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John Cena Says His Character Generates $100 Million Per Year For WWE (Video)

– Below is a video of John Cena’s interview with Neil Cavuto on FOX Business yesterday. In the interview, Cena revealed that his character generates $100 million per year for WWE.

Cena also said he has made a pact with himself to gracefully walk away from WWE when he feels he can’t hang with the younger talents anymore. Cena wouldn’t say directly how close he is to retirement but talked about professional athletes winding down their careers:

“A lot of these athletes that are married to their sport think this is going to last forever. Then they blow out an ACL, they look around when they’re 35 or 36 and their career is coming to an end and they act like the income stream is going to continue.”


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  • Solid

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is another reason why Vince is afraid to turn Cena heel, regardless of the fact that heels merch still sells, but if he lost even a single dollar I’d think he’d feel the pain.

  • Roy Bledsoe

    No matter how we feel about Cena, dude simply puts asses in seats so I can believe what he says about generating that much


    Dude u sound like a total moron

  • So basically he should be retiring now. Yeah, let’s see how that goes. We all know when Cena can’t go anymore at all, he’s gonna end up with fucking cybernetic implants and keep hanging on to his spot for dear life.