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More on Cena’s RAW Injury Being Legit or Not, Attitude DVD News

– During Linda McMahon’s failed bid for the US Senate, there was a lot of speculation over WWE’s upcoming Attitude Era DVD and how restricted the content would be. The speculation was furthered because WWE went from pulling the DVD listings to not plugging it at all on TV.

WWE began plugging the DVD this week and a fan who received an early confirms that the content will be rated TV-14 and that there are very few edits including cuss words, bleeding and other stuff that you wouldn’t find with today’s WWE product. The DVD is officially in stores today.

– As noted earlier, reports that John Cena is not really injured and WWE did the injury angle on RAW because they felt he needed to be handicapped going into a match with Dolph Ziggler. F4W adds that the backstage segment with Cena being injured were shot earlier in the night.

PWInsider reports this morning that Cena is legitimately injured and he will indeed be undergoing an MRI this morning. Whatever the case may be, we should know more details in a few hours.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    If Cena was actually injured, I doubt he would have participated in the locker room brawl and I doubt Ziggler would have laid into his knee with fists – it seems quite obvious his not actually injured.

  • scooter

    So people are complaining that Dolph can only beat an injured Cena. If your one of these people shut up, Zigglers a heel they don’t get clean wins over the top face otherwise whats the point?

  • cc

    To be honest I would go with it being legit purely based on the fact that they would have made the actual way it was injured more impressive than stumbling as he got out of the ring. Surely WWE would have faked it by having him hit with a chair shot or something.

  • Call me

    Omg im so fuckin horny!!! Call me @626-391-2135 or @626-390-2474

  • diablo

    Yeah jimbo don’t you know super cena has 5 moves of doom and no one beats him reminds me of hulk Hogan lol they both suck

  • Weston

    I think they were going to go with another injury route until what happend when he came out of the ring, The whole locker room injury story i can see but the getting out of the ring is probably the weakest thing which is why i think its real, Its prob nothing serious maybe a few weeks out at the most

  • Jimbo

    So WWE is trying to tell that Dolph Ziggler is only good enough to beat a crippled John Cena.

  • Jeff

    So basically this article is saying he either is or isn’t injured. Well that narrows it down.

  • scooter

    If this is an excuse to put Dolph over then I have no issue with it.