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Former WWE star Charlie Haas went on a rant last night on Twitter/charliehaas following Sheamus’ destruction of Daniel Bryan on RAW.

Haas, who has been on the wrong side of WWE’s hit-or-miss booking, said:

“WWE creative is a joke. Way to kill off Daniel Bryan. Your brightest youngest star. Michael Hayes must have written this sh**. Please retire.”

Responding to a fan who challenged Haas’ comments above, he wrote:

“Don’t be a mark. They all have a say in the writing. Hayes is the most powerful of them all. He can change anything on any show.”

Haas followed up with the following, saying WWE has a deep roster, but creative only focuses on building up a handful of stars.

“There is great talent in WWE, they just don’t know how or refuse to write for them all. When the Monday night wars were going on, everyone on the roster had a story line. From Crash Holly to Stone Cold. Its an easy formula. Look at ROH everyone on the roster has a story line and is used. Not to be biased, but facts are facts. Every wrestler is unique and brings something to the table, that is what is great about the pro wrestling business.”

“As much as my passion was suppressed at WWE, my desire to prove all wrong burns .. I’m not done. But am done talking about WWE creative. New chapter. A lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for WWE time and the WWE fans.”

  • Davey Zoo

    But what if this is just setting up a new fued between the two of them??

  • Arch

    WWE already try to push some middle wrestler to play on top level,but in the end it’s all about marketing
    Like Rikishi for example,when he feud with The Rock,and some rumour say,he will be a champion at Hell In A Cell on Armageddon 2000,but he can not use for long time
    The same thing did happen to Kane,remember when he did eliminate 11 guys at RR 2001,but to make synchronize with Brother Of Destruction storyline,they keep out him from Single push
    The weakness of the WWE since the first was not able to develop skills and talents of the wrestlers to play at a high level
    Even in the Attitude era, from 1998 to 2001, the wrestler who always holds the highest degree just the same, if not definitely Stone Cold Undertaker, and entered The Rock that often get the title and defend it with a short period and the longest is only four months, Kane who was impressed just to experiment, then the same thing happen to Big Show
    The good side of the Attitude era, those who play at a high level of persons belonging to an already long in the WWE at the time, Stone Cold had to wait 2 years to play in the main event at Wrestlemania 14, The Rock takes 2.5 years, Triple H 4 year

  • Deisel Power

    So true amen to that! I (or anybody else on this site)could write better angles or spot talent a mile away over the gimps in WWE’s “creative department”. As Ken Anderson said in a shoot once “Its all about the SAME top guys” on a monthly basis.

  • Valo487

    I think it’s more telling that they have made Sheamus a two time world champion, and they still have to do these ridiculous squashes to try and get him over. Sometimes you just need to cut bait.

  • shawn

    personaly i forget what goes on so variety of storylines could be a plus. they should think about the right situations that can fit to a wrestling show, and cut some “stupid” ideas. or not,who knows?

  • CC

    I know they are trying to build Sheamus up, but having him go through someone else thats sposed to be being built up as well, is a bloody joke.
    No way should this sort of thing happen to anyone other than the most obvious jobbers.

  • idontknow

    so true.name a least 5 story lines at raw (with promo,match time and all)

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