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Charles Wright in New Orleans for WrestleMania, HHH Says MMA Storylines Are Silly During Twitter Q&A

– Triple H conducted a Q&A session via Twitter this afternoon, below are the highlights:

If He Ever Considered MMA: “No, while I like it and respect what they do, sometimes the story lines are silly.”

Said Kofi Kingston was the superstar to “keep your eyes on” in the 30-man Andre the Giant battle royal at WrestleMania XXX.

The match he is most-looking forward to at WrestleMania is Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar.

– Charles “Papa Shango” Wright is currently at the WWE hotel in New Orleans and has been reportedly brought in by the company.

  • DippyDooDoo

    triple h is using what we call sarcasm

  • DippyDooDoo

    warrior was never in wcw…


  • nobody

    Why? It might give him another terrible idea.

  • nobody

    2 guys having a manufactured feud is silly. An MMA “fight” is a bout, a sport. The hype is used to sell the schoolyard image of, you know, a “fight” and that is really silly. With pro wrestling, there is context, everything is context. MMA is real and doesn’t need gimmicks.

    There are probably 5-6 UFC fighters who could even handle the microphone (Chael, Jones, Diaz Bros, Ronda, Mir, Nelson) and probably 2 or 3 of them could handle the road, or the bumps. Anderson Silva is a better athlete than The Big Show but I doubt he could do the same stuff in the WWE ring, and would probably look worse in the ring than The Great Khali.

    You are comparing pears to pineapples, and you can’t do that.

    Triple H also said in an interview that he would never have done MMA if it came out first and had the same money because he is a performer and entertainer. Would you expect Jean Claude Van Damme or Bruce Willis to participate in MMA? Jackie Chan? Spike Lee? All these guys are fake, but Chan and HHH at least do their own stunts! Action Movies, now according to Rampage Jackson, those are the fakest thing ever.

  • nobody

    That was just a lower feud, and a Katie Vick level of Fire Russo.

    That was far from one of Warrior’s better moments, in fact, it was the second lowest point of his entire active career (the worst being Horace/Hulk and the sloppiest rematch in history).

  • Claud3Giroux

    Someone clearly doesn’t understand the relationship between Papa Shango and Wrestlemania being in New Orleans, the birthplace of voodoo in America. They probably brought in Chris Wright to do a Papa Shango spot. As long as Warrior isn’t leaking green slime or vomitting, I’m down with it lol

  • nick-hulk

    Or is shango because New Orleans has been associated with sha’man and voodoo in the past

  • csker

    Dude, you d***, it’s because Shango was Warrior’s arch nemesis if you remember. It is obviously tied in with Ultimate Warrior in some fashion. Just sit back and enjoy.

  • nobody

    Why refer to him as Papa Shango when he was best known as Godfather, are you retarded or something? You gonna start talking about Husky Harris promoting his match with The Prototype?

  • Matthew Farrell

    Somebody needs to remind HHH of KATIE VICK