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Cena Tweets Oprah & Ellen About Mania, CM Punk Legitimately Upset

– CM Punk spoke with Sam Roberts of the Opie & Anthony show in New York City this week. Paul Heyman has stated this weekend that Punk is legitimately upset about not being in the WrestleMania main event this year and having to share the spotlight with Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar and The Rock vs. John Cena. Punk talked about main eventing in the video below:

– John Cena tweeted Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres and asked them for tips on surviving the hostile crowd at WrestleMania 29:

“? 4 some very responsible ladies, @Oprah @TheEllenShow #WrestleMania @WWE fans should b #hostile any tips 4 survival? #RTime=NOW”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    CM Punk has turned into such a whinny cry baby

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    That was selfish of his ass…

  • Dustin Schwartz

    Honestly, main events at Wrestlemania these days aren’t the main attractions. Given the terrible writing in this era, the main event is anyone who utilizes their time on the card to give a hell of a match. It’s up to Punk and Taker to make it happen. Ball’s in Punk’s court.

  • Kristian Sykes

    People will remember this ‘Mania for Punk/Taker rather than HHH/Lesnar II and Rock/Cena II.

    Stop being a bitch and just let the longer built out storylines headline above you, Punk.

  • Hasan

    C’mon Punk! I love you and I want the biggest for you but still.. A match against Undertaker is quite big! Make it look great and your match is all we’ll be talking about.