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Chavo Guerrero Injury Update, Jay Lethal & HTM To Pay Tribute To Randy Savage

— Chavo Guerrero stayed down for a few minutes following his match with Sin Cara last night at WWE Over the Limit due to an apparent knee injury. He was said to be okay following the bout.

— Former TNA Wrestling star Jay Lethal will pay tribute to “Macho Man” Randy Savage at tomorrow’s Florida Underground Wrestling live event in Largo, Florida. Click here for event information.

— Former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man will pay tribute to “Macho Man” Randy Savage during his weekly radio show. The show airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST at

— WWE Hall of Famer Drew Carey celebrates his 53rd birthday today.

  • edo.risk

    @ Rob. Well said.

    Peaple are giving Rey a hard time because of the promo spot there are giving him, where the fact is that REY is more than 10 times the wresler Sin Cara is.

    Mixican Lucha Libre is like Sin Cara Wrestles all the time… But REY and EDDIE, made it look real! They sell theire storys and their moves a way the others can’t. Rey with have the publicity Sin Cara is getting would be at the top! PUT REY AT THE TOP, and send SIN CARA to REY REY scool of wrestling.

  • Jesse

    i bet tna regrets firing jay lethal, i bet they wish they still had him so they could milk the black machismo gimmick for all its worth right now

  • rob

    Rey has jobbed in 2 of 3 his last ppv’s. WWE doesn’t see him in the spotlight anymore.

    and I’m not a wrestler so I can speak from experience, but taking the impact from the 619 seems like taking the impact of a cross body, rey is swinging his body at full speed, theres not much he can do to control that. It’s up to the wrestler who’s on the receiving end to take it well. Most people if you watch reys matches closely, are leaning back ready to roll backwards when rey hits the 619.

    Sin cara just jumps like a sloppy crack head uncontrollably

  • Jeff

    Sin Cara will be future endeavored by July

  • venom


    Rey never gave up his spot light. They are on two different shows. Rey is sloppy too. He injuried Undertaker, and Cody rhodes last year. He broke their nose from the 619.

  • rob

    i see alot of injuries coming from sin caras matches. he just looks like a complete slop in the ring, his moves might look cool, but theres no accuracy in them. I’m really hoping Rey takes the spot light back.

  • moi

    @Duke and @venom, hell it should have been Owen Hart…..

  • venom

    Yes, it’s shame. Macho man should have been in that spot.

  • Thats sad that WWE Hall of Famer Drew Carey is an actual fact