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Cena and The Rock Go Back & Forth Again, Smith Hart on Natalya, Booker T

– Bret Hart’s brother Smith Hart wrote the following on Twitter about Natalya being left off WrestleMania in favor of the Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres match:

“Tis a shame my talented niece Natalya who endures so much humiliation, is being left out of WM, in favor of a publicity stunt.”

– Booker T’s new “Reality of Wrestling” promotion will debut on YouTube May 2nd.

– The Rock posted a photo of he and a smirking John Cena face-to-face on RAW and added the following caption:

“The first sign of fear is when a man answers my raw aggression with a nervous smirk. #WM28”

Cena replied:

“Second sign is when he can no longer speak in public without reading his words. Have a nice night @therock #WM28”

  • Fizzy

    reading the bottom three comments from mine I’m surprised i haven’t been insulted deeply by a rock catchphrase yet 😀

    Big T – As far as the 50/50 crowd goes, here’s the thing .. WWE maybe stupid in more than one way (whether that is match booking, story line’s, hell even some of its marketing) but point is that i don’t think they are that stupid to not know that no matter how much they could try make cena look stronger than rock on the mic, they are in the rock’s home town for mania, Cena can’t help but get a mixed reaction in Boston forget Miami! I know for a fact that seeing and being a fan of cena’s pre PG work (even post-thuganomics i.e. edge feud) He can battle it out with rock on the mic without rocky having to be told to be easy on Cena. Despite not agreeing with the rock wrist note topic if he is being easy on cena then it will probs have do with what I’ve said below

    Jack – The storyline is that basically Cena wants to beat the ‘best’ to be the ‘best’ and he will use any way of insulting rocky to get the best out of him, that’s why he re enforces the ‘rocky told us he was gonna stay’ bs .. The comment above you mentions cm punk as well and now that i think of it, This is a similar scenario to punk/cena if you take away the poster boy stuff. Punk was using the feud with Cena to elevate to the top, to be recognized and to push beyond limits of the PG rating (which he only could do with a high profile feud like Cena and all the corporate people i.e. HHH that came with it). And the point here is that even though Punk bashed Cena on the mic, Cena didn’t say anything back and he could of if he wanted to but punk was the ‘underdog’. Now the roles of reversed for cena and he is the underdog .. maybe Rock’s had to take the approach Cena did when he feuded with punk. But as far as respect goes, point is that these two have legitimate beef with each other unlike Punk or Cena who did not. Cena openly said he doesn’t respect the Rock and this goes back to when Cena was calling him out a few years back.

    Yeah but to conclude, firstly fans might not mind the note reading, but damn that is not professional in any way, shape or form especially when your in the WWE where promowork and ‘SOME’ improvising is essential but finally I’m just waiting for one to attack the other at one of these upcoming raw’s because like everyone else, I am becoming impatient and tired.

  • Sizzle pop

    Holy shit… Please guys no more rants longer then the story…

  • marcum

    if maria menodous has to win at mania agants beth and eve, then cena should have to lose to rock.

  • JAck45

    Fizzy… u cant be serious in calling any of this “good” work, even by rocks standards these promos are shit…
    The only thing that has be good is the current Rock concert.
    They both repeat again and again on the same topics… But how long do we have to hear from Cena that the Rock left and he should be ashamed of himself?
    After all the Rock has already paid his dues… he traveled on the road for many years before, cant he just drop it?
    And in all honestly, yes Cena fruity pebbles shit is out of hand too, but if you actually notice, the rock doesn’t really bring that up anymore, its either the crowd or Cena himself who comments on that call.
    I was actually starting to like Cena when he was facing Punk, you could see the respect they both had for each other, but now, Cena is taking major steps backwards.

    Also The Rock was reading the entire time during the concert, he had lines infront of him on a tri-pod.

    Should I, as a fan,care that he was reading his lines for a promo? Not at all.

  • Buttercastle

    I agree Fizzy. They are just doing their jobs. Not like it’s the wrestlers who decide what “era” they want it to be, it’s up to creative and ultimately Vince McMahon. You can tell CM Punk was trying to do something about it and for a little bit it seemed like it was working but now it just seems like he was the odd man out with his freestyle ways and going against the system. I’m a fan of what he’s doing, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t fit with what 99% of the other talent are doing. They go out and do work without asking questions or complaining. Punk is a solid entertainer and he doesn’t even need a mic in his hands to be entertaining. Besides a few things that wrestlers aren’t allowed to do anymore (chairs to head, etc) matches themselves aren’t much different than the attitude era or any era really. Sure there’s flashier moves now but ultimately it’s the same thing. The only things that changed in the new era were promos and how they need to be toned down for the kids now.

    Also the booking kinda went downhill, seeing as people actually enjoyed watching Beth and Natalya as a team and now we gotta watch the hoeski.

  • Big T

    Date: Mar 17, 2012 at 8:57 AM
    Firstly .. The whole notes on his arm being deemed as kayfabe is false, I’ve read several sources that have said that this wasn’t set up.

    Thats odd, because I have read multiple reports stating that it was done so that Cena could get one up on Rock. That was done because the WWE feared that The Rock was getting too much “ahead” of Cena and they want to crowd in Miami to be 50% pro-Rock and 50% pro-Cena. Because Rock was getting too popular and Cena was getting too disliked, they wanted to do this thing. The fact that Rocky went along with that silly thing only shows how much he is willing to do whats good for business.

  • Fizzy

    Firstly .. The whole notes on his arm being deemed as kayfabe is false, I’ve read several sources that have said that this wasn’t set up.
    Secondly .. you say the notes jokes are getting boring but the daft fruity pebble and cena’s lady parts are not getting boring ? biased bs.
    Thirdly .. One good rock promo and all of you from doubting his current mic work being the ‘loyal’ fans you are have gone back to sucking his stroodle.

    So many rocky marks here who have biased judgement. I like both but when both people are doing good work appreciate them both instead of blaming one of them for the PG era when the fact has been repeated again and again for 3-4 years now that CENA IS NOT THE CAUSE OF THE FUCKING PG ERA .. He just finds himself as the person who has to represent this era because he is the company’s top star and has to gloat and attract the main audience, which guess what ? isn’t you attitude era men, its the youths of today … the fruity pebble kids, You bash the current product but still buy its merch, watch its programming and orders its ppv’s so stfu.

    I agree the mic work is getting to repetitive and boring now but you bashing just one guy who clearly has had the upper hand on rock for most promo’s over the past 3 weeks is pure crude biased bs.

    Here come the dislikes .. press that button like there’s no tomorrow marks.

  • The Great One.

    Wow, so Rock puts notes on his arm to help Cena get over and set up a cheap shot,but then after it, Cena just keeps bringing it up?

    What an Ungrateful bitch Cena really is.

    If I was Rock i would just say, ok Cena you want Rock, you got it. Get ready for the biggest burial you will ever fucking see in pro wrestling history you multi coloured, fruity pebble BITCH

  • John

    @poko, you obviously have no clue what this business is about or how it works. Let me lay it out for you. Dwayne Johnson is a big Hollywood actor who’s main eventing WM28, hence he’s not scripted for physical contact till the March 26th Raw. You really think he could intimidate Cena? I’m not a Cena fan, but they’re gonna have trouble making it look realistic if they’re setting up for a Rock win.

  • Jason L

    @ Venom

    Agreed because they’d have to do it again … ughhhhhhhh

  • #HEEL

    It’s bacause the promo’s have be dragging on for a whole year. Let’s just get the match on already, and hope they don’t do some dumb ending involving interference.

  • JayHawk

    Okay Cena come up with something new the rock reading off his arm joke is getting old now time for something new to say!

  • poko

    Cena’s counter was meaningless. Rock basically called him a coward, and Cena’s response is that Rock put a few talking points on his arm for a long promo? Seriously?

    That really was a very, very awkward moment for Cena. The Rock was in his face, telling him that he was going to rip his throat out, and Cena just stood there with a goofy look on his face. That killed any feeling of tension that they might have a physical confrontation. I don’t know if it was scripted that way, but it was a bad moment.

    Honestly, the whole thing is getting boring. They’re like politicians, going back and forth, back and forth. If they aren’t going to get physical before WM, then I’m just going to ignore them.

  • ryan

    Beautiful counter by cena.

  • tony

    It should be Beth and natalya vs Maria and Kelly kelly

  • DJK

    Not a fan of Cena’s but The Rock shouldn’t win. The Rock has to put over Cena cuz it’s the right thing to do for business. Maybe this will silence all The Rock haters in the back.

  • tang

    he had to read the entire we will rock you segment and the rest of his stuff was pretty basic. Generically insult cena, sing cleveland rocks. Repeat

  • The Black Hart

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Cena not reference taking a dump on another dude’s chest trying to get a “cheap pop” from the hometown crowd on Raw during his “rap”? I think he should just stop now, he is getting really sad and pathetic. #Cleveland Steamer.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    ok, am i the only one whose getting bored of this cena-rocky shit, i really couldnt care less before, as its all predetermined, hence no REAL winner. but now, jeez your already main eventing wm, spend more time building up some other matches


    Didn’t see rock reading anything during the concert?… is Cena on drugs?

  • Prince

    It’s such bullshit that Natalya is not on WM, but fucking Maria Menounos, Kelly Kelly, and Eve are. All 3 are worthless. Should be Natalya vs. Beth for the title.

  • JipC

    Oh God Cena is so garbage

  • b c Mitchell

    No if Cena wins its a good example of Rock doing what’s right for business. It would be pretty bad if the top guy went down to a former star who hasn’t wrestled in 7 years. That would be like saying all the current crop of stars are failures and without a past star they can’t succeed. And even though I loved the attitude era it wasn’t exactly 100% perfect. Much like the new era isn’t 100% crap. Just because they swear less and don’t show as much tits & ass doesn’t affect the wrestling itself.

  • @smiffybluenose

    i hope the rock wins at WM! cena represents this crappy PG era and if he won that would be like saying the PG era is better that the attitude era which as all MEN know is wrong!

    come on ROCKY!

    Cena sucks!!!!!!