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New Champions Crowned at WrestleMania 29, Match Scrapped

– The Miz captured the WWE Intercontinental Title on tonight’s WrestleMania 29 pre-show by defeating Wade Barrett.

– John Cena captured the WWE Title by defeating The Rock in tonight’s main event.

– WWE scrapped the match with Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and The Bella Twins vs. Tensai, Brodus Clay, Cameron and Naomi from tonight’s pay-per-view, likely due to time constraints.

  • D2K

    No. He just said a day or so ago that he has a couple more left in him and that he still wants to face Brock Lesnar. Since Lesnar now has a long-term deal signed with the company it may happen next year. He wants to drop the streak to Brock.

    Maybe he was tearing up because he knows he’s gonna drop the streak to Brock next year and this was the last time he’ll stand in victory at Wrestlemania.

  • Stumpy

    They make it 4 hours, charge the general population $70 to order it on PPV, claim they have each match timed out to the minute, and they still have to cut an advertised match? The Big E thinks we’re stupid, but the way they schedule shows but are unable to carry them out as scheduled makes them the stupid ones. Not to mention, it’s PPV and they charged people a lot of money, go over the time constraints. The damn show always ends 20 minutes early anyway.

  • Peter

    Anyone else think undertaker is retiring? he was crying as he looked at the fans and then he done that arm raise at the very end

  • dave

    I agree with everything you said i all looked like it got rushed no national antham nothing from backstage and in made mistakes everywhere ive been a fan of mark henry for the past year an a half but what does he gain from a victory over ryback ther was not one fan that was interested in brock vs HHH and they both looked out of shape how much longer do we have to wait for ziggler to cash in why not on the grandest stage of them all no screw jobs no cena or orton heel turns the only thing good out of WM was fandango winning but still he should have done more in the match and the guy people keep writing off taker vs punk was match of the night im not one of these people that say im never going to watch again or pay to watch but i was very dissapointed with it

  • Raymond Smith


  • D2K

    Predictable, but acceptable. Rock had no business with the belt. I wonder if the side plates on the belt are detachable and Cena will put spinners on those. 🙂

  • D2K

    Was the national anthem or America The Beautiful sung at all? I don’t remember hearing that.

  • LoganSR71

    Cena winning, who didn’t see that coming……

  • d_pooch

    So the match was a victim of too much “filler.” Too much singing, commercials and self-promotions. I didn’t really see any interviews or backstage segments this year. It was pretty straightforward and kind of boring. I always hope for more surprises at Wrestlemania (faces we haven’t seen in a while, heel or face turns, screwjobs, etc.). Too bad. The match that got cut should have been a pre-show match anyway.

  • D2K

    I could have done without the P.Diddy concert. The only real low-light of the evening.

  • M

    Haha sucks for the Bellas. They came back to wrestle at WM and got cut for a P Diddy concert.

    The only part that sucked was having Sandow make his WM debut. He’s gunna be a star.