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Cena-Foley Video from England, Jericho’s Birthday, Gabriel’s Opponent and More

– Chris Jericho turns 41 years old today.

– Former WWE star Bobby Lashley will now fight MMA veteran Karl Knothe in the main event of Shark Fights 21 this Friday night in Lubbock, Texas. This would be the fifth opponent for Lashley for this Friday’s event.

– The wrestler that Justin Gabriel defeated in the dark match before yesterday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in England was “Lionheart” Adrian McCallum who is from Scotland.

– Here is some fan footage from the RAW live event in Newcastle this week of Mick Foley talking about returning and John Cena ripping into The Rock:

  • sammy

    @ Tombstonepiledriver TheRock also played The Scorpion King,a bounty hunter,a sherrif etc etc.whats your point? and by the way the tooth fairy made more money at the box office than all of John Cena films thats so funny.Cena movies can’t compete with The Tooth Fairy.

  • Death the Kid

    The Rock is 39, younger than most guys that wrestle and around the same age as most people who still wrestle full time

  • Graham

    was at the newcastle event last night.

    Cena gave a speech about rock etc

    while i enjoyed the speech i couldnt help really understand his point.

    cena argument- cena is here 300+ days ok i understand that and Rock isnt, but rock has done all that, he has the t shirt so does cena expect rock to be around all the time?

    I do think rock could be here more than 3 days per year if he loves the business but at the same time hes not going to be here 300+ as hes over 40 years old.

    I dunno, its strange, I understand both points, but maybe cena point is that rock isnt ever around and if someone loved the business so much, then why turn up once in a blew moon? Just because you make movies rock, doesnt mean you cant turn up more than 3 times.

    hmm, cena should still turn heel tho at mania. Rock should lose, pass the torch and for cena to destroy him after an epic 30 minute + cena would generate HUGE heat, move into summslam etc, slighly tweek gimmick every so often ala randy orton and then the fans would start cheering.

    But taking away the biggest face in the company isnt good for $$$$$ so thats where ryder, punk etc comes into it.

  • venom

    I thought Lashley was done fight because he got messed up in his last fight.

  • F BOMB

    @sammy you do no its fake right? lol

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @sammy, For gods sake man, He played a tooth fairy!

  • scooter

    hope hearto gets signed legit nice guy and he’s worked hard course if he doesn’t he’ll be good enough for tna now unlike january when wwe werent interested

  • sammy

    John Cena is jealous of the rock iconic status.Becuz Cena knows his movies sucks.The Rock is a major hollywood star.And when he comes to WWE he is also the main focus point.John Cena just shut up and wrestle.It doesn’t matter what u say about Dwayne, the millions and millions doesn’t even bother to u.And becuz of the rock next year wrestlemania has already broken previous records.