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Cena Talks WrestleMania Dream Opponent, Says World Title Is Viewed as Second-Tier

– John Cena recently spoke with about the World Heavyweight Title being viewed as a ‘second-tier’ title:

“This is not taken as a shot of disrespect to anyone who has held the title before me, but it’s now viewed as a second-tier championship. (Defending it at WrestleMania 30) will truly put a stamp on making it the real deal. I want the WWE universe to realize that it’s not a second-tier championship. It should be treated with as much respect as the WWE title.”

Cena also discussed his WrestleMania dream opponent:

“I really got to live a dream the past few years having some big marquee matchups with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. And when you rub elbows with a guy like The Rock, you truly are in the company of the greatest of all-time. It was like watching a prize fight where everyone is just throwing haymakers. For us to be interactive over a 2 1/2 year span, it was pretty impressive, especially in this day and age. It was a dream scenario for me.”

  • JAckh45

    Also he was the guy who even mentioned being the WWE champion is being on the very top of this industry… meaning anything else is “2nd” or less…

  • Yes!3X

    You really hit the nail on the head. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for say someone like Ziggler who somehow still got over despite being given a silly name and pointless gimmick (introducing himself to everyone with “Hi, I’m…). Now his pops aren’t nearly as big as they were in April/May because all he does is lose and is made to look weak.

    Where does logic come into play here? The audience should always be right. We should choose our own stars. But instead they ignore the fans and shove roided up freaks like Big E. and Ryback down our throats who put us to sleep much more effectively than a GTS ever could.

  • millerj265

    I nvr said it wouldn’t draw, that’s not the point. And he can train to get back into the ring all he wants, that doesn’t mean his body will be able to pass there tests. There very serious about there testing now, its what prevented nash from wrestling earlier then he did back in 2011, and with what happened to King there even more careful now then they were then. And in all fairness to Hogan both Nash and King are in better physical shape then Hogan, even with Nashes bum knees. Now I truly do respect that you wanna see the match, but I just can not fathom why. Hogan can legitimately barely walk, how is he going to be able to have a competitive wrestling match with Cena or anyone for that matter. Plus it wouldn’t exactly make the wwe or Cena look that great if on the biggest night of the yr for the wwe, if there biggest current star went out there with there past biggest star and had one of the worst matches in not just WrestleMania history, but in wwe history in general. Ill stand right beside you every time in defending Cena has a good worker, but he nor even the likes of someone as great as HBK could pull even a decent 2 star match out of Hogan at this point in his life.

  • JohnCena33

    Hogan is training to get back in the ring, Cena vs Hogan would draw in any city, state, country, or galaxy, if he is cleared, rhe match will happen.

  • millerj265

    The jobs to Heath Slater are probably still on the horizon for Dolph, it seems like the wwes new philosophy is to punish all the wrestlers that they don’t see as fitting there mold as a top tier wrestler in the company if the fans decide to get behind them when it was nvr a part of the wwes grand scheme of things. Look at Bryan, they did everything they could to devalue him, and point out his short comings. It was almost as if every week they were like, this is the guy you want as your champion, this short ugly troll? Are you sure? Look at how small he is, he isn’t chiseled out of stone like Cena or Orton, are you absolutely sure you want him? And when ppl continued to cheer him, they just decided we were probably confused so they buried him some more to the point where ppl still love him but have just given up on him as a main eventer and moved on from it.

  • millerj265

    I gotta disagree, for one I don’t think Hogan could pass the wwes physical to be cleared to wrestle, and second the man can barley walk, putting him in the ring with john would just be an embarrassment and a disappointment to anyone who paid to see the match. If Hogan were 10yrs younger id say hell yeah, because even if the match itself would be so-so at best, the crowed would much like it did at mania 18 with the rock, make that match an amazing spectacle and moment in wwe history that would be remembered for a very long time. Unfortunately it just cant happen now, Hogan and everyone else who wants to see him wrestle one last time need to just realize that his time in the ring has past, and he can still be a valuable asset, just not as a wrestler anymore.

  • millerj265

    Exactly, the wwe may have beat the NWA/WCW, but there title will nvr mean what the NWA title (which eventually became the WCW title) meant in its prime, and I think that will always bug Vince in a way.

  • millerj265

    Only by Vince, id venture to say a lot of the wrestlers who grew up watching the NWA and especially Ric flair respect that title and look at it as more prestigious then the wwe title in terms of its lineage and the amount of amazing wrestlers that held it. But your right in that aspect because Vince does only view it as the WCW championship, so to him its below the wwe and sadly if its his opinion, its the only one that really matters as far as the wwe is concerned.

  • poko

    With all due respect, Mr. Cena, I used to watch Ric Flair defend that belt in the NWA. I am not the one who needs to realize that it is not second-tier. I will always hold it in far more regard than the WWE Championship–which is exactly why the WWE buried it in the first place.

  • Orkyboy

    That will be terrible. I watch TNA and Hogan struggled to walk, let alone run or wrestle.

  • MrDr3w

    The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is not respected in the company because it will always be viewed as the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

  • someone

    Maybe if WWE didn’t book the WHC match as the first or second match on the card and have it be a 2 minute ordeal then maybe it would be more respected….

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I very much agree.

  • JohnCena33

    Rumor is that Hogan has reached a verbal agreement with WWE, so guess this site does not post this yet, but I bet it will be Cena vs Hogan

  • Yes!3X

    Atleast he’s honest. But then again Cena wields enough stroke were he can be honest and not be afraid of being punished.

    If Dolph Zigger said the same thing he’d be jobbing to Heath Slater.

  • CC

    I agree that its seen as second tier compared to the WWE title, but thats because thats how WWE has promoted it.
    It does seem kind of arrogant though that he is suggesting it will only gain legitimacy if he is the one defending it at WM. Whenever you start a sentence with “This is not taken as a shot of disrespect to anyone who has held the title before me” or something similar, thats exactly what you are doing, which is why you say it.