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Does Cesaro Have Backstage Heat?, HHH vs. Lesnar Moved to Extreme Rules

– The steel cage match with Brock Lesnar and Triple H has been planned all along, even before WrestleMania 29, but it was moved up to Extreme Rules because of CM Punk taking time off. The match may have been planned for SummerSlam or a later pay-per-view.

– There has been a lot of head-scratching over the way Antonio Cesaro has been booked lately, from a series of losses to dropping the United States Title after previously being booked strong.

It’s said that Cesaro has not done anything to be in WWE’s doghouse and isn’t considered to be. Cesaro’s booking was explained by a source as just the way WWE creative and production changes from week to week these days. WWE officials really are going back and forth from week to week on who they want to push and who they don’t want to push.

Source: PWInsider

  • poko

    If the WWE screws around and wastes Cesaro’s potential then it will be their own loss. The guy could, and should, end up at the main event level. To see guys like Del Rio and Sheamus get a rocket push to the top right off the bat while Cesaro is held down is a real puzzle.

  • L4DLegend91

    Well that’s a stable way to create stars, push them one week, don’t push them the other…..