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Cena and Punk Working More SmackDowns, Heyman’s ECW Commercial, Kelly Kelly

– Kelly Kelly had some time off and was not backstage for last night’s RAW Supershow in New Orleans.

– WWE aired a new commercial for the upcoming ECW DVD on last night’s RAW Supershow that featured a voiceover from Paul Heyman. Word is that Heyman taped the promo for the commercial several weeks ago, possibly before he even agreed to come back for the Brock Lesnar storyline.

– Look for John Cena and CM Punk to work a lot more SmackDown tapings in the future, with a lot of dark main event appearances. The feeling is that Randy Orton was sent to SmackDown for drawing power but now that’s not enough.

Among the wrestlers, the feeling is that they are stretching Cena thin and the comment was made that it’s no surprise Cena is getting divorced because he’s never home. There’s also a feeling among the wrestlers that WWE is running the top guys ragged and that’s never a good thing.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Mojojojo

    Hell yeah the roster is way too thin of big names, especially Smackdown. SD is so pathetic, they had no big names until they sent Orton there and he can’t carry a show.

  • Stevie P

    They need to beef up their roster. Problem is they’re way too thin.

  • SYM

    I don’t see why WWE have 2 or 3 Top Guys. During the Attitude Era WWE had like 10 Top people. They should push more wrestlers and make them Household names.

  • Tyler(:

    Jimbo, I like how you used bitching instead of jobbing 😉 but anyway, you are right, stupid losses but then again, it’d just be silly if they went through everybody?

    Ziggler should be better used before Rhodes, Cody’s got a good enough storyline at the minute.

  • Jimbo

    And they could have more top guys like Ziggler and Rhodes, but they keep bitching them out to the like of Big Slow, Santino, and Khali.

  • Tyler(:

    LSC – “A-Ri” and Mason Ryan should both go back to FCW for a few months, that’ll help them.

    And Sheamus is an good strong performer, most of the guys on here don’t see that because they believe he’s just another “Cena/Orton” – And If I remember rightly, didn’t HBK/HHH befriend McIntyre, or praise him or something, so that’s not why Sheamus is on top. otherwise McIntyre would of been pushed too.

    Tyson Kidd can’t be pushed, He’s not “Over” enough, find him a good partner, re-switch him to heel and take on Truth/Kingston to raise his heat.

  • LSC

    Oh what pisses me off is the fact Vince pushes the people who are not dating other WWE employees or those who work out with HHH. Really? I don’t know if Vince has been trolling TNA in matches wher underrated guys perform, but there are a bunch of guys who should be pushed instead of jobbing. Push Drew etc. And that is also the reason why SD guys invade RAW. Because Vine is too stupid to push people

  • LSC

    If Vince wasn’t such a pussy and understood Cena is not immortal, maybe he could start pushing guys like Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, Mason Ryan, Alex Riley. They deserve to be pushed too…Oh yeah, as long as Vince is in charge, Cena, Orton will be headlining WrestleMania 50…No hate on Cena or Orton but it doesn’t hurt to push underrated guys like A-Ri, dunno about anyone else but he sounded like Edge lol. But the point is Vince is as creative as a corpse. Push guys who deserve the spot, it’s not the Cena show, Orton show, CM Punk show, it’s WWE. Vince needs to understand just because Ric Flair wrestled in his 60s doesn’t mean Orton or Cena will. But yeh backstage politics…SMD WWE

  • KpNuttzLol

    The Wwe Superstars are actually right. Wwe is spreading their main talent too thin and fans have known it for years. There is no wonder the Undertaker wrestles once a year, Triple H rarely competes, Mysterio is constantly injured. They need to start pushing younger and fresher talents like Rhodes, DiBiase, Kidd, Gabriel, Barrett as they are the future and could help carry the show through injuries.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Punk and Cena wrestling on Smackdown too? They are both probably more beat up than anyone on the roster. Cena should have lost to Lesnar and taken some time off, hopefully Punk can hold up.

  • Mark

    Great they havent got enough top talent to cover both shows. this is bad for WWE

  • The Awesome One

    id be married to a diva that way your both on the road and always see each other instead of one sitting at home

  • TheSheepDog

    how can one company have soo many obviously correct ‘feelings’ yet they never bring them to fruition?

    Less feelings, more actions wwe, no good having a wellness policy if they die or get crippled through exhaustion.