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Chris Benoit’s Son Training To Be a Pro Wrestler?, Recent Photos of David Benoit & Two Stars

– Chris Benoit’s son David is reportedly training to become a professional wrestler. He’s just now started lifting weights but word is that he’s done some working out with David Hart Smith, son of the late British Bulldog. Here is a recent photo of David and David:

DH and David Benoit

Apparently Benoit has also kept in touch with Chris Jericho. Jericho noted in his most recent book that David called him up after the murders and asked if he would still be able to attend wrestling events. Here is a photo of David at a SmackDown event, presumably from this year, and at another event with Jericho before Jericho’s most recent departure:

Jericho and Benoit

Benoit at WWE event

  • StephMcmahnLovesAnal

    So wwe (worst wrestling ever) can never hire him right? Wouldn’t they have to concede that for David to exist, his father had to exist for his conception? I’m sure that’s much too difficult for wwe. They need to buy more shiny lights and camera zoom in/out buttons to mask their shitty wrestlers, haha.

  • CC

    So constant blows to the head which turned his brain into a brain of an 80 year old (which is a fact if you read autopsy reports) had nothing to do with wrestling?
    Whether he did roids or any other drugs, may have been a contributing factor to his personality changes, but it was the concussions that were the major cause. Thats not a defense of what he did, but clarification that wrestling may not be at fault but it was the cause.

  • d_pooch

    Didn’t realize Benoit had another kid…. interesting.

  • millerj265

    Its not discrimination, they don’t have to hire anyone, plus there hired as independent contractors anyways there’s no union or any real hiring process, they just offer you a contract if there interested. and they have been showing him in a few things here and there but I think that’s manly just an editing issue where they don’t wanna take the time or spend the money to edit him out of segments.


    If wwe did hire gin they’d ake the Curtis axel route and never mention his dad ever not even a hint. And for him never ain’t changing like it did for axel though

  • Yo

    no matter what he changes his name to people will still know who he is in wrestlingI don’t think he should be condemned for the sins of his father and I guarantee some people would watch wrestling just to see him because they know who he is

  • Will Henderson

    if he wrestles in pro wrestling, he better adopt a new last name so he can get more over without referencing the fact his dad was Chris Benoit,

  • JohnCena33

    IDK about that, first that would be discrimination, they let him go to the wrestling events and stuff, WWE actually showed Benoit in a video package a couple of weeks ago and again a couple months ago, so if this kid is good, I think he will get hired.

  • millerj265

    Id be very surprised if wwe would ever hire him, with the lengths they go to avoid ever mentioning Benoit I very much doubt they would want the publicity that would go along with having his son working for there company, doing what the media will no doubt say is one of the major causes of his total mental psychosis. Sucks for him because id bet he was dreaming of being a wrestler long before the tragedy involving his father.

  • millerj265

    That’s what I was going to say, roid rage doesn’t last for days, a few hrs at best, the tragic events leading to his family’s deaths and his suicide took place over several days.

  • El Generibro

    Im sure he’ll just het buried… going to hell.

  • Graves

    Excessive concussions over a long career is what did him in. -Fact-.

  • Austin29

    But with that said I do wish his son the very best of luck! Cause if he is anything like his dad in the ring GREAT things will come that kids way for sure!

  • Austin29

    Wrestling did nothing to his father! His father’s bad judgement in taking steroids is what caused those tragic murders!! Don’t blame wrestling for Chris Benoits bad judgements!! I loved Chris and admired his in ring skills much like everyone else! I can’t watch a match of his or of Eddie’s without feeling sad!! But again to clarify Chris Benoit’s demons and addictions were of his own judgements!! Sorry but blaming wrestling for what he did is like me beating the mother of my child and then screaming at my kids “Do you see what you made me do to your mother?”

  • CiB

    Best of luck to him. It would be really nice (for all wrestling fans and himself) if the name “Benoit” was once again synonymous with in ring excellence and a massively long list of awesome matches.

  • This is both cool, but also a little sad. Not sure why he would want to be a pro wrestler after seeing what it did to his father…..