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Possible Change for Title Match at TLC, CM Punk Takes a Shot, John Cena, Rikishi

– WWE Superstar John Cena came in as the #3 athlete on Facebook’s Top Trending List of 2011 behind soccer stars Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

– Former WWE Superstar Rikishi noted on Twitter that he needs surgery on one of his eyes.

– CM Punk took a shot at athletes who use performance enhancing drugs today on his Twitter:

“If you’re a professional athlete and you use performance enhancing drugs, you’re a pussy.”

– There is talk that WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler may be added to the Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Title at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view with CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio.

This would continue Dolph’s recent trend of working two matches on WWE pay-per-view events.

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  • venom

    Maybe Ziggler will win the WWE title at TLC.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    John Doofinitus will try another social experiment and make ryders shot a triple threat, Cena will win and this will set up Cena’s turn (which I am totally against) and a feud with Ryder.

    Dont know really but hey, It could happen.

  • JD

    I can’t see Ziggler being put in the main event at TLC with Cena not having a match yet. Considering Cena actually won the spot to be in the match in the first place, I don’t see why he won’t get added in.

  • Zach D

    I love how straight-forward Punk is

  • moo

    Punk just called 95 % of wrestlers pussies.

  • Best in the World, YOU KNOW IT!!

    Look punk is one of my favorite guys like my absoulute number 1 guy. but i will admit all i wanted him to get is the WWE title and be on top but i will admit he was a lot more entertaining when he wasnt champ so i say drop the title to ziggler and then have punk win the rumble making him the top guy going into wrestlemainia

  • Philzibit

    Ryder wins US title at TLC, Ziggler wins the Rumble, BAM!

  • Phil Collins

    Gotta admit Ryder is growing on me but I think they should use a U.S. title run as kind of a stepping stone then have him chase the IC title to have him win it but at the same time it might be too soon to put the IC title on him.

  • Sean Mooney

    @Pink Sin Cara

    I agree that it would have been great for Ryder to win the U.S. Championship at Survivor Series in NYC. I am not sure why they decided against it, and had him job in under five minutes. That being said, I don’t see anything wrong with him losing at TLC (although it shouldn’t be cleanly).

    I do think people will still care about Ryder come Wrestlemania, look how long they’ve cared when he wasn’t even on television. I think they can do it without “dragging it out too”. Hell, Ryder winning the US Title at Wrestlemania… That is a Wrestlemania moment that I would like to see.

    I think a great way to build up this feud (I mean they’ve only fought once on PPV in a four minute match) is to have Ziggler win at TLC with a cheap/controversial win. Then have Ziggler refuse to defend his title against Ryder anymore since he would have beaten him twice, then have Ryder eliminate him at the Rumble.

    Maybe have both of them involved in the Elimination Chamber (or at least Ryder costing Ziggler an opportunity to qualify), and the feud ending with Ryder winning the title at Wrestlemania. This will get Ziggler out of mid-card status as well, kind of like when a soon-to-be Main Eventer would drop the IC title before moving to the Main Event picture (i.e. Warrior, Bret, etc.) As for an opponent for Punk, that’s tough… if not Jericho, Miz might be the only viable option unless Triple H turns heel and that feud is brought back. I really hope it’s not Del Rio.

    A few things in 2012 that I want to see: A long title reign for Punk, Ryder U.S. Champ, and a major push for Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.

  • MJ

    del rio is an entertaining heel? I bet that was his DESTINY!!!

  • Bawb

    Ziggler puts on a good show. He’s a pretty entertaining heel. Really into himself in his performance. It’s why I like both him and Del Rio. They’re not the typically angry, monotonous heels, like Miz, Jericho, etc. Old Jericho heel was absurdly into himself, which is why he was amazing.

  • MJ

    Dolph ziggler is midcard bound. what has he done this year says he’s a main eventer? winning the us title from kofi kingston, getting jobbed by zack rhyder constantly, getting jobbed to a leaving john morrsion on raw, getting jobbed to randy orton, cm punk, got a remix to his theme song, he got 1 win by randy orton, and got jobbed by sheamus.

    1 Win over orton doesn’t equal main eventer that equals upper midcard hell! Dolph’s main feud is with zack rhyder, vickie gurerreo is still his manager i think its time that she help jack swagger’s career, drop the us title already, book him to win some f’n matches against main eventers!

    When he’s facing orton this friday i already know whos going to win without reading a spoiler, whhen he faces john cena he’s toast, and cm punk it will be a great match but punk is getting pushed more while ziggler will be the version of badass billy gun!

    His macthes are great, he has the look, but if nobody is willing to put this guy over then he’ll be a midcarder.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I think you just made a good WM match. Both Punk and Ziggler always put on amazing matches, they aren’t sloppy and it would propel Ziggler to the main event scene hopefully. I don’t see Barrett as champ heading into WM though. Especially not after Ultimate Orton buries him in the feud that is building.

  • Black Blue Blazer

    Putting Ziggler in WWE Title matches makes the U.S. Title even more meaningless. Let him focus on the U.S. title and then drop it to someone else already.

  • TS93

    As for the world title Bryan would have to face a heel champ. Barrett hopefully? Sorry talking to myself….

  • TS93

    No Ziggler needs to drop it at TLC. If punk goes to WM as champ he needs a worthy opponent I don’t see any heel that would be better one on one than Ziggler. Del Rio vs Punk we’ve seen 3-4 times since july, Miz is getting pushed again but nowhere near that caliber. Ppl need to realize dolph needs to lose the title b4 he gets his major push. Ziggler/Punk WM28. Love them both so whoever wins that im happy

  • ##

    Somehow someway Cena will be added to the the main event or they finally debut Brodus Clay against him in a tables match.

  • adam

    Ryder is actually pretty good in the ring i mean he isnt the best but he is good and he is getting better. It will be good and bad havin ziggler in to matches. It will suck because he will lose both matches but he will finally be up in the main event so all is for a greater good i guess.

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Sean Mooney

    I don’t think people will care anymore come Wrestlemania. I really hope WWE isn’t dragging this out just to create a “wrestlemania moment”. It’s starting to get old already. Ryder’s US title win should’ve happened at SS in NYC, but it didn’t. SO TLC it’s a must, in my opinion. Ziggler’s loss will also bring him out of midcard limbo and allow him to appear as a serious contender for the WHC/WWE title, and make him a more likely candidate to win the Rumble and move on to WM28. Maybe this makes too much sense for it to actually happen…

  • Sean Mooney

    I think they should hold off Ryder winning the U.S. title until Wrestlemania. I think Ziggler should retain the title until then. Maybe have Ziggler beat Ryder either by cheating or something controversial at TLC, which leads to Ryder trying to get one last title shot… maybe also have Ryder eliminating Ziggler from the Rumble, etc. It would be that much for special for Ryder to chase after the title so long, and finally capture it at Wrestlemania. Just my opinion.

  • Dan

    Cena doesn’t have a match yet? I reckon the US title match could become a ladder/TLC match allowing him to interfere in that, allowing his Broski Ryder to finally win the title. Then Cena and Ziggler can start a feud over the fact Cena had screwed Ziggler over twice, hopefully the high profile feud Ziggler needs to truly become a main-eventer.

  • KGM Da Master

    Ryder sucks! The end

  • Tyler(:

    Ziggler dropping the title to Ryder would be stupid, they should give it to a superstar who can wrestle.

  • Whatever

    Ziggler, great perfomer but why is he missing something?
    I just don’t know what it is but something isn’t right, something is missing.
    maybe he needs to get rid of vicky or something so he shines more without excuses and cheating…

  • They keep giving Ziggler double duty because they know he’s one of the top performers they have and if he’s in a match it automatically becomes better.

  • Jimbo

    It also confirms he’ll lose twice. I’ve never seen a guy who seems to be in WWE’s favor lose so much.

  • Prince

    This pretty much confirms to me that he’ll drop the title to Ryder.