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Chael Sonnen Rips Vince McMahon On Twitter

As noted earlier, Dana White said that Vince McMahon once called him and wanted to fight him in a WWE or UFC match. White declined, saying he respects Vince but he’s too old to fight anybody.

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen head of the news and decided to offer his opinion on Twitter. Here is what he wrote:

chael sonnen
There’s easier ways to commit suicide, Vincie-boy. Aren’t you about 45 minutes from the George Washington Bridge? @wwe

chael sonnen
Reason your guys work in a ring and not an octagon is because nobody on your roster can count to 8, you DOPE

chael sonnen
Just because your teeth are fake that don’t mean they can’t get PUNCHED OUT, y’big mark!

chael sonnen
Itd be entertaining to see Dana sweep him under the rug. He could use the one on top of Vince’s head.

chael sonnen
You’d be so punch drunk against Dana even your straight edge Champion @cmpunk will feel tipsy.

chael sonnen
Ill help you out and tag along because you can’t spell box office without S-O-N-N-E-N. how bout it? Vince w/ Punk vs Dana w/ Chael P?

  • @ Crankyvince told him off though

  • Nick McGinniskin

    He’s just trolling, it’s what he does. Punk and Sonnen are good friends and training partners.

  • d_pooch

    Trying to figure out if this guy has a legit problem or not? It sounds like he’s acting it out a bit, but he also sounds like a real tool.

  • CC

    Does this moron not know Lesnar is on Vinces roster?