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Chris Jericho Cleared To Compete On Raw, Kofi Kingston’s Link To Alex Riley

— The official Twitter feed of the WWE Insider stated Monday: “BREAKING NEWS: @IAmJericho is medically cleared to compete tonight on #Raw. More to come on”

Jericho was knocked out during Sunday’s Raw Elimination Chamber Match. Later in the show, he was shown backstage being examined by medical personnel.

— In an interview promoting tonight’s Raw SuperShow in Minneapolis, Kofi Kingston discussed fulfilling his dream to become a professional wrestler and his pre-WWE connection to fellow Superstar Alex Riley via Boston College.

Regarding Riley, Kingston said, “We have a developmental territory, which is in Florida, FCW, and you know, Riley and I weren’t close friends but we ran in the same circles of people and one day at practice, I’d been signed for about a year and some change, and he had just showed up, he walked in and I was like, man that looks like Riley … there’s no way he’d be here, though. We went through the whole practice, we’d even like talk to each other and then at the end, he was like, ‘hey, did you go to BC?’ And I was like, I knew it was you! So it was crazy.”

The interview is available here.

  • True money

    Santino > cm punk Jericho

  • Bill

    Jericho & CM Punk > Elimination Chamber PPV 2012

  • MWDynomite

    Nobody said he actually is going to fight.

  • poko

    Knocked unconscious then cleared to fight the next night? That’s a pretty half-assed attempt at an angle.

    On a related note, the WWE seems to have picked up the practice of using the X sign from performers for scripted “injuries”. Something about that kind of bothers me.

  • wwe

    Y2J is how its spelled but in Chris Jericho’s eyes it says HBK which you will go down in history as not the best the world but as the biggest knockoff of Shawn Michaels Y2J you suck with your MICHAEL JACKSON JACKET AND JUSTIN BIEBER hair cut do us a favor injure yourself for real miss wm28