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— According to sources within WWE, a change is expected to be made to a top tier WrestleMania match over the next few days. Many are speculating that Christian will be added to the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Edge and Alberto Del Rio.

— As of yesterday, creative plans called for Triple H vs. The Undertaker to conclude WrestleMania, with no career ending stipulations.

— WWE Champion The Miz is scheduled to appear as a guest on this Wednesday’s episode of Conan. The show airs at 11:00 p.m. on TBS.

source: f4wonline.com

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  • M.C.

    @anti cena. Christian should use his “my peeps” theme. Look it up on YouTube. @bill sucks, glad that ur problem is solved. now you can stop annoying us. lol

  • bill sucks

    @kpnuttzlol, thanks, dude. my mom helped me download it & it’s working great. Now I can avoid being made fun of by everyone. Thank you, it means a lot to me. I’m really getting the hang of it & learning more spelling. You did a great think, so thanks again, dude.

  • The Anti Cena

    @ Rich.
    that is why jim johnston is around

  • Rich

    Am i the only one who dosent see Christian’s theme as a heel theme?

  • M.C.

    HHH vs taker shouldn’t be the main event. There’s no build-up to it at all. I may not like cena, but cena vs. Miz should close the show.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Glad people are back to talkin bout the article an no the bill sucks dude. im tellin u christian is the fall guy an i hope after he turns on edge, he goes on a monster push an finally wins the belt. i wish he would do it as a face but hey beggers cant be choosers.. i just want him to win

  • wondering

    are they adding Christian thinking or seeing that Albert and Edge are unable to carry the match far enough? maybe someone is disappointed in Albert’s recent performances and feels the match needs help?


    I don’t think that Christian should be in the match, but I DO think that he should do a run-in after the match and give a serious beatdown to the winner (thus turning heel) and declare himself as the #1 contender…..

  • kpnuttzlol

    Christian deserves a main event match but personally I don’t want to see him in this match. It’s Del Rio’s opportunity to main event because if they do put Christian in then it means Del Rio has to Win, Christian has to turn heel somehow, just so everyone has a feud and there is some backlash heading into the next PPV.

    Without the career on the line it’s a pretty good guess to say HHH will win or come with in an inch of winning. No offence but I don’t see how he can top last years PPV match against Taker. It’s pretty much impossible

    Bill sucks download Google Chrome…it has a built in spell checker and automatically finds any spelling errors.

  • slim 2.0

    Three way matches are stupid.

  • HaRRYboN

    if anyone else has read any of ‘billsucks’ any other posts they’re written fine. He’s doing it to piss people off :’) just ignore him. Doode!

  • Tom

    OH and Im for Miz v Cena at the end, its for the WWE title, and then when Cena inevitably beats Miz, it will lead top the hogan/rock staredown kinda moment/brawl to end the show, man that will be epic. HHH and Taker will be great do doubt, but its not as mega as the HBK Taker match from last year, more was on the line, so it just HAD to be the main event.

  • Tom

    just a thought; why would someone with dyslexia be on a wrestling column website where the main thing you do is read?

  • Soulshroude

    School is out of session. If anyone needs help with punctuation and grammar… go back to school or get some alternative lessons from a secondary source. The kid seems very young. His mother should monitor his comp time.

  • KitKrock

    Taker’s streak is gonna end :(
    damn you HHH

  • RKOPunk

    I can’t believe all of you actually believe that @bill sucks is dyslexic. If he was “dyslexic”, then how come is his username spelled right, & everything he types isn’t? lol I think he played you all!!

    Anyway on to the article, I would love it if Christian was added to the WHC match, maby he will turn on Edge. One can only hope!!!!

  • yechrael

    hahaha WTF

    this dude is a retard simple as, either his mom is a retard or his dad was a retard, or maybe both.

    maybe bill sucks has been struck down with his retard disease as punishment for something he done in a past life, like all disabled people are.

    dumb fuck, learn to type or go kill yourself. either way, it will cleanse the world of another idiot.

  • yechiel{israel}

    hahah {wtf}

    dyslexic fucker, whats the matter mom drop you on your head as an infant, or did she just shag a retard?

    all people with disabilities, mental or physical are being punished for past crimes in past lives, thats what we are taught and it makes sense.

  • Dale

    @Adam. You know, he could’ve been getting better with his typing. Maybe a few years ago, he couldn’t even get the order right. he could have made some progress with his dyslexia situation. @bus, i don’t think he’s a troll. he’s just a pretty dumb kid. lets keep the peace here on the ‘edge. ECW FTW!

  • adam

    @billsucks not dyning your dyslexic thats your own thing but like others are saying that would explanin mispleaing things putting this in the wrong order not saying pleez da dat’s guyz. All that stuff seems to me atleast like a actual effort to just annoy us. Which if you are doing that on purpose. I could understand why i mean sometimes it is fun to get a reaction out of people. Now if you really are dyslexic sry about it. Also hope you can get help from it.

  • Bus

    @alhow & @dale. Don’t feed the troll.

  • Dale

    @alhow. writing & typing are bascically the samething. Bottom line is that he needs help with spelling. Most languages are easy to speak, but harder to write. Plus, he said that he’s dyslexic….


    @Jackson LMAO!!!!!!!

    But bill sucks, dude you don’t need to learn how to type, you need to learn how to write first. Unless you learn how to speak English like that then I don’t see how you can type like that.

  • bill sucks

    Da site I uses iz not very good

  • bill sucks

    @drg. Dat’s just how I type.I use a site on da web so I m geting better at typing. but i just dont lik 4 peeple 2 b jurks 2 me for da way I type, ohkay? i not da smarttist person in da world. sory if dis bothers u guyz. if any of u can find a good site 4 help with da typing, pleez post da link here. thnk u…

  • drg

    bill sucks. If you are dyslexic then fine. But that has nothing to do with you saying dat,da and dey. id say your obviously trying to piss people off and its working.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Sorry i meant Edge doesnt have to be beat cleanly. it makes Christian the fall guy

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Christian is only bein added so he Edge does have to be beat cleanly. That can setup extreme rules with edge saying del rio won without beating him

  • Jimbo

    If he’s added it will only be to turn heel on Edge.

  • Starship Pain

    No, no, no, fucking no! This is Alberto’s time to shine! No! Christian can win a shot against Alberto and beat him in the future, but not now. The Rumble doesn’t mean “The Winner gets a shot” o what?

  • ‘bill sucks’ sucks!

    Bill sucks, use this if u really need help.


  • bill sucks

    hay jackson, dnt b mean 2 me, u jurk. I hav trubel speling, ohkay? it rele hard 4 me 2 tipe. ma mom seyz dat i m disslekkic or sumethin lik dat. I tra my best, doode. sowry if i m nt good enogff 4 u

  • bill sucks

    hay, jackson, don’t be mean 2 me, u jurk. i have trubel speling, ohkay? it rele hard 4 me 2 tipe. my mom seyz im disslekkic or sumething lik dat. i try ma best, doode. sorry if im nt good enoff 4 u.

  • Dave

    Christian should win the title and turn heel on Edge. That feud would be epic.

  • Dave

    It sure as hell better be Christian. No one wants to see him be in the bullshit match with Big Show and The Corre. He needs to be in the main event. That match will be sweet.

  • jackson

    @bill sucks — I want to punch your keyboard.

  • bill sucks

    i hope dat christian can get in 2 da wrestlemania match & win it 2. hez 1 of ma favoritez. I also hope dey dont change cena’z match, cause he will win da match in ma opinon. he great. cena reuls! if he dont win, we roit!

  • ….

    im really looking forward to this wrestlemania. it cud be one of the more under-rated WMs

  • d

    he might not win but christian deserves to main event a ppv

  • GOKU

    HAHA, Don’t Bet On It.

  • V-R-A


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