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Cena Teaser for Night of Champions, AW Explains RAW Count Out, RAW Trends

– Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter during RAW last night were Chris Jericho, Heath Slater, Roddy Piper, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

– As seen on RAW last night, Abraham Washington had his new team Titus O’Neil and Darren Young walk out of a match against Primo and Epico. AW explained their actions on Twitter:

“”Knowing when to retreat is just as important as knowing when to attack” #ArtofWar #MillionsOfDollars The fact of the matter is, PTP’z are already the #1Contenders. Why waste our time with anyone other than the current #WWE tag team champs?!?”

– Last night during RAW, WWE ran ads for the September Night of Champions pay-per-view in Boston that teased John Cena returning to the WWE Title picture. The voiceover said, “John Cena returns to his hometown of Boston to try and re-capture championship glory.”

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  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point In Tryin

    With that scheduled tag match: Punk/Cena/Sheamus/Orton vs Bryan/Show/Kane/Del Rio…

    it might be Bryan vs Cena for the title. Bryan has no chance =(

  • The Awesome One

    its been nice seeing cena not win the title every month hope they keep it like that, keep it on punk

  • JohnCena33

    John Cena in Boston competing for the WWE Championship

  • poko

    yes please keep this punk champ, he is very, extremely, spellbindingly entertaining! This is his best stuff, better than SES, sit in middle of ring punk, hell its the best since…ever!! Dont let us loose this punk to cena

  • Maxwell

    Who said we wanted Cena as champ, have the not heard the YES! Chants

  • rocky sucks

    it’s about damn time,cena is without the belt for the last ten months.punk is great but will never be “the man” or “the face” of the company.{it’s really sad for punk}.

  • Sammo

    John Cena seems to be in the main event of every PPV anyway, regardless of whether he’s the champion or not. So what difference does it make if he’s challenging for the belt come Night of Champions?!

  • simon07

    I really couldn’t tell with that tag team match whether they were trying to turn the Colons face or not. It seemed silly having 2 heel tag teams in the same match.