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Chris Jericho Done With Full Time Wrestling; Talks Wins-Losses During Recent Run, Fandago Not Being His #1 Mania Choice & More

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— Below are highlights from Chris Jericho’ recently interview with Suplex Media:

* Jericho said that he “currently” has no plans to return to WWE and that his scheduled has been dictated around Fozzy’s touring and that he’s done with being a full-time professional wrestler.

* Jericho noted that he felt the Fandango match at Wrestlemania wouldn’t have been his first choice for Mania, but he was asked to do it by Vince McMahon and when your boss asks you to do something, you do it to the best of your ability. He said they did a great job and it set the stage for the big reaction Fandango received the next night on Raw after Wrestlemania. He said that now that the “fad” has died down, Fandango really will have to work to gain the respect of the audience. He said it’s similar to how he came into the company with huge fanfare in 1999 but then had to be brought down and put into a position to show the world what he had.

* Jericho said that there’s only a few guys left that have what he and others of his generation have left to offer. He said he might wrestle for ten more years or he might not. He said that now is a good time for him to go back and work with younger talents that are still learning, so he can show them what he’s picked up over 22 years. He said that whatever his “duty or mission” is that WWE would assign him, he’s happy doing that and mentioned The Shield, Big E. Langston, Antonio Cesaro and Curtis Axel as talents he had the chance to work with. He also praised Daniel Bryan’s work, saying he’s “doing great.”

* He said WWE has a “really good mix” right now.

* Jericho also praised Triple H’s work in taking over the company and heading up their developmental system. He said things have changed in how guys break in the business now compared to when he did and he’s not going to be the “crotchety old guy” complaining things were better in his day.

* He also said that during his most recent run, he wasn’t concerned with wins and losses. He was doing what was asked and cared more about entertaining the audience.

* Jericho also noted that he is in the middle of working on his third book, has been pitching some different projects and will have two different online series debuting soon.

The full interview is available below:

  • Except….it WAS better in his day, the way guys were brought up and learned. There still are guys that come up through the indies and travel overseas. But there are also a lot of people that just go straight from getting trained by WWE to debuting on WWE television. You can always tell the difference between the two.

  • Will Henderson

    so Jericho just confirmed to us what we already know, and that’s he’s Semi-retired from the wrestling business.