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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

– There has been talk of beefing up the SmackDown roster before its television show debuts on Syfy on October 1. Though it may be unrelated, it’s worth noting that The Miz is advertised to appear at a SmackDown live event in October.

– As seen on Monday’s episode of Raw, John Cena alluded to Justin Gabriel’s sexuality by saying the Nexus member has an “alternative way of thinking.” Unlike past instances on WWE programming, it was not some sort of inside reference on behalf of creative. Figure Four Weekly Online editor Bryan Alvarez noted in an online show Tuesday that Gabriel has a girlfriend, He did not, however, reveal who his girlfriend is.

– Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia has posted several photos of herself mingling with such WWE Superstars and Divas as Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston and Maryse at last week’s SummerSlam Kickoff Party in Hollywood, California on her official website, www.liliangarcia.com.


    I thought it was funny. He had to come up with somethi8ng for gabriel other than he has a bad haircut.

  • erik

    wwe has no tag teams has no good divas that can wrestle no wonder wwe is doen in ppv buyrates, ticket sales since wrestlemania26 wwe needs to go back to 17-34 and 17-49 year old age group that has jobs and can make them more money then kids.

  • corey


    I’m thinking hof next yr for gberg. Luckily ill be there! (Even thought I was never really a goldberg fan)

  • Rob

    So completely off topic, WWE’s youtube channel just posted abunch of Goldberg videos.

  • Rich

    Why do you guys always have to say negative comments..its just a show damn

  • steve

    it is just a show get over it

  • Josh


  • Gimmick Guy

    Scooter’s right..since when is raggin on being gay PG? John Cena is really showing the little kids how to be caring human beings.

  • shawn

    Maybe Cena chose something to go with Gabriel, while ragging on the whole Nexus.I do agree about the what if logic above.

  • Soulshroude

    HA! I knew it, WWE is HOMOPHOBIC!!! Welcome to the New World yah Bastahds!!!

  • He Got a BACYCLE

    Too much money is made by this douche to be punished. How does vince sleep at night… If anyone besides cena or taker says this they fired on the spot the next day. Just goes to show you it’s all politics…

  • nin

    ^ SO TRU we all know cena is wwe poster bou n cant do no wrong

  • scooter

    if dolph ziggler or bryan danielson said what cena said they would be released for the comment not being pg

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