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Charlotte Flair says she was blown away by Ronda Rousey

Charlotte WWE

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Charlotte Flair talked about Ronda Rousey and how nervous she was about the ESPN photo shoot.

Ronda’s WWE Run:

I’m blown away. How fast she has picked everything up, especially with her match against Nia Jax at “Money in the Bank.” I know my dad texted her and said the same thing. Just…Roddy Piper would be so proud of her. She gets better every time she’s out there and it doesn’t look like she’s going to slow down at any point.

I know she’ll become the Raw women’s champion at some point and it’s an honor to have her part of our division. She’s blown my mind with how fast she’s picked this up.

Watching the WWE at home while recuperating: 

I haven’t been able to do that in a long time and I just love hearing my dad’s … not his critiques but just his opinion on things. Obviously when you’re on the road, night after night, you don’t take the time to really watch the show and sit back and relax … you do but I knew I wasn’t going to be on at 10 o’clock or I didn’t have a segment. Just having that bonding time …

I don’t think there’s anything else in the world that my dad loves talking about more than wrestling. And knowing who his favorites are. He was totally pumped for the Dolph Ziggler-Seth Rollins match. All the girls’ segments. He’s known Sasha [Banks] and Bayley since I started. He always loves talking about where that might go or seeing Bayley beat up Sasha and the evolution of what’s been going on in their story since starting in NXT together. And how well Alexa Bliss is doing on the mic as a heel and all of the previews from the Ronda segment.

It’s just fun to talk to him about it instead of texting or over the phone. And then my sister is probably getting annoyed because she’s like, ‘Well I have nothing to talk about.’ It’s fighting over dad’s attention while we’re sitting there eating and watching wrestling.

If she was nervous during her ESPN photo shoot:

Well, doing a moonsault naked is totally different. But no, I completely committed to the project and told them I wanted to do it without makeup. I actually had a black eye from Asuka from “WrestleMania” that I do not regret. I wanted it to be shown because we shot the week after “WrestleMania.” I was kind of excited about it.

I get to show off my battle wound. I think just the message that being who you are in any shape, any size, no makeup, completely raw, is just so important and that’s what I just kept thinking about. It was almost like a weight lifted off my shoulders. This is who I am. I’m so proud of my body. I’m so proud to be an athlete. I wouldn’t change anything.

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