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More on Cena’s Role for HIAC, Updated WWE Business Numbers

– WWE’s website had 12.3 million unique visitors in September, up 18% from the 10.4 million in September of 2011. They also averaged 667 website shop orders per day in September, the same as September of 2011.

– For the month of September, WWE live events, not including Night of Champions, averaged 4,104 paid fans per event. This is down 3.9% from September of 2011.

– In DVD updates for the month of September, WWE shipped 11,000 units of the WrestleMania DVD, 11,000 new units of The Undertaker DVD and 2,000 units of the Royal Rumble DVD. As far as best selling DVD’s of the year so far, WrestleMania is up to 230,000 shipped, The Rock DVD is up to 148,000 shipped, The Undertaker DVD is up to 104,000 units shipped, Royal Rumble is up to 86,000 units shipped and the Edge DVD is up to 78,000n units shipped. Sales figures would be about 60% of those totals.

– As noted before, John Cena will be featured on the YouTube pre-show for WWE Hell In a Cell this Sunday. Cena will be addressing the AJ Lee controversy and answering questions from fans. To submit a question for Cena, send it out over Tout or Twitter with the hashtag #CenaPreShow. WWE posted the following teaser:

“Newly implicated in the “AJ scandal” that forced Ms. Lee to resign as Raw’s General Manager Monday, John Cena will face questions asked directly by the WWE Universe during the live WWE Hell in a Cell Pre-Show Sunday. What will happen when the 12-time World Champion, who was already engulfed in a volatile rivalry with WWE Champion CM Punk before the “AJ scandal” broke, faces the scrutiny of the WWE Universe?”

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Shawn O B

    uhg blow it out your ass dude, seriously.

  • Kawika

    stupid srory line because she fraternizing with the talent AJ resigned? Hello WWE look at your history what about Vicki and Dolph, Vicki and Edge, Teddy and (multiple pick female talent), Hell even Vince and Trish and the list goes on and on. Yet no one else had to resign but only now they want to play that role? A WWE your story lines are a joke. They either dont make sense, are dropped out of thin air and arent followed through, boring, stale and predictable and is one of the main reasons why viewership is down. You went to 3 hrs for monday and instead having more action we get even more skits, and longer speeches and your other programmes are mainly used to show what happened on monday instead of using that platform to try and elevate the under used, younger and greener talent so that one day they can be brought up to take over for the aging stars you have now.


    WHO CARES ABOUT CENA………………………………………….

  • xXx

    the aj thing was to take him off the wwe title picture lol