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Chances Of Hardy Serving Jail Time, Angle Appearing On ABC Tonight

— Based on statements made by Moore County District Attorney Maureen Kruger, the person administrating Jeff Hardy’s current legal case, the expectation is that the TNA World Heavyweight Champion’s negotiated plea will result in the drug trafficking charge being dropped (which carries a mandatory prison sentence), but that he’ll plead guilty to possession. Should the drug trafficking charge be dropped, it is likely that he will face penalties via fines and probation since he’s a first-time drug offender, thus avoiding jail time.

The negotiated plea takes place Jan. 20.

— Kurt Angle appears on tonight’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which airs at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. He gives a tour of an amateur wrestling facility that will be built as part of the home remodeling project.

A preview clip of Angle’s appearance is available below. No mention of TNA is made as he is introduced as a 1996 Olympic gold medalist and multi-time world champion wrestler.


source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Hunter

    Yeah, lets celebrate the fact that Hardy isn’t getting what he deserves….

    Oh, and it’s ”quoTH the Raven, nevermore”.

  • Soulshroude

    I wonder if they will treat Jeff Hardy like they did with Wesley Snipes. Mandatory sentence no matter if he is a star or not. Just to set his A** as an example.

  • M

    Amen to that, adam. Jeff would be an amazing superstar if he didn’t screw up his life.

  • adam

    he will never get shit straight because unlike wwe tna lets him do whatever the hell he wants and keep doin the drugs as long as he is there on time for shows. Which for all of you TNA marks proves that tna doesnt really care about there employees just about ratings and they dont even get that. Jeff should serve time either in jail or rehab to try to straighten him up i mean he is 33 years old he needs to stop actin like a teenager give up the drugs and try to just live a normal life. He should take advantage of what wwe offers with that rehab for former employees before he ends up dead in a ditch somewere.

  • Tom

    Its a shame hes not going to jail he really needs to be rehabilitated. He can’t live without drugs and that is not a good thing!

  • rgd

    something would have been knocked into him alright

  • Danarchy

    A load of BULLSHIT…. Should be made pay for his crime… I only say this cause it might knock some sense into him before drugs kill him!!!!!

  • Kim

    I knew Jeff wouldn’t get any jail time. If they had that strong of a case it would not have kept getting delayed for a year.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Jeff is free you godamned WWE Marks!!!

  • elvisD

    Jeff Hardy going to prison, hmm I think he may like it, I mean being an ass puppet is nothing new to jeff, right jeff? remember you try blowing me for crack and pain killers, where have you gone man? where have you gone? Prison is a rock bottom college course in get your shii together program, don’t drop the charges, he needs to learn, to wrestle

  • Callum

    i think you mean deuce bag mister

  • David

    You sir, are a giant douchebag.

  • @TheRealDrake

    Now were is everybody all those jaded haters. Looks like hardy is not going to jail. Now feel free to bash me cause you got nothing better to do. Thanks and Quote The Raven Nevermore.