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Change In WrestleMania Booking, Superstar Toyz, Austin’s Return

– Alicia Fox is featured in the latest episode of WWE Superstar Toyz:

– A source reported on Monday that WWE has officially locked in the top 4 WrestleMania 29 matches. Last night at RAW they began something a bit different this year with the creative team booking backwards from WrestleMania to now.

– There was some doubt regarding Steve Austin’s status for next week’s RAW 20th Anniversary show but word now is that something happened over the weekend and Austin will most likely be appearing now. WWE is looking to go very big with next week’s show.

Partial source:

  • Nick

    I hope WWE capitalizes on this big opportunity they have for a great moment by having a Punk/Austin showdown in the ring, both of em blasting each other on the mic, considering this is the main dream match everyone is creaming their pants over to happen at some point. Then Rocky comes out, has a little verbal interaction with Punk…maybe a tease a little friction with Rock/Austin as well considering their past with each other as one of the best feuds ever in the WWE. It would definitely spice things up to have Austin be the special ref for Punk vs Rock at Rumble. And Lesnar could finally return and help Punk defeat The Rock, setting up for Rock/Lesnar 2 at Wrestlemania maybe?

  • The V

    Austin returning would be a massive breath of fresh air towards the boring generic lany wrestlers these days.

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Punk vs Taker at Mania. Pushes Punk to the next level, have Taker win and retire with the strap. WWE can do their usual routine of a tournament for the newly vacant title and change that stupid look while they are at it.

  • JohnCena33

    Hopefully Punk vs Taker, Streak vs Streak is confirmed. But how could Taker hold the title when he is wrestling once a year. Unless WWE is advertising WM29 will be Taker’s last match, then Punk vs Taker may not happen.

  • Prince

    If the Top 4 matches are the predictable Rock vs. Cena II, Sheamus vs. Orton, HHH vs. Lesnar II, and Punk vs. Taker, I’ll be pissed. The only match I wanna see out of those is Punk vs. Taker. Too bad Punk can’t wrestle both Taker and Rock lol.

  • What if Rocky and Austin jointly gives Punk a beating of his lifetime……eagerly awaiting for such moment…