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Chris Benoit’s Father Speaks Out Against Linda McMahon

– Connecticut’s Hartford Courant has published a lengthy article sent in by Michael Benoit, father of the late Chris Benoit, urging voters not to send Linda McMahon to the United States Senate in November. Benoit holds the McMahons responsible for the dozens of young wrestler deaths we’ve seen in recent years and says Linda has used blood money to fund her expensive campaign.

An excerpt from the article:

“My son, Chris Benoit, 40, was one of WWE’s top superstars. In June 2007, our lives changed dramatically, when he tragically killed his wife, son and himself. The press jumped on steroids as the cause of his actions. But tests showed that brain damage in the form of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, not steroids, was responsible for our loss. CTE, caused by repetitive trauma to the brain, can bring on serious disorders such as a loss of emotional control, addictions to drugs and alcohol, depression, aggressive and violent behavior.

Most people view wrestling as fake and the McMahon family pushed that theory to avoid regulation. But in its lust for higher ratings and dollars, WWE began demanding that performers use more weapons and dangerous stunts in wrestling matches. Although matches are rigged and scripted, the harsh physical abuse in the form of blunt force steel chair shots to the head and power bombs through tables onto cement floors are real. I believe that this change in the industry is responsible for the majority of deaths it experienced in the last 20 years.

Michael Benoit says that despite the fact that wrestlers are individuals who have to make their own choices in life, the McMahons have set up a “dirty and dangerous enterprise” where the deck is stacked against the men putting their lives on the line to line the McMahons’ pockets.

“You might say that these young wrestlers make their own choices, and that is true. And the McMahons entice them with prospects for fame, wealth and glory that few achieve. If this were any other business or sport, there would be congressional hearings and laws passed to reform this dirty and dangerous enterprise. The McMahons have steadfastly held that wrestlers are just independent contractors and not entitled to health care benefits, pensions or unionization to represent their best interests.

This is how Linda McMahon made the money she uses for her Senate race. This is how she ran her business. This is the true character behind the fancy, Hollywood advertisements. I pray the people of Connecticut do not allow her to buy her way into the world’s most distinguished legislative body.”

  • Bob

    I agree 100% with the man. People should understand that crap does happen, and that his personal life and his career in WWE should be kept seperate. Either respect him for the career he had, or get over yourself. No one can say that they wouldn’t react the same way if this happened to their child. 🙂

  • redforce45

    wwe sucks fullstop.

  • Buttshaver

    You mean besides every politician now?

    Also I guess mr Benoit hasn’t felt his thoughts about Linda Mcmahon were important enough until the moment she tries something that’s more in the public’s eye.

    Not sure how many other wrestlers have killed their family and themselves over “too many shots to the head” but I’m sure I can count them on one finger. If his argument was speaking about every wrestler who’s pushed themselves that far just for their career, don’t you think someone like Mick Foley would have done something crazy by now? His argument is defending his son because he was unstable and didn’t know when to call it quits which should have been after the death of Eddie Guerro, one of his closests friends.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Regardless Of What Benoit’s father said, We don’t need any McMahon in our political structure! I mean could there be a more corrupt politician than that?

  • Saintsman

    Donners and Devil-Rising. I agree with u guys 100%. I managed to understand just what he wa ssaying. But alot of people here who suffer from total brand loyalty and a hefty lack of humanity, will refuse to see anything past what they want to.

    And people, if he had a mental illness that influenced him. I don’t thik it woud have been so easy to walk away. I could imagine walking away from the fame and glory would be just as hard as a smoker walking away from smoking. It just doesn’t seem like an easy choice for him to have made.

  • ktaylor2

    Bullcrap! Benoits brain problems stem from one if not both of his signature moves. The flying headbutt, and the superplex off the top rope. Especially the superplex. If the little moron had ever learned to tuck his head, maybe he and his family wouldn’t be where they are today. And honestly, Benoits father is simply allowing himself to be used by someone with an agenda.

  • utah

    Linda dont need to be a senate anyways she needs her ass back to the wwe to be a CEO again and WWE needs to go back Tv-14

  • Hawlee L

    good someone has the ballz to stand up to the mcmahons <3 R.I.P Chris!!!

  • powerbombin midgets


    these wrestlers know what kinda world they’re gettin into…no ones fault but they’re own

  • AttitudeEra

    Well im glad he said all this so you people that keep saying that the WWE sucks and they need to bring back the old era… theres a reason why the WWE is the way it is now and the reason why they banned direct chair shots to the head cause of deaths kike this…

  • Austin

    I liked benoit when he wrestled(Benoit did some crazy stuff to his head bouncing of the floor if he missed his epic dives which he landed on his head) maybe he had mentale issuse but the fact was that he could have turned his back on wrestling. But he stayed and entertained the WWE Universe untill he died. The same with Eddie Gurreroe. So Benoit’s father has the option to point fingers for his sons death. R.I.P Chris Benoit

  • Devil_Rising

    Some of the people who post on here are really sad.

    Chris Benoit was one of the best wrestlers the business has ever seen, period. How his life ended will never take away from that.

    However, all you people talking trash. If it were YOUR child, who has done what Chris had done, and died how Chris died, how would YOU react? What would YOU say? “Oh, guess he was just a psycho?” “Oh well, he was a drug addict anyway?” Please. Fact is, Benoit’s autopsy DID reveal he had ZERO steroids in his system, and that he DID in fact have severe brain problems, due to multiple concussions. And if you ever actually WATCHED him in ECW, he mostly wrestled straight matches, not “hardcore” ones. It really WASN’T until he came to the WWE, until he was asked to start taking the bigger risks, the bigger bumps, etc. etc.

    So please, learn what the F*** you’re talking about, before you belittle the man’s death, or what his father has to say. Fact is, the McMahon’s have been living off of “blood money” for a very long time. I’m willing to bet that this was just one of many reasons why Shane finally left. You can like the WWE product all you want. I still do, at least to some extent. But fact is, the WWE way of life, in OR out of the ring, has had a major part in the death’s of many of it’s wrestlers. To ignore that is just being ignorant.

  • donners

    i really think you’re missing the point people – he’s saying that it’s the wrestling industry’s lack of acknowledgement that what they do for a living is a physical profession which is what he’s objecting to.
    yes, he was in ecw and wcw before the wwe, and he was punishing his body long before he was working for the mcmahons, but it’s the stance that the wwe has taken in light of what’s happened that he’s objecting to. they simply refuse to admit that what they do to generate income puts people’s health at risk – either through drug abuse and physical enhancements (eddie guerrero) or just basic physical damage (chris benoit).

    the wellness policy was only implemented after there were several deaths in the business in a short space of time, eddie’s being possibly the most high-profile, but they still technically haven’t done anything of note to stop that, or prevent potential life-altering injuries – taking somebody off tv and using a 3-strike rule in terms of employment isn’t stopping the performers from using drugs, it just allows them to publicly wash their hands of that person if they refuse to stop taking substances (jeff hardy).

    the nfl have all kinds of regulations in place regarding health issues and the tests that are in place to check physical fitness, but the wwe (or rather the wrestling industry, the mcmahons just happen to be the most high-profile employers) won’t implement mandatory cat-scans etc. because it leaves them open to all kinds of legal cases where what they expect their ‘indepentdent contractors’ to do for entertainment purposes has resulted in undiagnosed physical trauma. this is the reason they fought so hard to prove that the people who work there are technically self-employed and not working for the mcmahons – the costs for health insurance etc would financially cripple them, so they’ve found whatever loopholes they can to try and get out of it. people still get hit with chairs, people still take powerbombs, but because wwe says they’ve banned shots to the head and piledrivers etc, does that really make what they do any more or less likely to cause some kind of physical injury?

    mr benoit can’t deny what his son did, and i doubt very much he’s trying to. but he’s merely pointing out that the wwe saying ‘we care about people’s health’ is a bit hard to take, given their refusal to accept that people are employed under contract, but they refuse to give them the same basic rights as every other profession does in terms of healthcare and other basic rights. it’s extremely two-faced of them in my opinion.

    rant over!!

  • me

    guy needs to stop his whining, his son is a murdering suicidal nutcase who killed his family and then his self, his father has no right to blame anyone but his son.

  • powerbombin midgets

    boo whoo whooo…shut the fuck up michael benoit just shut the fuck up

  • Scooter

    To say that the double murder suicide was the fault of the wwe or the wrestling business is ridiculous clearly Benoit had severe mental issues and that’s all that needs to be said

  • Matt

    Apparently, he forgot that Chris had a choice to work there. He could have quit at any time and work at a safe and secure job at the local 7-eleven. But, he chose the million dollar lifestyle that he HAD to have know was dangerous… Greed on both ends contributed to this tragedy.

  • misfit

    stole my thunder, or the fact that he was a druggy? Jesus just own up that ur son was messed up on his own and not by the mcmahons

  • Dean

    1 show of the old ECW would do more damage than 1 year in WWE

  • BuckieKid

    so its not wcw before wwf or ecw what fuck his head its was WWE sorry if am out of order guys he was doing his head thing of top turnbuckle long before he went to the wwe again sorry if am sounded like an ass

  • RIPBeniots

    Fuck Linda MaMahon

  • Matt

    He should have raised his son in a better way instead of blaming everything on the McMahons.