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Has There Been a Change In CM Punk’s WWE Status?, Backstage Note on AJ Lee’s Return

– There has been a lot of speculation that with AJ Lee returning to WWE, her husband CM Punk could be the next to return. Speculation continued when WWE announced that they were featuring CM Punk on WrestleMania Rewind this week.

Word is that there are no plans for Punk to return just yet. With Punk’s current contract expiring on July 17th, WWE sources maintain that nothing has changed with his WWE status.

It’s also said that AJ’s return has “no bearing at all” on WWE’s relationship with Punk. One source believed WWE has had very little contact with Punk since he left.

Source: PWInsider

  • Peter

    agreed. I lost interest in the WWE years ago, they won me back but im fast losing interest again. The current feuds and storylines are incredibly weak in my opinion. Id love to see CM Punk come back and form some sort of DX like alliance to take on the authority. I now record the show and fast forward through all the boring bits (like Bo Dalla’s weekly fights) and this week I timed that I only watch 1 hour of the 3 hour show. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

  • Peter

    I was a fan of the WWE growing up through the Rockers, legion of doom, HBK, Bret Hart and on to the likes of Stone Cold and the Rock. When I went to university life took over and I stopped watching. About 2 year ago I started watching again and to be honest the main reason for that was CM Punk. I knew nothing of his back story, nothing about him at all but he was the only guy who I knew every time his music hit something entertaining would happen. He is a huge miss in my opinion

  • Dwaun Marshall

    So far, Punk is the only wwe superstar from Chicago, there aren’t many superstar from the windy city that are in the corporation, so, he gets a lot of coverage, maybe the guy posting this (moir) should go into wrestling school and give them another hometown advantage.

  • Big Man Mick

    Why is Punk still getting so much coverage. He is a good wrestler, but nothing special. He is not missed on WWE shows.

  • The Killswitch

    And Colt Cabana.

  • Solid

    No it’s definitely 127,264% confirmed! he’s coming back, and he’s bringing Sting with him! 😛

  • The Killswitch

    I see no correlation personally, and these kinds of rumors simply get people’s hopes up. AJ obviously left for her marriage/honeymoon, and returned once her vacation was over.

  • jgdjgdklj

    I hope these stupid return speculations finally freakin end after this month. When his contract supposedly officially expires.

  • Stock Shark

    If he does then say goodbye to the Goat face as he was simply a stop gap measure to appease the lil kids till Punk comes back!