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Cena on Why He Won’t Turn Heel, New WrestleMania 29 Set Photos

– has an article about John Cena and all the charity work that he does with WWE. Cena brought up the charity work he does when talking about not turning heel:

“To sacrifice all that I do for a short-term story… it doesn’t seem worth it.

– Courtesy of CBS New York, here are some more photos of the WrestleMania 29 set:

WM Set 1

WM Set 2

  • The Killswitch

    I did my research too:

    The hand gesture you’re associating with the Illuminati most certainly has multiple meanings. You don’t need to twist a harmless gesture into something negative. Matt Hardy’s “V 1.0” gesture can be similarly misused to mean something crude, common sense would indicate that it is not meant to be used that way.

    Also, to say that Cena is a greater champion than the Rock is debatable. The two are on completely different levels for different reasons. Not to say one or the other is “worse,” per se, but their merits make them equally credible. Not to mention they were stars in separate eras.

    “The fact that you would even say that as a point of rebuttal is mind-boggling. You validated in that one sentence what I have been saying all along.”

    Re-read what I’VE been saying all along, and perhaps it would make more sense to you.

    Let’s take Cena the entertainer out of the equation. Cena has granted more wishes than any other superstar based on his dedication to his fans. Regardless of who he is on-screen, John Cena the “man” will continue to do what HE does. The “B.A.Star” campaign wasn’t only supported by faces, but by heels as well. I am not arguing that Cena’s heel status will affect any of this.

    As I said, re-read what I have stated: From a BUSINESS perspective, it is the wrong move. Cena the heel entertainer would NOT be as fan friendly. Also, heels typically sell less merchandise, unless you’re someone like Punk or Austin, and you get a positive reaction anyway. I see many more Sheamus/Orton/Ryback/Bryan shirts in the crowd than Mark Henry, Big Show or Ziggler shirts.

    One final point. Not everyone can make the distinction of reality and fiction. If every child could tell that the entire show is an act, why even bother with kayfabe? There is still a degree of mystique, which is why younger audiences are drawn the most.

    Believe me. The smarks who want a heel cena are outweighed by the children who cheer the face cena.

  • D2K

    The symbol does not mean “OK.” It is a Illuminati symbol that has been used for years. Do some research. I did.

    Second. He didn’t get flack for his ‘profanity’ in his raps. He got flack for making The Rock LOOK BAD in his raps which is why now he’s slobbering all over The Rock talking about he is the greatest WWE champion of all-time etc. etc. He buried The Rock in promos last year and fans actually started to boo the Rock a little bit.

    The Rock isn’t even a greater WWE champion than John Cena. The Rock only carried the company as “the guy” for about a year after Austin went down with his neck injury. So he is definitely laying it on real thick.

    “This is still wrestling entertainment. The same kids who watch the show know full well that they are tuning in to see violence”

    o_O……I feel like Booker T. Tell me, you did NOT just say THAT?

    Those same kids ALSO know that John Cena is an actor and when he comes to visit them in the hospital it is John Cena the ‘MAN’ and not John Cena the ‘entertainer.’

    The fact that you would even say that as a point of rebuttal is mind-boggling. You validated in that one sentence what I have been saying all along.

    This is getting ridiculous. You are welcome to keep trying to convince yourself of something you know in your heart is not true if you wish. I won’t rob you of that. I need not say anything else because clearly what you WANT to believe matters more than the facts that are available for anyone whom wants to see. There is no reason to continue this conversation any further.

  • The Killswitch

    First off, the “3x Illuminati” example is ridiculous. It could mean “OK,” the three-pronged slogan “hustle/loyalty/respect,” or anything else. And if I recall correctly, he got flack for the “profane raps” you spoke of. But you’re correct in saying that he is no saint, as nobody is. Although I don’t recall arguing that point. This is still wrestling entertainment. The same kids who watch the show know full well that they are tuning in to see violence, we all know that. The parents who take their young kids know full well what to expect, so it’s on them to teach them right from wrong, and to separate fiction from reality. So of course I know to an extent that they don’t believe everything they see.

    You wanted an example of how a heel can turn away a sick/elderly/disabled person. I also never said that. Heels grant wishes as well as faces, although they don’t get as much recognition. In fact, all I’ve said was that it wouldn’t make sense. His character is stuck in one direction: face. Each time he gives his emotional speeches about being himself and not who everyone wants him to be, and about staying true to the fans, he further solidifies who he currently is. I’m not saying a heel turn turn sales into a certain plummet, or that the “cut for Bieber” cult will influence a “cut for Cena” craze. I’m simply speculating that it just doesn’t make sense for him.

  • D2K

    Again, show me an instance where a heel was turned away by a sick child, disabled person, or elderly person. No one has answered that question. He has built up a reputation not by playing a character on TV, but from physically GOING to meet sick children. To say that they all of a sudden would not want to see him because he changed his character in any way not only is not proven (certainly not by anyone this thread) and basically insults their intelligence. Kids are a LOT smarter and wiser than they were 20 years ago during the Federation years. They have access to far more information than some of us did that were kids in that era. They know what they are watching is a TV show. Even kids as young as 5-years old know that. Todders know how to work smart phones and tablets for goodness sakes. Understand what they see on TV is a actor playing a role is not rocket science.

    I’ve given plenty of examples as to why in over 40 years it has not hindered any wrestler’s charity work. So I’m waiting for an example of where it has.

    Tell me something. Since John Cena’s on-screen character is SO IMPORTANT to the children, how do you rationalize when Cena cracks lewd jokes of a sexual-nature from time to time? YOU say he is for the kids right? How do you rationalize his raps last year when you used a lot of profanity (not as much as The Rock uses obviously.) Kids were watching that. How do you rationalize him throwing up the 3-six sign which is an Illuminati-symbol and them merchandising it with foam hand pointers. Again, for the kiddies. And think about all the crazy stuff that goes on around Cena while he is in the ring that he isn’t doing himself but kids are seeing because they want to see him.

    Hypocrisy personified. You can all it cherry-picking if you want to, but if you are gonna try and use the ‘kids’ to make a point, then I get to go there. Sorry, but adding something new to his character is not going to effect his charity work. Turning heel would not effect his charity work either. It’s a fact that heels do charity work. The reason why he doesn’t turn heel is simply because the just doesn’t have it in him. It would be so much easier to admit that than to make excuses.|

    You can believe what you want, but the facts are what they are.

  • D2K

    Exactly. What DOES his character have to do with his charity work? You hit the nail RIGHT on the head. In trying to be flippant and in a shameless attempt to use sick children to defend John Cena’s ridiculous position you proved our point. It DOESN’T matter what his character is. You don’t know what each kid wants. Did you ask them? Did they tell you something? Like I said before. Show me anyone that turns down meeting a celebrity that took time out of their busy schedule to come and meet them because they play the “bad guy” on TV. This is shameful that grown people are this delusional and naive and think others are as well.

    Like I said before, CM Punk does just as much charity work as anyone else in the comapny and he is TOP HEEL. He has made fun of Jerry Lawler’s REAL LIFE heart attack. And he has made fun of Paul Bearer’s death. Has that stopped him from granting wishes? Nope. has that stopped him from visiting the elderly? Nope. Has that stopped him from donating cash? Nope. It’s okay to make fun of heart attacks. It’s okay to make fun of death. Kids most certainly won’t be offended, traumatized, and disappointed by that. However making John Cena heel or even just asking him to do something different? That is where we draw the line. That is going too far apparently.


    Again, THEY tell US that this is not real and this is “just a TV show.” When Kane goes to visit kids in the hospital, he isn’t going as the Big Red Machine. He’s going as Glenn Jacobs because he cares about people. As a matter of fact he is one of the most gentle people you’d ever want to meet. Complete opposite of his on-screen character.

    I met Mick Foley in 1998 when he was Mankind. He wasn’t running around screaming and trying to shove his fingers down my throat. He was a cool, laid back guy. Talked to him for awhile. He’s a human being. His TV character didn’t define him as a person. My friend met Steve Austin a few years ago and when he shook his hand he said Austin’s hands were as soft as baby’s behind! Not what you would expect from the Rattlesnake. Then again, the way he catches those beers I guess he would have to have soft hands.

    The point is that this is a job. The most dastardly heels of all time have done just as much charity work as Cena does now. Charity work is a personal commitment. It’s not a hobby.

    The reason why Cena feels the way that he does only he and the good Lord knows. He can do whatever he wants with his life. He’s perfectly content with being stale, being lame, and being boring. He’s content with being delusional and wrapped up in his character to the point where he doesn’t understand what “entertainment” means. This is far worse than the state of mind Bret Hart was in back in 1997. At least Bret did turn heel and did a mighty fine job of it. When I think about it, the Cena/Punk relationship reminds me a lot of the Bret/Shawn relationship.

  • D2K

    Yeeup…uhhh…pretty much. I backed up my claim with facts that can be readily searched and verified by anyone whom chooses to do so. Sorry that bothers you. Nevermind the fact that it is also painfully obvious to see. As many videos that WWE shows of all the charity work they do throughout all of the televised shows and see heels and face with smiling children and adults it’s excruciatingly sad that one would question that just to try dgrasp at straws to defend a position that cannot logically be defended.

    Just to let you know, semantics and red herrings don’t work on me. I’ve been trained much better than that. Show me proof where begin a heel prevented a WWE superstar from doing charity work, or run along to beddy-bye.

  • Tracy Durham

    Thank You! Very well said.

  • Tracy Durham

    You proved it? Oh I get it, because you put it on the internet it has to be true. Bonjour.

  • Tracy Durham

    And what exactly does any of that have to do with Cena’s charity work? He is right, The kids he visits from Make a Wish do not want to see a heel. They want a face John Cena. But you and a lot of others here think your entertainment is more important than these children who may never live long enough to be an adult.

  • The Killswitch

    It wouldn’t make sense for him to become a heel because he has built himself up to be the ultimate hope for charities like Make-A-Wish, as well as the “12 and younger” age range. No other star on the WWE roster currently has the amount of popularity and consistent (positive or negative) crowd reaction as Cena for as long as he has. He makes a good point; to sacrifice all of that hard-earned appreciation for a temporary run as the bad guy again certainly doesn’t seem worth it. And although the smarks around the internet world would love for it to happen to finally cheer for him as a heel, he simultaneously runs the risk of tainting his younger fanbase. From a business perspective, it is the wrong move.

  • king god hades

    are you daft little kids get sick eventually of the good guy winning and because of peaked interest wanna see the heel win and did you see the disdain that little girl in cleveland towards the miz thats was classic

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Maybe, hopefully (a total longshot). He’s possibly throwing comments like this out there to throw people off and turn heel at WM doing”anything” to win, like screwing the Rock , Austin & McMahon style.

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Nailed it.

  • D2K

    Amen. Andre the Giant did as much charity work after he turned on Hulk Hogan as he did before. Charity work is something ALL WWE personnel is involved in. Not just the babyfaces. From the top all the way down to the bottom.

    How arrogant and pretentious is it to insinuate that “I can’t do charity work if I’m a heel.” Are you kidding me? It almost seems like his priorities are scrambled. He’s thinking more of HIMSELF and HIS image rather than the fans. I hope that is not the case but it is starting to seem that way. You hit the nail right on the head. The WWE Universe is not THAT stupid. They know that this is a show. Kids today have a ton more access to information than we did as kids back in the Federation era. We were smart enough to know it was just a show and that these guys really didn’t hate each other (at least based on the storylines.)

    I’ll just come out and say it. Does he really think that a sick and/or dying kid is going to tell him to ‘get lost’ if he comes to see him as a heel? Talk about delusional.

  • D2K

    It’s kinda funny though that Bret Hart said the reason why Cena won’t turn heel is simply because he doesn’t have it in him.

  • D2K

    CM Punk is the top heel in the entire industry. He does just as much charity work with kids, elderly, and the disabled as Cena does.

    Let’s see. He’s publicly aired-out the owner, his wife, his daughter, and son-in-law. He made fun of Jerry Lawler’s REAL LIFE heart attack on RAW, and he’s making fun of Paul Bearer’s death on RAW. Yet not only has his charity work increased, he’s actually starting to get face pops again. Why, because like him or not, he’s real. He’s not a phony.

    The “character” John Cena plays on a ‘TV show’ does not stop him from granting nary Make-A-Wish or visit any sick child. If he thinks turning heel will prevent or effect him from doing so then he has some mental issues HE needs to deal with because he clearly thinks that John Cena the ‘WWE Superstar’ and John Cena the ‘human being’ are the same exact person. Which he has said many, many times in his argumentative banter towards The Rock.

    So I proved being a MASSIVE heel doesn’t effect charity work AT ALL. Try again.

  • CC

    yeah, cause we never see video footage of heels doing charity related things do we

  • Major Pain 0303

    Ok this is my spin on this its a different world in the WWE. I mean this isnt 10 years ago. Its more and more trying to be a kid friendly show. Its not for the 30 year olds who remember those great times in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Its all about the children and families and simply put a heel John Cena does not fit that image. They like him just where he is until someone else comes along who can take his place as the face of the company in which case he would welcome the change. I think he truly likes being liked. He does a lot of charity work and wouldn’t want to damage the good he does for those organizations at this time.

  • OpFor

    To sacrifice … ??? What to sacrifice , one word for you stupid Cena , Kayfabe mothefucker !

  • Dustin Schwartz

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’d also like to add that what bothers me here is that whatever money he can draw as a heel — and I bet he would certainly draw more because we’d be drawn into his character more, therefore putting more money into the product by us fans — he can donate to charity. Plus, I am sure there are other formidable faces who can meet and greet said particular fans. Why not just pass them the torch in that respect? OR he can still stop by and spend time with the fans. FFS, people enjoy heels as much as they enjoy faces. He can still make these appearances. It’s as if he’s labeling kids as THAT naive. I tell ya, I was 10 when the Attitude Era kicked into gear. I loved the stories and characters, and loved what both the faces and heels were doing, especially the heels. Sometimes as a young person, it feels rebellious to root for the bad guy.

    This guy, whose work ethic I have the utmost respect for, ostensibly knows jack-shit about what his first priority is supposed to be, which is to be entertaining, through QUALITY entertainment.

  • D2K

    “To sacrifice all that I do for a short-term story”


    This guy has absolutely NO CLUE. Hogan, Austin, Rock, Flair, Piper, Bret, HBK, Taker, etc, etc were more over as faces than Cena will EVER be. They all turned heel, and not only did it not effect their face persona, it made it better.

    Hogan, Austin, and Rock all turned heel after the HEIGHT of their fame as a face. Not only did each heel turn inject life into their careers, not only did it inject life into the company at the time, but when they resumed being a babyface they got pops even louder than before. Austin started getting face pops the SECOND he attacked Kurt Angle the next night on Raw after the 2001 Survivor Series. After a successful heel-run in 2003, when the Rock returned to help Mick Foley he blew the roof off the building.

    And I don’t even need to get started on Hulk Hogan’s ’15-minute standing ovation’ tour of 2002-2003.

    Look at HBK in 2005. Some of the best mic work (if not THE best mic work) of his career as a heel. He didn’t want to do it, but he did. Soon as it was over, right back to being a face and the fans couldn’t cheer loud enough. Chris Jericho left the company in 2010 as a heel. Came back in 2012 as a face and the fans couldn’t get enough. He trolled everyone and became a heel again. Then before he left he became a face again.

    It’s called “entertainment” Mr. Cena. Isn’t that what you and WWE creative (oxymoron) keep shoving down our throats that this isn’t professional wrestling but a “TV show?” Oh wait, I forgot. That only counts when it is benefiting WWE.

    I said in an earlier post that NO ONE can take away from John Cena’s work ethic. He’s worked injured, he’s worked tired, he’s come back from devastating injuries early, and he’s worked through a painful and messy-divorce. Cannot deny that. However you also cannot deny that he either has a screw-loose or he just doesn’t understand the concept of sports entertainment and that changing a “character” he plays on TV is not changing who he is as a person.

    It’s not even about him turning heel. He doesn’t want to change ANYTHING about his character. To me that says he is stubborn, delusional, or terrified because this IS all he is and he doesn’t HAVE the ability to do anything else.

    Of course, besides becoming the Dr. of Thugonomics again which he clearly is not interested in doing because it might ‘offend’ the children.

    I think Bret Hart was right about him.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Orrr here’s a novel idea: how about you go heel for a good year or two and try something original? and that way people would actually have a reason to boo you because they’re meant to… not because you’re whole characters been stale since 2005…

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Orrr here’s a novel idea: How about you turn heel permanently for a good year or so? That way people might ACTUALLY have a reason to boo you, not just because you’re whole things just stale as shit

  • meow

    good god get over yourself Cena, your not Jesus or something, the worlds not gonna explode and all the children in the world will die if you turn heel, he sounds like Bret Hart in wrestling with shadows.