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More on the Chris Jericho Incident In Brazil, Phoenix Replaces Rosa, Mason Ryan

– WWE Diva Rosa Mendes continues to take time off after her car accident in Las Vegas last week. Rosa was advertised to face Kelly Kelly at WWE’s debut in Brazil last night but was replaced by Beth Phoenix.

– Despite appearing with Abraham Washington on WWE TV lately, Mason Ryan was back acting as Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard in Brazil last night. Mason got involved in Ziggler’s match against John Cena.

– Regarding the CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho match that led to Jericho’s suspension, the match began with Jericho insulting Brazil in a heel promo. A fan tossed the Brazilian flag to Punk and he raised it up to a pop from the crowd. Jericho took the same flag that Punk had and kicked it.

During the match, a referee came down and interrupted. Jericho was forced to take the mic and apologize to the Brazilian flans for disrespecting the flag earlier. The match continued and Punk ended up winning. Punk celebrated with the Brazilian flag and the WWE Title while Jericho was hurried to the back where police officers were waiting.

As noted before, Jericho was almost arrested but cooler heads prevailed and he was hurried out of the country.

  • Otunga Danielson

    @Poko, what would happen in the US if a foreigner shoowed disrespect to the United States’ flag?

  • Maltese

    @This Guy you watch wrestling where men touch each other as well you dumbass.

  • hotproblem

    watch out guys.. soon…the wwe will be sooo politically correct that it will be.. cm punk…vs.. chris jericho… in a SCRABBLE match! in brazil for the WWE title..

  • keylo

    oh wait forgot the Fit one didnt kick a flag, he just send a wrestler out during the anthem hypocrite cunts you yanks

  • keylo

    oh look another thread where we have yanks slagging off the Brazilians calling them names and such and yet not one word mentioned when the little pussies in the US army demanded Fit Finlay be fired for doing the same as Chris, fucking double standard yanks

  • Brazil sucks

    Since when is it necessary for WWE to suspend ppl like they’re the NFL? The cops where waiting for him? Did someone actually call the cops or run out of the arena screaming senior Jericho kicked our flag? I call BS, it’s a work. OR I’m wrong and Brazilians are the worlds biggest D bags.

  • poko

    The closer a country is to being third-world, the more fanatical they are about patriotism and inanimate symbols such as flags. It’s like a rite of ignorance.

    The funny thing here is that Jericho doesn’t look bad because of what happened, but rather Brazil looks like a backward country to the rest of the civilized world.

  • Wellsy


    It was thrown to CM Punk. It wasn’t thrown around everywhere. It is illegal to show disrespect to the Brazilian flag in Brazil.

    Just one of those unfortunate things that happens when you’re in a different culture with different rules. There’s the rules in some Arab countries about couples showing public affection and that is punished by being put in prison.

    Personally, I think suspending Jericho is a HUGE overreaction (if this isn’t a work) and that it is WWE’s responsibility to educate their performers about what is and isn’t acceptable in the countries they work in when they travel to them.

  • Jon-Jon

    Soooo a FAN threw the flag into the ring. If it’s a illegal to kick the flag, wouldn’t it be illegal to jsut randomly throw it around everywhere?

  • This Guy

    Fuck sake these BJJ touching eachother bitches are worse than GLAAD

  • OGitchida

    “and he was hurried out of the country” hahahaha….. thats great WWE… great… LOL

  • Isaque

    I am from Brazil and can say: NO FAN FOUND HARM in the flag kicking, as we know it’s an ABSOLUTELY COMMON act by heels. The Brazilian police acted without our behalf, and we only found out what happened AFTER the show. The brazilian wwe universe wants him back, the police doesn’t represent brazilian opinion!