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More on Cena Being Sick, WWE Working on RAW 20th Plans, Network

– WWE has begun reaching out to Superstars who worked the early days of Monday Night RAW as they prepare for the RAW 20th Anniversary show on January 14th from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. They are also talking to some celebrities who have worked RAW to record segments for that night.

– WWE officials are also looking to make a concrete announcement regarding the WWE Network at the 20th RAW Anniversary on January 14th.

– We noted before that John Cena has been working sick and wasn’t well at last week’s RAW. Word is that Cena caught a bad case of food poisoning from some restaurant on the road, not WWE catering.

Source: PWInsider

  • ajdimick

    I agree. He should’ve kept those moves and added more. I just think VKM made him dummy down to his couple of “superhero” to appeal more to the little kids for his wifes campaign run.

  • S_Napalm

    Gotta agree with you there, though as good as his match at OSN ’06 was he’s not exactly kept those extra moves has he? If I see any ‘new’ moves it’ll be at a Mania or one of the other Big PPVs

  • ajdimick

    All the cena haters are dumb anyways. Cena doesn’t care for one. And two, he’s an ENTERTAINER. That’s what he gets paid to do. His job is to bring forth emotion from the WWE universe , whether its cheering or jeering. So all the hating on him is just proving that he’s doin a perfect job. And for the people that say he can’t wrestle…watch the cena vs rvd match at one night stand for the WWE championship. By far one of cenas best matches in my opinion. Not to mention he shuts up the crowd by doin more than his usual arsenal of moves.

  • SYM

    Ok guys, I get it. I took it too far. I just like the attention, the basement gets boring 🙁 #Cenation

  • ShutYoMouth

    Get Ready for RAW 1000…..THE SEQUEL!

  • It’s Little Old Me Herpes

    He was poisoned by Nikki Bella’s vertical seafood taco.

  • Whatever

    Ok, then they get what they want and then what?

    I just don’t understand it, o and one thing.

    I think there is a difference between troling and wishing someone dead…
    That’s not troling anymore, that’s just a sick mind…

  • S_Napalm

    Internet Trolling is serious business…

    It’s like a fucking playground, the reason we get these trolls comments is because they know they’ll just get a shitstorm like this

  • Josh

    @SYM I don’t care for Cena much either, but really? You’re that jealous. Don’t be mad because he’ll have more fame and fortune than you’ll ever dream of having. Wishing hate on someone even if they “f’d your girlfriend” is pretty sad and pathetic.

  • Butters

    I hate Cena’s character on TV, but some people take it too far

  • CM Punk’s left nut

    Hey SYM, what did Cena do to you personally? I mean, I am not a fan of his character, but wish someone dead, he must have fucked your girlfriend or something.

  • Territories

    WWE should give Cena a year or so off to give him some freshness when he returns and it also would give someone else the chance to step up and be the man!

  • Zedd

    Is it just me or has Cena had a lot of bad luck lately.

  • Hasan

    Behave yourselves! Think a 1000 times before wishing death upon someone. And even after that, DON’T! No matter how bad that person has done to you. And you are saying such big words why, because Cena failed to entertain you?

  • Me

    I wonder if the restraunt poisoned him on purpose, I would have.

  • SYM

    Hope this faggot dies a slow painful death. #fuckyoucenafaggotboy