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Chavo Guerrero Defends Austin Aries & Criticizes Mark Madden

– Chavo Guerrero defended Austin Aries and criticized Mark Madden in relation to the controversy over Aries “crotching” ring announcer Christy Hemme during last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Chavo wrote the following on Twitter earlier today:

“Great Job @MarkMaddenX for watering down wrestling even more. God forbid that a wrestler breaks out of the typical mold of being so scared to show his personality on TV. U must’ve been going crazy during the ‘attitude era’ with every cutting edge thing that Vince did!”

“And for the record, I saw Hemme after that segment, & she didn’t look bothered at all. Just saying…I was there.” Chavo concluded, “I think we should just let Hemme fight her own battles. If she needs help, she’ll ask.”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think hemme should fight her own battles, if he has a problem with it the take it to Aries and if that goes nowhere then go to Dixie. These are adults that need to act like adults. She fucked up and she got ribbed for it, male or female that’s the wrestling business. I don’t hear anybody saying JBL should if been fired for ribbing the Miz….

  • Half Of Me

    I don’t think he should be fired but he should be punished in some way..i mean she couldn’t move away since he had blocked her basically forcing her to stay there & disrespect her….

  • Nick

    Plus, it ain`t like he touched all over her and rubbed his crotch in her face or dry humped her. It could`ve been WAY worse and more offensive. Not saying he shouldn`t be punished but nothing major. Keep the punishment minor.

  • Nick

    I think people are being over-excessive about all of this. Yes, what Aries did was inappropriate but firing him would be going to far I think. Just give him a hefty fine, a good long earful of verbal disciplinary, and maybe suspend him for one month without pay. People are making this out to be a way bigger deal then it really is tho. Look at it from a business perspective….firing him would be bad for business because he is one of the top guys there and THE best wrestler on their roster. The guy has in-ring skill, good mic skills, a good look and oozes charisma. Not saying that gives him the right to do what he did to Christy, but firing him would just be over-doing it. I doubt he intended to actually sexually harass her…it more then likely just came off that way. It was more of an innocent joke to embarrass her sense he felt embarrassed whens he botched his entrance introduction. Of course, he didn’t think very wisely before doing it and it was a bad mistake on his part but I doubt he was trying to be sexually harassing. People make mistakes, he has no prior violations in TNA, so give him a second chance, if he screws up then take serious action. But all of this could just be passed off as him playing up his dirty heel persona. Once again, I understand Christy’s feelings but just make him apologize, fine him, and MOVE ON. If Jeff Hardy can get a thousand chances from fucking up over and over again, then Aries should get atleast one more chance.

  • The Killswitch

    He crossed the line. People are becoming jaded to heel heat to the point where these kinds of things are acceptable in this kind of situation. It appeared to me that he simply wasn’t thinking, and made a questionable decision.

  • That may be so, “Mike Morgan”, but that doesn’t excuse the way he treated a woman on national TV. It would be bad enough if it was a scripted moment, that would just be stupid TV, which TNA and WWE do plenty of. But if it was just him deciding to do it, because he’s a dick, that IS unacceptable. Hemme may be a dumbass who doesn’t really belong in the industry, but she’s still a person, and no one deserves to have a crotch shoved in their face to humiliate them on national telivision. He acted unprofessionally. You can get heel heat without acting like a fucking moron. Ask CM Punk.

  • Barry Horowitz

    you sound like a prissy girl scooter if christy cant handle the wrestling business she should leave its not like she contributes a damn thing to the business whatsoever, meanwhile Aries is one of the best in the game right now, and he is a heel, heels do bad things to get heat the pussification of america contines.

  • Scooter

    I can see what Chavo is saying but if this wasn’t planned and Christy had no clue then Aries simply cornered a woman and shoved his crotch in her face which is sexual harassment plain and simple. The difference between this and the attitude era is the Undertaker was pretending to crucify Stephanie Mcmahon and Chris Jericho pretending to piss in William Regals tea, where as Austin legitmately forced his crotch into a young ladys face.