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- John Cena spoke to WWE’s website after last night’s RAW in Greensboro and talked about his motivation for winning the Ladder Match against Dolph Ziggler at the TLC pay-per-view. Cena said:

“You don’t think I think every single day that I’m the only guy who cashed in that suitcase and lost? I’m going to do everything I can to get that suitcase in my clutches again. If I get the briefcase I can go on and challenge Big Show and then I can become the World Heavyweight Champion. I’m healthy, I feel good and I have a match at TLC…. momentum’s going my way and Dolph Ziggler is in my eyesight. Gotcha kid, you ain’t shown me nothing yet.”

  • eric

    U wonder vince why i and ur viewership is down every week. u have net kost over 500 million dollars? it is simple vince mcmahon. people are sick of same boring crap. cena in every main event on tv and ppvs/ cena is old and stale. he doesn’t need any more title reigns as world or wwe champion. pushing cena for wwe title or main events in 2005. made sense. still pushing cena in main events in 2012 is plain nuts. i agree wit cornette. the people one day going say screw this shit. gonna find something else to do. wwe is dead! rather watch wwe dvd from 2002-2006 when wwe was fun!

  • Cboz78

    LOL @ the “I’m healthy” line. I guess Cena forgot he has a “partially torn” meniscus in his knee. Love the kayfabe Johnny boy.

  • Bastion Booger

    I didnt realize that they changed the rule of MITB thats pretty stupid that you cant use it to cash in any title

  • Sammo

    @Jim … Dolph’s MITB briefcase is for the Heavyweight title, not the WWE title.

  • Jim

    So cena wins at TLC, Rock beats punk at the rumble and cena cashes in setting up a rematch at wrestlemania. Boringgggggg

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