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Chris Jericho bashes the decision to put Drake Maverick with AOP

Authors of Pain - Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick has had a pretty solid run with the WWE in 2018. While he’s not competing, the former Rockstar Spud became the General Manager of 205 Live right around the time the brand exploded, bringing fans some incredible matches between the likes of Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami, and the Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy.

Not only that, but Maverick was paired with the Authors of Pain near the end of the summer. Since teaming up with Akam and Rezar, the powerhouses have climbed to the top of Raw’s tag team division. AOP even defeated SmackDown Live’s tag champs The Bar at Survivor Series…even if the victory was at the expense of Maverick urinating on himself.

The WWE’s move to pair Maverick with AOP was met with some criticism, especially after they dropped legendary manager Paul Ellering upon their arrival in early 2018. Chris Jericho even questioned the idea on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho.

The concept of AOp is cool as they were obviously very popular on NXT. I have a problem. AOP…in NXT they were managed by Paul Ellering, who used to manage the Road Warriors. Now, they bring Akam and Rezar to the main roster and the first night they fire Paul Ellering. I never got that.

This is nothing against anybody, but they bring in this dude, Drake Maverick. This is a guy who actually said, ‘My name is Rockstar Spud.’

Why would these two behemoths listen to this little… he looks like a model from a teen magazine. They would listen to the grizzled old vet Paul Ellering… but why would they listen to Drake Maverick?

Jericho didn’t feel that Maverick was the right fit for the team, as the old and experienced Ellering had more to offer the young upstarts.

Do you agree with Jericho’s stance? Was AOP better off with Paul Ellering? Sound off in the comments below!

  • CC

    Ellering was only fired storyline wise because he did not want to deal with the touring due to his age. Was not something WWE did intentionally or maliciously. They also thought that they could stand on their own without a manager and it did not work. Not saying their current level of success is anything to do with Maverick, but you can hardly knock the relationship if it is currently working.

    My guess is the whole point of why they would associate with him is he is a general manager of a brand, so maybe they see him as having the ability to use his “power” and “connections” to get them special treatment such as title shots.
    Of course at some point they will turn on him I am sure.