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Chris Jericho Asked If He Plans on Returning to WWE, Talks About New Projects and Fozzy

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with The Columbia Daily Herald and was asked if he has any plans to return to WWE soon. He replied:

“Uh, no. No plans to be on, because I’m on the road with Fozzy. My schedule is basically clear other than what Fozzy is doing. I don’t have plans on going back to the WWE at this point not that I never would. I have so much other stuff going on right now, I just don’t have time to think about it. I still love the WWE. I just don’t have any plans to return right now.”

Jericho also commented on new projects:

“I’m always busy and all that stuff is fine and dandy. Everything is based on Fozzy’s schedule at this point in time. Right now the big project is Fozzy. We finish up this tour Oct. 18, and then we head back over to Australia in December. We were there last February with Metallica. We built up a pretty big following and they are bringing us back which is great. And then we start working on a new record, which should be out next summer. We have written a couple of tunes for that already, a couple of game changers. And we’re kind of ready to take all the moment from Sin and Bones, all the touring, and take that to the next level as well.”

  • millerj265

    Its not sad at all, you passionately hate on the rock and call him a sell out for leaving the wwe to pursue a movie career every time the rock is mentioned in a story on this website. Yet you hypocritically are okay with Jericho for doing the same thing just because he comes back more often. And Jericho clearly states that Fozzy is his main priority, and that when he has free time away from them he will consider a return. So that means that if fozzy somehow became the biggest rock band in the world, and launched into a yr or longer tour that he would not come back to the wwe at all because his music career would be more important. Also if his acting career had taken off like rocks, its safe to assume he would feel the same about that as he does his music career. And Y2J puts over younger talent because he isn’t a draw like the rock is, the wwe isn’t going to waste his return on losing to an up and coming guy who may or may not even be relevant 3 months later, he is only good to the wwe in big money PPV matches. Y2J however isn’t a money making wrestler like rock or Cena for that matter, but he is credible enough that if a young talent beats him it means something, but at the same time he lost to fandango and that did nothing for him, and he lost to ryback and that also didn’t help him either. So even though you are rightfully entitled to your opinion, it doesn’t make your opinion look that credible when you are hypocritically biased towards hating on the rock, when Jericho does the exact same thing, he just hasn’t had the same level of success as the rock.

  • JohnCena33

    It is sad that you must continue questioning me about why I dont like The Rock. During that eight year stretch rock was gone, he made more appearances for wxw than wwe. Y2J consistently comes back like every 4-8 months, and also puts talent over, unlike mr sell out.

  • millerj265

    So im just kind of curious about why you don’t think Jericho is a sell out as well considering he does the same thing rock does? He leaves when he could stay, he only comes back when he’s not doing Fozzy or Dancing with the stars or other Hollywood type things? How exactly is that any different? Other then that I agree with you about it being disappointing if we don’t get to see Jericho at mania 30.

  • CC

    Jericho is a savvy man. He knows that the best way for him to come back is for it to be a surprise. By denying it all the time, people get thrown off the sent as to exactly when he will be back.
    Quite simply he could be back tonight or he could be back next year, but you will never know until it actually happens.

  • jay are

    stay with your group. you look kinda funny in the xmas lite up suite. your a wrestler not a tree!!!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, that is the exact same stuff he said the last time he left and then he was back a few months later.

  • Prince

    In other words, he’ll be back at the Rumble.

  • JohnCena33

    I hope he is coming back for Mania 30, if not I would be kind of dissapointed.