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Charlotte Talks All-Female Royal Rumble, Participating in Traditional Male Royal Rumble

Charlotte Womens Champion

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was recently interviewed by You can check out some highlights from their conversation here:

On a possible all-female Royal Rumble:

“I hope in the future, if we have a big enough division to do it or if they ever bring Raw and SmackDown back together, I’d love for us to have an all-female Royal Rumble. I think that would be awesome.”

On possibly participating in the traditional all-male Royal Rumble:

“I have the Women’s Championship and I think our focus should be building a stronger division, showing that we are just as big of a draw as the men, but once I’m not in the title picture anymore, I think it would be great to enter the Rumble, because at the end of the day, I can outwrestle some of them, but it would have to make storyline sense.”

  • Darrin Tyler

    I agree. I think it’d be really cool to see. Need to hire about 20 more woman. I don’t even think wwe even has 10….