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Cena Talks About Setting a Good Example, WWE Switching to PG

– John Cena and Sheamus participated in a conference call on Thursday to promote WWE’s Tribute to The Troops special that airs next week.

Cena talked about WWE’s programming changing to PG and called it a legitimate conscious decision by the company. He said:

“Our programming has changed so much over the years. I started in 2002, our programming was more TV-14, edgy, anti-hero based, more conflict-hero based. Since then, I think our programming has made a turn for the better into more of a PG environment. All of our programming platform-wise is PG.”

“The reason is simply because the people who attend our events. More families began to attend and more children began to attend. When you have those young and youthful eyes looking at you, you know you’re global, you tend to have choices to make. Me being portrayed as a good guy on our programming, it was an obvious choice. I wanted to do my best to use my TV time to set good examples.”

  • Pig

    Cena would be a finger giving beer drinking hell raiser if only Vince wasn’t fronting for Linda. Maybe now that she has wasted millions of dollars, Vince will get back to wrastling and away from entertainment. It’s really not Cena’s fault like him or hate him, he’s just doing what he needs to do to stay on top and earn a pay check. Given situation you would do the same thing. Vince makes the decisions, everyone else just shuts their mouth and knows their role. Bring back Ted Turner and you;d get wrastling!

  • Diesel

    See boys and girls… THIS is why I can’t stand the guy, he’s such a little ass kisser it’s unreal. I get that he was turned into the top guy for the newer generation fine, but his whole goodie goodie two shoes attitude just makes me want to puke. Did Austin ever do that when he rose to the top in 98? no. HBK? no. They became stars and promoted the company in their own way, they never constantly had their lips attached to the companys ass.

  • john boy

    Lol at Cena he must of got a pat on the head after from Vince for saying all that rubbish, problem is the only people buying it are young kids all the other long time wrestling fans have been waiting for a change in wrestling ever since WCW died WWE has been a constant let down.

  • donkster

    Wrestling has been on the decline ever since cena came in ratings dont lie john stop kissing vinces ass o pg is good yeah right

  • Ray

    I like how he says PG attracts more people and yet we’re getting the lowest ratings in over a decade with the PG setting. Maybe he just doesn’t want to submit to the fact that he’s the face of PG – and PG sucks.

  • MaxSimi Dude

    We don’t need another Attitude Era. We need something that will be exciting to watch. I always find myself flipping the channels by the second hour and turn back to see what will happen at the end. In all honesty, WWE needs to go back to two hours because this three hours is just to boring to watch. I actually want to see what Stephanie and Hunter will do when they gain the reigns when Vince retires.

  • Larry C.

    Has anyone even guessed that the guy John Cena has been doing exactly what he as a performer, and a employee of a company–WWE does exactly what he is told to do, and then when he is in a interview he is told what to do by the company, and HE has got to tow the company line to get his pay-check. His employer is about to take the company into a better area though, it is showing on the RAW, and even the SMACKDOWN shows. Only time will tell whether this company gets better, or dies!!!!!!!

  • Stevie P

    The PG thing is fine, it’s the stale storylines and generic characters that they have. It’s almost the same thing every month. It’s boring.

  • Territories

    Its not just the PG era that is ruining wrestling its John Cena everyone is so tired of turning on RAW and seeing Super Cena and his poop jokes dude acts like he is a 14yr old.

  • the v

    Wrestling is supposed to be violent, hence not rated pg.

  • HE CAN WRESTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW

    Thats nice and all John Boy but WWE has been on a steady decline ever since. Raw doesn’t even get 3.0 ratings anymore. It might put off a better image but from the look at things it does create a better product. WWE is in rough shape and the Cena lead era has had a big hand in that

  • Jim

    i CAN NOT stand cena, he says setting a good example to kids? why the f does he throw the 666’s up every-time he gets in the ring, he cheated on his wife, hes a low life piece of sh**. Zero wrestling ability but made to look like a nuclear bomb wouldn’t effect him, and the way he licks the crowds ass and starts screaming so all the kids are like yeaaaaa. Hes killing professional wrestling.

  • poko

    John, it’s fine and everything that you’re trying to make the WWE look like a bunch of really nice guys who love puppies and rainbows but we already know it’s a business and the decision to change was made for the sake of advertising dollars.

  • Me

    Learn to wrestle, that would be a good example to set.