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Chris Jericho Comments on Not Returning to Wrestling, Update on Fozzy Plans

– Chris Jericho spoke with this past week to talk about Fozzy. Regarding pro wrestling and returning to the ring any time soon, Jericho said:

“I have no plans for it right now. Like I said, I didn’t leave wrestling for any bad reasons, it’s just that I had a lot of other stuff that was going on in my life that I’ve been wanting to work on, and Fozzy is one of the main reasons for that. I know sometimes that pisses wrestling fans off, but I don’t care. I do what I do to make myself happy. I’ve done wrestling for 20 years and I’ve been in Fozzy for 12. Fozzy is in the same place now after 12 years, that I was as a performer after 12. Just really on the verge of becoming something bigger. So I’d be crazy to not to devote as much time to the band as I can and take it as far as we can go. Wrestling is always there, it’s not going anywhere. Will I come back? I don’t know. But I have no plans of it right now.”

Jericho also noted that Fozzy will be recording a new album in December of this year and early 2011. The album will likely be released in May of 2012, keeping him tied up for a while.

  • venom

    I think Jericho will come back eventually. He’s only been gone for a year. I don’t even miss him yet. I say give him another year. I think he has to come back because he deserves a proper retirement not a punt to the head.

  • cheesehandler

    i hope he nevers comes back…im actually sick n tired of hearing from him….jericho you are irrelavent

  • nick

    he lost DWTS so obviously people didnt vote for him…. but fozzy aint never gunna get that big. come backkkkk jerichooooooo

  • CenaSucks

    Y2J bs’ed us that if we voted for him in DWTS he would come back, people voted every week and now he is saying oh im not coming back. Oh well.

  • Sean Mooney

    Wrestling needs Jericho, Jericho doesn’t need wrestling. I think he will be back before the year is up.

  • TheMark

    Someone needs to tell Chris his band fucking suck. Too many nutriders telling him how great he is. I’m sure he has fun doing it and meeting all the metal legends, but Fozzy are never going to be a legit mainstream band.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Jericho doesn’t need to come back? He was one of the few veterans without a massive ego to put people over.

  • CC

    @CM PUNKS PROMO, I dont think Chris expects to be mainstream, but to be as big as some of the bigger non mainstream rock and metal bands would still be a huge deal.
    I’m sure that they would prefer to be able to sell out a small theatre size venue instead of small clubs like they have been selling out for years now.

  • Devil_Rising

    Jericho doesn’t need to come back. He had a better career than most wrestlers could ever hope for. He literally has nothing left to do or prove in this business. Let him spend time with his family for once and focus on his band.

  • Rob

    recording the album in early 2011? We passed that already! Lol

  • Shaun

    Losing hope on Jericho actually coming back. Ugh, go figure.