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Was Cena Really Injured on RAW?, CM Punk’s Celebration Cut Short

– In what seems to be a regular happening these days, there were more time constraints and on-the-fly booking changes at last night’s WWE RAW from Dayton.

– On a related note, the celebration for CM Punk’s 365th day as WWE Champion was originally planned to go longer at last night’s RAW. Apparently there was more planned that they didn’t get to do.

– reports that John Cena was not really injured at last night’s RAW. The spot was planned because they feel that Cena needs to go into his TLC match against Dolph Ziggler with a handicap.

  • bb

    SYM=Joke Account

  • chronoxiong

    Cena becoming Superman to overcome the odds. That sounds like a similar theme.

  • adam

    He cant sell injuries at all. When he was running out and got the fake injury i thought he was running weird cause aj was just on top of him. They need to build dolph up if hes ever going to become champ

  • Nate

    God why can’t they just have Cena lose cleanly, this isn’t really helping Ziggler look strong.

  • Billbo

    It seems almost every major victory for Cena has something behind it, he’s always “coming back from injury” & the like, really fucking annoying & old at this point.

  • ChrisDV

    Why, it’s not like he’ll sell the injury when he’s in the match.

  • SYM

    or they had to come up with some pathetic excuse as to why Cena is jobbing.

  • I wish ron simmons walked in the locker room with a newspaper under his arm and looked at john cena and said damn lol

  • Sam Peters

    so they feel he needs to go in with a handicap so he can come back and be SuperCena in the match again -_-