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Chris Jericho Expected To Leave WWE Soon, Triple H Has Twitter Downplayed

— There is “strong talk” within WWE that Chris Jericho will only appear for the promotion through April or May before taking another hiatus to tour with Fozzy in the summer.

— In a stark contrast to recent weeks, Twitter was severely downplayed on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. reports Triple H advised the move.

— Jacques Rougeau has been very pleased with the reception for his French-language autobiography. “The book is doing marvellous, it really is,” he told SLAM! Wrestling, noting that 2,500 of the 3,000 printed have been sold.

The former WWE Superstar is scheduled to appear at book fairs through April, in New Brunswick and throughout Quebec. He hopes to have it released in English within the next two months.


  • Nicholas

    I am guessing don’t know for sure but there are some internet fans still upset about what Y2J said the other day win he didn’t win the Rumble. He told them to quite whining I guest they didn’t like that statement but its ture.

    Now people on the internet are crying because he is going to be gone in the summer. Let me tell you this Y2J can do what every he wants he done enough for wrestling an has another life now. Doesn’t bother me don’t ever call him a sell out only if he goes to another wrestling company which he hasn’t to me that is a sell out. When a Main eventer made it big in the WWE then goes to another wrestling company that is more of a Sell Out an those main eventer only do it so they don’t have to put any young guys over. Y2J has done well for wrestling mad respect never been his biggest fan. But respect what he has done for wrestling a real hard worker who best days in wrestling are gone. But he still got it in the ring.

  • Aiekdkdu

    You morons are so quick to turn on someone, and what reason do you have? A report on this website? When they do stories on things that are supposed to happen in the future 75% of the time it turns out to be complete crap.

    Some of you are so pathetic. You comment on here trying to get a laugh from random strangers on the internet by saying Jericho is a fat guy dressed as Jericho when he’s in the best shape he’s been in for a long time. Such pathetic losers.

  • adam

    for all of you that are flipping out oh he is leaving again. Im sure some of you wre complaining saying oh he sucks he isnt talking. like @icecreambar said he is a older guy he can keep going on this full scdhule. Plus he does like being in the band more then he likes wrestling. And honestly after listing to a few of there songs fozzy is pretty good and if they tour anywere near chicago i would go see him. Also im sure there is someone else in those promos most likely steph or maybe someone to get a curveball that no one expects. Like others have said wwe can’t keep relying on jericho and rock and foley and all these older guys they have to build up the young stars. And for all of you that say he is as bad as the rock that is WAY off. Rock only shows up on a raw every once in a while never shows up to house shows wrestles one match at summerslam one at wrestlmania then he will be gone forever again. Jericho at least is at every raw he goes to house shows he is at the other ppvs.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    The guy is 41, he can’t wrestle forever.

  • JR

    maybe chris is the “prophet” the promo’s refer to, and another big name is coming back to return..

    i DONT see jericho coming back after all those crazy promo’s just to play it straight with a feud with CM Punk.. i mean, who is the girl in the videos? what does he mean by the end of the world? theres obviously two people involved in the vignette messages.. so im interested to see where the storyline goes.

  • cheesehandler


    talk about your most over-rated wrestler of the year

  • bic boi

    I don’t understand why everyones so angry for… Its justs sports entertainment and he’s just a character. “Its still real to me dammit!”

  • kamala’s foot

    Honestly, who is the fat guy that dresses up as jericho?

  • simon07

    Although their was a new #Raw thing in the top left corner, unless i’ve been being blind and not noticed it before.

  • herbert

    lol hhh has good taste

  • WWFZine

    did jericho just come up for the paycheck? i think so 🙂

    he doesn’t care about putting a good show anymore. his move sets are so boring..

    at least he still has a cool jacket.

  • venom

    I think this news is to throw everybody off. I think Jericho will win the WWE title at Elimination Chamber then lose it to Punk at Wrestlemania. If Jericho plans on leaving after Wrestlemania, then he should retire and call it a career. I guess him facing Punk would be a good last Wrestlemania for him.

  • John

    If this is true then Im happier that Jericho didn’t win the rumble. He takes a year and a half off to try to become a celebrity and comes back just in time for WM and a main event push only to leave soon. Jericho used to be one of my favorites. But he just seems like an a–hole now.

  • fivo goes west

    I said it before. Jericho is a sellout bigger than the rock. He’s only back to get what ever stupid ass people he can get to fall for him again to go out and buy what ever crap he’s trying to peddle now. Jericho just uses wrestling and its fans to make himself a quick buck. To hell with jericho. The guys a joke. Always has been always will be. Jericho=fail. People that fall for his crap=biggest fail of all.

  • you need to give him some quality time

    I mean, its great that he comes back and all, but they cant keep depending on him. They gotta elevate some new guys so they dont have to keep relying on guys who were around when they actually drew ratings (Jericho, Undertaker, HHH, Mysterio etc.)

  • kamala’s foot

    When Jericho returned. I was wondering who was the fat guy dressed up as Jericho.

  • Seth


  • Jason

    At least Jericho is around more often and is out there with fans even if its with Fozzy as opposed to being in front of a hollywood movie camera

  • Best in the world

    @Landon, exactly. That would be him turning into Rocky Jr.

  • Best in the world

    Are…you serious? He takes THIS long off, then all the promos and he shocks everyone and comes back. Only…to leave again in a few months? I really hope this isn’t true. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jericho, but if he came back just for a few months, I would definitely lose some respect for the guy.

  • damn why in the world is he leaving already looks like we have another rock


    Chris leaving for touring in the summer .Doesn’t matter I knew that all ready .But he will be back he all ready said that.

  • Valo487

    Finally Triple H has a positive impact on the show…