brought back the Rock to boost PPV numbers. You are pretty much backing up my thing of they are doing for the wrong reasons. The WWE should let Cena shine as the top face and I am sorry but stop hating on Cena for his wrestling talent. I would like to see you do better.

  • http://kozan.com popinger

    somebody please tell me the name of the lady in the green skirt just below this article

  • erik

    poor cena mr mcmahon boy didn’t win too bad. I am sick of cena he is as boring in ring as hogan was in 80’s and 90’s. speaks voulmes how bad of a superstar cena is that wwe had to bring in rock to jakk up rating and ppv numbers.

  • jushin liger

    I don’t know where you hail from sir but i did alot of traveling and went to alot of wwe shows in diffrent cities midwest from 1999 thru 2006 when i switched jobs.Alot and i do mean ALOT of people were tired of the rock the year b4 he stepped away.I can’t remember what wrestling radio show he was on but i remember him commenting on the heat he was getting and how he felt he needed to step away for awhile because the fans were growing tired of him and he was getting burned out.Secondly, I would say as far as the main event title picture noone was in it more than the rock at that time as a true “face”.SCSA was on/off with injuries and feuding with the mcmahons, not in the title hunt.HHH was back and forth between heel and face always riding the fence.Undertaker was sporadic at best and so was mick foley.The rock held one of the top 2 titles (wcw & wwe champioships) 10 or 11 times from 1998 to 2002.Even SCSA had it only 6 times during that period.Was the Rock the top babyface? debatable, but by the numbers, Yes.Was he hated for getting stale and always being in the Title mix? Definately! Education Given. lol oh and thank you for mixing it up with me, i am always happy to debate with an old school fan like yourself,Someone who sees what these guys do outside the ring as well as in.

  • Bill

    I say turn Cena heel, but let him keep his gimmick. He acts like the fans like him, but they don’t. Maybe an occasional insult to the kids or two, but other than that, Cena’s all ready to go for the heel turn. I say that he & Rock will be fighting off the Corre or something, then when Rock goes for the handshake, Cena does the classic “don’t-let-go-of-hand-&-attack” routine. He then cuts a promo on how his “fans” have abandoned him, & that the brats(kids) have don nothing but ruin his legacy. Once the kids start booing, then you officially have a heel turn for Cena.

  • HR

    @jushin thank you for the education and now let me educate you. rock was not always the main event when it was his “time.” the roster was much deeper in terms of talent than it is now and that is why cena is the top draw. im not his biggest fan as i do not like his gimmick. i have the most respect for him with his work with different foundations. trust me, only a small percentage was EVER tired of the rock, but a major percentage boos cena because its the “cool” thing to do if you are over 12. just think about i

  • jushin liger

    don’t you crackheads get it!!!! Cena will never turn heel, the 2-12 yr olds love him.I have 2 boys myself and i can’t get them to NOT like him, he is like BARNEY or the TELETUBBIES lol.For all intensive purposes, He is the new hulk hogan.If cena turns bad guy then WWE loses all of the “KIDS” which in turn loses all of the “PARENTS” who buy the kids WWE shiz.You people are stupid sometimes i swear.Stop beating a dead horse Cena won’t turn heel until he goes to another company (like hogan did), or when his stuff isn’t selling anymore to the kids and parents, which like hogan and WWE never happened.I mean for christ sakes people look on raw when they pan the crowd it is all kids wearing Cena shirts, i mean are you really licking the windows on the short bus or what.Wrestling repeats itself every 20 yrs or so and Vince knows that and he will ride the Cena/Kids/PG era until the freakin wheels fall off, so either board the PG train or get the hell off lol.

  • jushin liger

    @justin, Valo and every other Jackwagon on this page with the same lame ass comment;
    You guys come on here spouting like you remember the 90’s wrestling and you were in diapers when it was at its best.The reason i know this is because you talk about Cena being booed and not over with the fans and The rock is the greatest ever WTFE!!I Guess i got to reeducate the monkeys on here AGAIN! See i got news for you kiddies the rock was getting his ass booed for about 2 years b4 he left, similar to what is happening to john cena.people were crying about how he was always in the main event and his jokes and catchphrases were sooo old, now you young kids who don’t know any better come in here spouting nonsense.You see when a guy like the rock or Cena reaches top babyface they instantly draw heat from the negative nancy’s like yourselves.Over time and evolution of the internet, morons like you have a place to come together and b*tch about talent From the moment you get out of school until it is your bedtime.Now with all of the new ways to communicate you jackwagons can now form lynchmobs within moments, back 8-10 yrs ago it took hours due to dialup internet and 10 lbs phones So most recently it looks like there are more people who hate cena but actually its just the same KNOBS on here all the time at high speeds lol.So i guess what i am getting at is another 10 yrs from now when cena has been away for awhile young kids will be clamoring for him and calling him the best ever, just like you are for the rock, forgetting that he was being crammed down our throats constantly, much like the rock years ago.We as people as a whole, are never happy and constantly whining.I am so tired of hearing how great the rock is when everybody and there mother was tired of his ass b4 he left the last time, except me of course lmao j/k.Next time you have a thought kids, just let it goooooo, mmmmkay?

  • rob

    boo hoo we arent happy with cena and the era he created

  • Reece

    I think that Cena has been screwed over for the past few months.
    Everyone blurts out how they hate him but face it guys he is the Face of the WWE. They bought back The Rock for the wrong reasons e.g getting more sales. The Rock has had his time to shine and now it’s Cena’s turn. Cena is the new face of the WWE and if the creative staff think about putting The Rock the winner at Wrestlemania 28 then they are going to have serious issues with the WWE. One if they did change the face how fast would we get bored of them. Secondly if they did change it wouldn’t be the same as well. Cena plays a perfect Face and is the man for the job. Randy Orton is a good Face but I preferred him as a heel. Also Randy isn’t really a face now seen as though he has some twisted moments. As far as cheering Cena goes, I think he still gets loads. The point is the Rock has had his time of shine in the WWE whereas Cena still has some time left

  • mark

    this story is bolux. Cena was booed before wrestlemania. There are always going to be people that boo him. A heel turn is long overdue for him now. People are just tired and he is getting stale.

    Personally i like Cena but his character needs a change as its the same old shit.

  • Logan

    Wasn’t the whole point of The Rock coming back is to get more PPV buys.

  • CC

    Ok, just for the record, how do people see the Rock as screwing Cena out of the title? Firstly, the match had already ended in a double count out, so Cena had already lost the title.
    The only reason Miz ended up with the pin was because Rock restarted the match specifically to hit Cena with a Rock bottom, which was done out of retaliation.

    As far as this booking went, Cena screwed himself by attacking The Rock in the first place, and nobody was surprised or upset when The Rock restarted the match only to end it straight away.

    On another note, if Cena really is this company figure head that he, WWE and other people seem to suggest he is, then he should have pushed for a change in the booking if he was that unhappy with it. Topline wrestlers have been doing this for years, sometimes for the wrong reasons I admit (yeah, I’m talking to you Mr Hogan & Nash etc), and Cena has just proved that he is just a puppet dancing to whatever song Vince plays.

    And anyway, if they think the WWE title was devalued, how does it make the Heavyweight championship look by having it as the opening bout.

  • M.C.

    @Justin. exactly… cena is always in the main event, even if it’s not a title feud. Remember his feud with nexus(old & new), he was always in the main event. He would over shadow orton and miz when they were champ. hhh said that cena will grow out of always being in the tittle picture, but i highly doubt it

  • Freakzilla

    Cena can’t carry a match. The reason he didn’t push hard for a change is because he loves his spot in the company. He doesn’t care about having a good match just his spot. Did anyone watch Raw his body language and facial expressions when he was wrestling R-Truth, you just knew R-Truth was going over somehow.

  • me

    cena doesn’t carry shit, it’s about time people realized that.

    the guy can’t even carry a match.

  • tylerb

    see the rock isn’t back he’s already gone remember he was never supposed to leave where is he every week??

  • http://www.hotmail.com danny

    cena aint going on he should of won the title or that it was to make the miz the new face its about how the who match was booked for it to end the way it did was boring nd stupid wwe should of made it longer have us on the edge of our seats then cena makes the miz look a champion as wwe wanted then after the match rock come out both go at it but rock comes out on top

  • RAMSES 2



    Any other “ENTERTAINER” who is a face will never get a chance to become a top face as long as Cena is top face that is why he needs to turn heel.

  • Moe

    a tremendous opportunity for the wwe to turn cena heel. Cena could go on a tangent on how the fans booed him and cheered the rock and so on….. but they wont!

  • theviewtvshow

    anytime cena is working with the title its secondary atleast the miz can carry it and make it look better

  • Justin



  • Valo487

    Well duh. Of course Cena and the Miz came out looking second-rate, they made it more about the Rock than them from day one, and they should have. The Rock coming back is a big deal and should be emphasized, and if they thought pitting The Rock against Cena wouldn’t overshadow Cena-Miz they’re moronic. And the problem also lies with their booking of Cena. When your top star gets a middle of the road reaction to start with, putting him in the ring with one of the biggest stars EVER is only going to end badly for Cena. They should have used this as the ideal opportunity to turn him heel, because the fans were ready to boo him, but they didn’t have the guts to try something bold, which is a shame because the route they chose certainly didn’t work.

  • Justin

    And truthfully, this booking was similar to past ones of the late 90s early 00s, especially with Austin being a “tweener” and stunning both faces and heels. If Rock is that guy, I’ll buy it just the same, if not more since I don’t think Cena is a great face. Those in the locker room should realize more intriguing storylines involve those that aren’t just black and white, with faces and heels, and with faces not getting screwed. Just look at the Wrestlemania 2000 finish.

  • Thumper!

    When you have the WWE Creative team made up of a bunch of B-Listed hollywood screen writers what do you expect?

  • http://twitter.com/blissfullycat Cat

    I may not be the biggest Cena fan but I do respect him and I also respect Dwayne and Mike but they really dropped the ball there. I understand they may not want to cause a stink for WM but they had to have known and should have requested a change. I don’t think it was that Cena was upset he didnt get the title, but rather upset at how it went down. I feel bad for Cena having to carry the WWE, alot of people boo him saying he is egotistical and annoying but it’s WWE booking, not John who is causing the problem.

  • Justin

    Why does the Rock need to be a heel? The same fans who booed Cena will boo him again. It’s quite annoying to see this guy stay face for so long when he isn’t as over as he should be. If he is a face against the Rock, the iconic face and People’s Champion, then you wonder when/if he’ll ever be heel.

  • Rucdogg

    of course Cena didnt like the booking…he didnt end up with the title. Everyone knew Rock was gonna screw Cena out of the title on Raw, that was why the match sucked, I think Rock should come back as a heel around the rumble and say the entire reason he wanted to host mania was to screw cena out of the title.

  • Tommy

    I understand Cena, he always have to carry this company as a babyface but always get booed. I mean, i don’t like him very much but what can we say? He’s having WWE on his shoulder for so long.

    Imagine Orton top babyface for almost 8 years, i swear we would be crying right now.

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