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– I was looking at the Raw roster page on WWE.com and John Cena has been removed. His profile is now on the WWE Alumni page. [Thanks to Matthew for sending in this news bit]

– Daniel Bryan was playing dumb to the Bellas advances on RAW and said the following on his Twitter page: “What’s the deal with the Bellas? I have absolutely ZERO idea.”

– More on The Miz’s title win last night with popular ESPN columnist and long-time wrestling fan Bill Simmons saying the following on Twitter:

“Remember the Miz of Real World/Road Rules Challenge fame? Now the WWE champion!”

It is more exposure for WWE, especially as Simmons has over one million Twitter followers.

  • erik

    I see miz title run as orton first title run in 2004. When wwe put world title on orton after he beat beniot at summerslam 2004 he lost it month later to hhh a month later at unforgiven 2004. miz i see the same 1 month title reign justb like orton’s 2004 1 month run.

  • Sammo

    It will be difficult to get him over?

    Miz may not be totally over with internet wrestling fans, but he is already crazy over (in the heel sense) with the casual wrestling fan.

    An abundance of internet wrestling fans don’t seem to realise that they are the minority when it comes to wrestling audiences. An absolutely huge percentage of wrestling crowds have no awareness or interest whatsoever in wrestling gossip sites such as these – and thus are 100% oblivious to any negative fan feedback pertaining to his wrestling ability.

    I think The Miz is freaking great incidentally, and I’m chuffed to see him as champ.

  • Cardiff Wanderer

    I can’t see the Miz’s run gong past the Royal Rumble, he is not a big enough star (yet?, lets see how his run goes) to headline Wrestlemania (This time around).

    The big problem seems a lack of a good feud for him. Orton doing his dark and mysterious thing will clash with the Miz’s heel persona. Cena is out of the picture, as is Nexus. Morrison and Sheamus are just starting a program and the likes of Jericho, Michaels etc who would have been a perfect first feud are no longer in the company.

    It will be difficult to get him over.

  • nnla

    Makes me think that they gave “the miz” the title as a way to get the public that would not normally watch, to watch the programming. No other champ world get this kind of press and the WWE knew that so they gave him the briefcase and the belt. He’s an average wrestler, yes he has come a long way but no where close to being a top star yet. He’s a US champ with the upper mid carders but not a world champ with the elite.

  • Starship Pain

    @JK Thunder

    Oh, I’m sorry I opened my mouth. I’m such an ignorant. Sure thing you’re a wrestling expert, yeah. You’re like The Miz: Awesome!
    So, if i didn’t catch up mi info. I suppose you did catched up yours…

    I’m talking about the bunch of talent WWE has. They had Haas (oh, I know, he’s out now), in example, who is erally good but he never had a chance… Morrison and Kofi are better than The Miz… The Miz can’t be like The Rock or Jericho… IN MY OPINION, he’s not worthy… William Regal is awesome, btw, he should have a last belt run…

  • JK Thunder

    @Starship Pain,

    Let’s go through your list of superstars that you deem as worthy for WWE Title honors:

    1. Ted Dibiase – Son of the Million Dollar Man. End of credentials. Still shows rookie mistakes in the ring. He is average on promos.

    2. William Regal – The man retired from the WWE. End of story.

    3. John Morrison – The Shaman of Sexy would be a great choice. There is a reason the writers haven’t put it in play, so clearly he’s not appropriate.

    4. Kofi Kingston – Yes, this man has been in some high impact matches (ie Randy Orton) but he too must have a reason that he is not deemed worthy.

    Catch up on your info before you open your mouth.

  • Starship Pain

    So… You got ted Dibiase, William Regal, John Morrison, Kofi… and you put the belt on the Miz? Really? Really?

    Crap, this sucks…

  • Jeffery

    guess the miz will be the new cena..cena back in the day was a heel once

  • HeartBreakHill

    All this Miz love is AWESOME!

    Seriously though, It’s absolutely great to see a talented young superstar with a great character winning the belt and being buzzed about so much.

  • Rich

    He’ll Be Back At The Royal Rumble..He’s Not Gonna Miss Wrestlemania

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