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Chris Jericho to Make Bold Statement at 1000th Raw Episode

Chris Jericho put out a new Tout video on Friday evening talking about Monday’s upcoming 1000th episode of Raw.

Jericho says he believes that he’s being over-looked for the Raw 1000th hype and he will be “the one they’re going to be talking about when it’s through.”

Jericho filmed the 15-second video on-set of a music video shoot for his new “Sandpaper” song for Fozzy.

  • Shawn O B

    id like him in a segment with Sheen for some reason.

  • chris benoit

    he will job to sanino in a emtpy arean match

  • TheSheepDog

    well if Chris is going to troll us again, i sure hope its as Y2J and not mr silent. He could still troll us as Y2J and end it making fun of the fans to get the heat again. Personally i want a Y2J-Rock mic confrontation again, those were gold!! if there is a long skit, i personally want them verbally going at it, maybe even some good ol steph jokes if shes there

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah but who’s gunna invade, him and the rest of his band?

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Maybe the major angle this year that is supposed to be similar to the Punk promo and the Nexus invasion will involve Chris Jericho? I think thatd be pretty cool

  • The Awesome One

    THE OLD Y2J Should Come Back

  • SYM

    Hes going to Troll us again.