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Chavo Guerrero Rips John Cena’s Wrestling Ability, Takes Shot At The Miz

Chavo Guerrero took John Cena’s wrestling ability to task today on Twitter after the master of the Five Knuckle Shuffle declared earlier in the day that people will talk about his match with CM Punk tomorrow at Money in the Bank for years to come. He challenges the WWE Champion to think outside the box and not do the “BS lazy comeback” he does in “every match” because the fans deserve better. The third generation grappler also took a parting shot at The Miz during his near half-hour diatribe.

Guerrero wrote: “Ok, don’t “Fin” say that people will talk about this for years if you’re going to let Punk do all the work and not deliver at the PPV, Cena. I am tired and I know fans are tired of WWE Superstars talking big and not delivering. We don’t want to see someone just in a fight. And frankly no one believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that..

“People will remember this PPV. You know Punk will bring “it”. I’ve been in the ring with both of you and Punk has “it”. Cena you have mic skills yes but if you think people believe your BS lazy comeback that you do exactly the same every match then you are mistaken. Eddie and I taught you different. We never said “get lazy” and do the damn thing every night. We always said “think out of the box” and give the fans what they deserve and not rely on the “machine” to “get you over”.

“I hope this lights a fire under your ass and you deliver this Sunday. Don’t just rest on you being over cause you are and that is easy. Challenge yourself and give the fans what they deserve. That’s why they boo you. Because they aren’t stupid. They know what they pay for and the “great” promo guy but the shitty “match” guy that you have become is not what they want. I understand “longevity” but at the sacrifice of the fans trust is not worth it. Deliver on your fans and deliver on why you got into this business. Eventually the fans that you have gained with from the purple t-shirts will turn on you. Take a lesson from the Hulkster. Give the fans there $ worth and don’t become just another “promo” guy. I know you love this biz and don’t get distracted from the McMahon $. Deliver please!! Have enough respect for your fans because without them, you’re working at a fast food chain.

“Love you man and I support you and hope you see this because I know Punk will and I know he’s going to bring it because he’s got nothing to lose!”

  • cheesehandler

    ladys ladys please, shut the fuck up….chavo knows what the hell hes talkin about….go back and watch a john cena match….hes just another rick flair if you ask me….does hes 4 an a half moves…goes up to the top and gets thrown down….hops back up hits the other 1/2 to make it 5 moves…game time….cena sucks get over it…the kid cant wrestle

  • Chris E.

    “Cena doesn’t have any control over that and more than Chavo had any control over him jobbing to HORNSWAGGLE every week.”

    Fixed for driving home the point a little harder.

  • venom

    Chavo, The Hurricane, and Fatt Hardy should form a faction and say they are the best in the world.

  • JIR

    The Miz has and will continue to improve the guy has not hit his prime yet and Chavo he has every right to speak his mind about Cena. the wonder twins Orton and Cena are good in their own right but the relationship with Vince & Family is why they are still on top in the WWE. Punk is right for leaving but i do think he will be back in 2 or 3 years

  • K

    Chave only has balls now since he’s done with the wwe. Should of had them back then.

  • ##

    Chavo was once good but never great. If I were Cena I’d respect this if it were coming from someone else like Bret,HBK or someone along those lines…. not from someone who has the worst frog splash in history!

  • venom


    Chavo is just jealous for Miz’s success. The Miz was the best improved guy for the last two years. The Miz busts his ass promoting WWE and has earned what is given to him.

  • rko

    I wonder what miz has ever done to chavo for him to take a shot at him like that?

  • venom

    Here we go, a bitter Chavo. I’m surprised he didn’t think Fatt Hardy should have been in the main event scene too. Cena is very talented in the ring, but he started doing his 5 moves of doom since his neck injury in 08. Back in 2002 he was good. Maybe he is limited in the ring now because he doesn’t want to risk another serious injury as he is a big draw. To me that makes sense. Chavo was good in the ring, but ever since Eddie died, all he did was Eddie’s moves. So the last 6 years, what moves did Chavo come up with on his own? His finishers were Frog Splash and he did that suplex 3 times in a row. Oh wait….those were Eddie’s moves.

  • adam

    Chavo is not as talented as he thinks he is. The only Guerrero that had talent was Eddie, the rest of them were mediocre at best. I do agree Cena has shown limited ability but he is a money making machine and that’s all Vince really wants or wanted. CM Punk does deserve better treatment but Chavo can’t say shit cuz he couldn’t draw shit compared to them.

  • JAck45

    Chavo came in to the WWE with a push and couldn’t do anything with it. EVERYTIME he got a push, he failed. Every time he feuded with Eddie and Rey, NOTHING came of it.
    Cena kisses Vince’s ass, sure. Who ever heard of anyone getting anywhere within the company by telling your boss to go fuck himself???
    Chavo can wrestle. I wont ever deny that. However, you need more than just that.
    There are too many maybes about Chavo… Fact is, he was given multiple chances to be something other than a midcard, yet he couldn’t come to the plate and take a big swing.
    You cant go blame Vince for not putting him where he should of been, when he wasn’t doing anything about it anyway.
    If most of you can’t accept that, then you can join Chavo and have all the success on TNA…. for a few weeks until he gets placed as a midcard once more.

  • CC

    @Devil_Rising. While I understand your point, the simple fact is that Chavo was always in the shadow of Eddie while he was alive, and was even more so after he died.
    No matter how you look at it, nobody would ever view him as his own man, he was always and will always be Eddies nephew.
    As for his talent, yes he is better than Cena, but his talent, and promo skills for that matter, pale in comparison to Eddie, which is another thing that doesnt help him break out of Eddies shadow.
    Hell, how many years has he been doing the frog splash in honour of Eddie, yet still cant get it right?

    Chavo was never anymore than mid card (somewhere Cena should have stayed) and just didnt have what it takes to get over as a main eventer, even if he had been given that push (and dont tell me anyone who is given a push is a guaranteed main eventer cause there are plenty of people who have had that push and failed over the years).

    I’m certainly not going to defend Cena, but for him to take a pop at the Miz who has 10 times he charisma as Chavo, and while maybe not as good a wrestler as Chavo, he is getting there and improving, which is something Chavo hasnt done since joining WWE all those years ago.

    Quite frankly Chavo was happy to stay with WWE all these years and keep quiet, but now he is no better than the likes of Shane Helms, a bitter little prick who needs to focus on where he is going in future, and not keep taking swipes at where he has been.

  • Marky Mark

    Can’t believe no said anything about that little jab at Miz, lol. Miz fucking sucks.

  • XSF

    ‘Cena, don’t do the BS Comeback you do in every match.’

    ‘Cena, take a lesson from Hogan.’

    Mixed messages, man. Mixed messages…

  • Treg

    I see Chavo sees through the whole supercena comeback bullshit :/

  • foleyisgood70

    Devil what the hell are you talking about kissing McMahon’s ass and Ortion in the same statement for? Orton has admitted to roiding, been caught smoking weed in the back, and recently went on the record insulting the WWE Diva’s champion. Has there been any break in him mainstay at the top of the card? Not at all.

    Cena is the business. He works his ass off. Chavo has been wrestling for YEARS and hes never been a mainstay anywhere above the midcard. He has dueded with Mysterio, Eddie, and Jericho yet the other 3 made it to the top and he never did in a 20 year career. You really want to say its bc the WWE never gave him a chance? McMahon is a genious. It’s why he has outlasted everyone else. If I trust anyone’s opinion on talent, Its Vince.

  • Dave

    agree with dlb and valo, I think Chavo used Hogan as an example on what not to become. Perhaps he could’ve stated it more clearly by pointing out the difference between Hogan and Stone Cold or even Michaels/Bret but I truly think he used Hogan as an example of what not to become.

  • Devil_Rising

    For any asshole on here to say that Chavo “couldn’t run with the big dogs after Eddie died”, you need to quit watching wrestling….like right now. What a moronic statement. If WWE had PUSHED Chavo, as “The Last Guerrero” in WWE, if they had given him the time to actually cut promos and get into big fueds, I dunno, maybe even let Chavo have a meaningful title run (and no, I don’t mean the “ECW” title), then maybe he would have become a big star there. Fact is, they gave him a tiny spotlight for a bit after Eddie died. Then they took it back off, and had him jobbing to people.

    Do you honestly believe that it’s Chavo’s fault that they made him a jobber? That maybe he’s “not talented enough”, but somehow Cena is? You wanna know why guys like Cena and Orton get pushed? Because they kiss Vince and HHH’s ass, that’s why. End of story.

  • foleyisgood70

    I am sorry but most of this is a lod of crap. I love Chavo and I respect his wrestling abilities but as a fan of wrestling for the last 15 years I can say that Chavo should know better than anyone else that what Cena does in the ring is not up to him. He doesn’t chose the finishes of the match. The comeback that has been outplayed and outdone is what they have him do. 80% of Cena’s fans are children that want to see the comeback that buy into the whole OMG he might actually lose this time. It’s what gives WWE its rating and its whats allows them to stay on the air. Anyone that has seen Prototype wrestle would know how good Cena could be in the ring. Cena has the ability to draw attention whether its boos or cheers people know him and watch him. As much as I love Chavo, he never was that guy. It’s easy for him to be critical of Cena because he knows that come Money in the Bank, he has no more say in how the match will go than he did before Chavo’s rant.

  • sandman

    cena is hogan and there act got real boring real quick………..unless you are 10 and below

  • Valo487

    Some of you clearly didn’t read this correctly, he’s saying take a lesson from Hogan and DON’T become just a promo guy. Anyway, regardless what you think of Chavo he’s right. Cena hasn’t challenged himself to do anything other than his Super Cena routine in a long time, and for all the time in the spotlight he gets it’s just lazy and inexcusable. The overcoming the odds crap doesn’t work when you win 95% of your matches. People would care about Cena overcoming the odds if they thought there was any chance at all he would lose, but sadly tomorrow is the first match I can think of in months where the ending wasn’t a foregone conclusion.

    Oh, and if Punk’s last match end with the same Super Cena crap…..f*ck WWE.

  • Justin

    @Most people on the thread

    Hogan pre-TNA on-screen was enjoyable and spearheaded WWF’s and WCW’s ratings in the 80s and 90s. When he came back to WWE, he had enormous ovations. I don’t care who was in charge/wrote him the stuff, and I don’t care what he did backstage or politically–Hogan was on-screen doing his thing and provided great entertainment at least 90% of the time. What we saw of him on television was what we all liked.

    Chavo is just calling Cena the Hogan of this era and is basically telling him, if you want to replicate his success, you have to do it in a similar way.

    And jesus, yes Hogan had a fucking leg drop–but it was entertaining! Who care’s if it was just that, it’s fucking wrestling (FAKE!), you’re supposed to suspend disbelief!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • john

    I think Chavo is Mad cuz of what cena said on RAW; that he beat Eddie, Kurt, HHH,etc(cuz he ain’t go a fraction of their skills). So now that he beat them he thinks he is better than them. Cuz I was super Pissed when he said that I was like “r u f&#kin kidding me” and I turned the TV off. My thoughts on MITB: CM Punk wins, Cena storyline fired and one of the winner of the MITB comes out and wins the belt back.

  • Justin

    Hey, regardless of how little money Chavo has made, he’s right. He CAN wrestle and can pull off gimmicks, as we all saw in WCW and pre-PG era WWE. Matter of fact, everyone on this thread should not judge him about the money he’s made because, frankly, he is a small latino without a mask. If anything, all three of those descriptions combined truly screwed him in his career, in my opinion. But he has the brains, the experience, and the training to know what’s really good. And he know’s exactly what he’s talking about regarding Cena’s BS comebacks in matches and praising the fans/business on the microphone. There’s a reason why Cena gets booed, and he clearly does not acknowledge that it’s because he’s a mediocre performer. If he thinks that it’s because of his character, he’s in denial. Then again, he’s just playing his current one horribly wrong. The white rapper thug one was highly entertaining.

  • D2K

    I agree somewhat. I mean, Cena’s promos haven’t been good since 2004 to be honest. The initial promo he did against the Rock was good, but other than that he has been terrible. For his sake he better learn from Hogan’s mistakes.

  • dlb

    for what its worth i didn’t think he was giving props to hogan or telling cena to be like hogan. i understood it as don’t be like hogan, learn from hogan’s mistakes and don’t be a one trick pony who does the same thing till you are washed up and irrelevant. ya know, deliver good matches instead of catering to the dollars vince throws at you.

  • D2K

    @ Tom…Just Tom

    So if Chavo thinks CM Punk is leaving because Vince doesn’t give two craps about about ‘wrestling'(which I agree is probable) then why is he ranting towards Cena? Last time I checked John Cena was not the Chairman or CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Cena is only doing what is is told. Direct your anger at the one TELLING him to do these things. Stop attacking the symptoms and attack the cause.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Chavo has every right to say that because it is true. Cena at best is a mediocre wrestler. Someone like Punk, who busted his ass everywhere he went, is leaving because he knows Vince doen’t give two craps and a piss about wrestling. It’s all about sports entertainment. I just love the fact they let Punk say the things he has said the last few weeks. And all of it was truth.

  • John

    Oh man I knew this was coming. Here comes the bitterness. Yes Chavo knows more about wrestling than Cena. But he knows absolutly nothing about what it means to be a star in the company and actually draw money and produce revenue for the business. He was consistatly a good wrestler because he never had to be anything else. Cena on the other hand NEEDS to stay healthy for his match against the Rock at Wrestlemania. It’s easily the biggest money match they’ve had in years and they’re counting on it to sell big, as Im fairly certain this will only be a one time thing for The Rock. They’ve got 1 chance at this they have to make sure both guys get there. I know Im defending Cena, who I don’t like, but just for one second try to imagine that kind of preasure.

  • misfit del rio

    @ jack45, Eddie was his uncle not his brother.

  • Jon

    Let see who we a talking about here guys a “Guerrero”. Chavo has train with Eddie and his dad in that makeshift ring in El Paso. He was a Cusierweight champion a few times. Been in a couple of big storylines on Smackdown. Been in one of the greatest tag team in Los Guerrero’s.

    So saying Chavo has a bad ring ability is just saying John Cena is the best wrestler in the world.

  • D2K

    This tirade is loaded with contradictions. He carries on about Cena doing his patented lazy ‘comeback’ in every match, then he says Cena needs to be more like Hulk Hogan??? HULK HOGAN!!!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?!? Um….has Chavo ever ‘watched’ a Hulk Hogan match before?

    Kick out of opponent’s finisher, hulk up, point the finger, three punches, whips into the ropes, big boot, big leg drop, 1, 2, 3, 15-posedown. That happened in just about ever single match with Hulk Hogan. The only time there was a difference is when he lost, or if his opponent was over 350 pounds to where a body-slam would follow the big boot. To add to that, he says that Cena needs to follow Hogan’s example and give their money’s worth every night. In 1985, 1990, and 1995 Hulk Hogan was doing the exact-same-thing and it was because fans got sick of THAT routine that Hogan started getting booed in the WWF in 1992 (see 1992 Royal Rumble) and in 1995 in WCW (see match with Sting) which forced Hogan to have to turn heel and form the nWo. But that was a management decision and likewise current WWE management needs to realize that the window of a USEFUL John Cena heel turn is rapidly closing if it hasn’t already. Cena doesn’t have any control over that and more than Chavo had any control over him jobbing to Santino Marella every week.

    C’mon Chavo, you can come up with something better than this. I don’t disagree with his assessment that a major reason why people hate Cena is because it’s the same thing every night and it’s boring. There is no passion or believability from John Cena. He knows he’s the man and he can phone it in every night because he’s in McMahon’s pocket. I get all that. But this to me just sounds like sour grapes. It would have been more constructive to say these things to Cena while he was STILL EMPLOYED with WWE if he truly was concerned about ‘the fans’ as he says.

    This whole thing is all about Cena’s comments about Eddie. That’s all that it is. Chavo was pissed because Cena mentioned Eddie as one of the people that though Cena “couldn’t hand with them” whatever that means. I didn’t have a problem with it. I’m sure they did think that. As much as people hate Cena’s commercial attitude, canned promos, and repetitive wrestling style, you can’t fault him for not telling the truth.

    I’m no fan of Cena, but Chavo really is talking out of his rear end on this one. Seriously. Attacking Cena’s wrestling ability? Welcome to 2005 Chavo!

  • Adrian

    Must agree. Chavo bitching about someones wrestling ability sounds a little funny. I’ve watched him quite a bit and I haven’t been impressed. Hate people for having an opinion if ya want to. Nighty night children.

  • Stevie P

    I was with Chavo….until he made the Hulkster comment. Cena, don’t ever be like Hogan, ever.

  • kpnuttzlol

    Chavo is very talented but was just severely underused.
    He is right about Cena though. We don’t want to see the same 5 moves we see on TV. Nor do we want to see an AA from the top turn-buckle as a new addition because he does that every PPV match he thinks he can deliver in.

  • C – Sation

    I would like it if Joshua just didnt post anything anymore from this point on , im sick of all the little kids like him who just started watching wrestling in the past 3-7 years and dont know shit but still talk like they know everything

  • Effmenow

    Joshua = Biggest fail on Wrestling-Edge.

  • John Cheesa

    JAck45…who is Charvo? I think Chavo is speaking in this article, but I’m not aware of any Charvo.

  • CM Mark

    Wow, Chavo, you DO have a set down there.

  • JipC

    Cena is garbage. What do you call a supposed babyface that get booed by everyone but 6 yr olds and his 50 fans every night. John Cena. Cena a terrible wrestler and a mediocre on the mic. Watch how he killed all of Punk’s momentum twice on Monday. He so garbage, but he is Vince’s new Hulk Hogan and will always be the top guy. Where this idea that Cena is good on the mic came from, i have no idea but it is 100% false. Guy is the shits all around and the reason WWE is in the toilet.

    Now, Chavo is a excellent wrestler but terrible on the mic. but he made mediocre wrestlers look good for years where as John Cena cant even look good when he has Shawn Michaels, Triple H, or Randy Orton carrying his garbage ass. Chavo speaks the truth. Cena is the shits and he cant hold a candle to any of the great ones.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Eddie & Chavo trained Cena!? Gotta be joking… Never would have known because how bad he performs moves… Especially a DROPKICK!

    He is damn good, he is the complete opposite of Cena. Always delivers but isn’t a draw.

  • JAck45

    Charvo has had decades in the business, that is fact. Another fact is John Cena has brought more people through the gates in one night, than Charvo has EVER.
    Obviously Cena is doing something right. Obviously Charvo couldn’t run with the big dogs once his brother died. There was no more Stab in the back of my family story line Charvo could use to get into the main events. Instead carting Vikkie around in a wheel chair is the only thing he was good to do for the WWE.
    You need to stop making out you so damn good Charvo, Cause your so not

    For the record I HATE Cena, and it pained me to allow my self to give him props. But Charvo, you are just a pathetic mid carder no matter where you go… SO have fun with your bitterness and your lack of talent.

  • Jimbo

    See….Chavo will come out and say this and say that fans aren’t stupid and then within the next week I’ll bet you JR on his blog will chastise Chavo’s comments and work in some seemingly harmless monologue about how John Cena doesn’t appeal to everyone, blah blah blah.

  • Bill

    Did Chavo just say that Cena needs to be like “Hulkster” & “give people their money’s worth”? Chavo’s going to TNA, & is bashing WWE on the way there. Besides, Cena does care about the fans. But Vince tells him his every move, so it’s the McMahon Cena we hate, not the real Cena. I bet the real Cena is entertaining & talented, but we’ll never know since Vince wants WWE to be exactly the way HE wants to. When he says that he doesn’t “give a damn what these people think”, he’s telling the truth!

  • E C DUB

    ok so we’re not allowed to debate opinions on here either. thanks for the update Purcell i almost missed that. Anyways…

    as much as i respect what chavo is saying here, cause he is right, why would you say take a lesson from the hulkster, people got their money’s worth with hogan (HIS fans, cause i’m not one) but he also did the same ridiculous comebacks in all his matches, with what little talent cena has in the technical part he has way more than hogan and i believe he’s jobbed more than hogan. despite this opinion i’m just praying for punk to win CM Punk Follower 2001 – Present and damn proud of it!

  • Ray

    Uh, Chavo is one of the -best- wrestlers in the world.

  • Jefferson

    You’re an idiot, Joshua. Chavo may not be a Kurt Angle or a Shawn Michaels in the ring, but he actually knows HOW to wrestle. He was a joke character but he’s a good worker. Something Cena isn’t, never was, and never will be. He’s a guy that got lucky and has been sucking corporate cock ever since. Vince will probably put Cena in the Hall of Fame and he’ll get booed there too. Why? Because he’s bullshit and so are all his bullshit promos and his fake intensity. The guy may have passion for the business, but not enough to actually be a proficient wrestler. Chavo’s being respectful of the man, but ripping apart the performer. And I don’t blame him, because he’s 100% right.

  • Derek

    I see it this way, for 97% of John Cena’s career soo far he has 4 maybe 5 moves he has perfected. where a real Chavo can do all of those same Cena moves and a whole hell of alot more. Fans like a variety of moves. Look at orton same stature of cena and doest alot more and proves alot more in the big.

  • Purcell

    Oh right.. and you are Joshua?

    He’s just staiting his opinion. If you don’t like. I highly doubt anyone gives a crap.

  • Speedy23

    @Joshua: Are you joking? Chavo is a veteran who’s been in the business for decades. He may not be over 6 foot tall and over 250 lbs, but I’ll be damned if you could find someone as devoted to the business as Chavo. He spent years in WWE putting over younger talent and that’s a friggin’ shame because unlike more than half of the current roster, this dude can go inside of the ring.

  • Joshua

    Yeah, because Chavo is the best person to talk about someones wrestling ability…Please.